I’m currently in the process of creating a course where I teach in great detail, everything that I talk about here on my site. The course will focus heavily on detoxification, diet, lifestyle, herbalism, clean living, and almost everything that has to do with transforming your health. In it I will share everything that I know that has helped me throughout my journey and also worked well for both of my male and female coaching clients.

The topics I will discuss include but are not limited to: heavy metal detoxification, eliminating parasites and candida overgrowth, removing toxic estrogen and overcoming estrogen dominance, hormone health, and having a truly superior, optimized diet. I will also teach you on video how to make very unique but powerful, extremely nutritious and energizing recipes that I created after experimenting with different combinations throughout the years.

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March 2017 Update: The full course will be released on or before April 30th, 2017. It will be priced at $1500 or higher, depending on what my guardian angels and pricing strategists will advise.

You have the option of pre-ordering it now for half the price, which is $750. By pre-ordering now, you will also have a chance to influence the content of the course so that its more tailored to your needs.

After you pre-order, you will receive an email confirming your order and requesting more information about yourself, your biggest goals and challenges, and what you’d like to see covered in the course. I will do my best to tailor the course according to your needs and answer in it all of your questions. I will only be offering this to the first 50 people who pre-order. After that, the course will no longer be available to pre-order, and will be offered again on its planned release date, for a different rate.

You can pre-order the course through this link.

You can also send any questions or suggestions you have to supermandiet@gmail.com

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  1. Tom Eckman 2 years ago

    Holy fucking shit, dude! I haven’t even read the entire detox page yet, but I know you know what’s up. Are you still working on course material?

    I have a suggestion/question.
    Have you ever looked into other areas of healing, such as acupuncture, energy healing, chakra balancing, crystal therapies, applied kinesiology, etc.? Metaphysical type shit, ya know? I think if a person combined the detox and healthy diet and superfoods, with holistic healing type stuff, you could become SuperSuperMan!


    Thank you for your time.

    Tom Eckman

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