Please read this page in its entirety before contacting me.

Everything on this site makes up no more than about %10 of what I would like to share about diet, detoxification, and health. There are many things that are very hard to get across through writing, and there is a level of change that can only come from working with a mentor. If you’re truly serious about overcoming your health challenges, transforming your health and your life, and experiencing profound results, you can contact me about my intensive health coaching program.

The way I do coaching is different than what you might expect. I don’t have a set hourly rate. I charge a flat fee for the period of coaching, which can be anywhere from one month to a year, regardless of how much we communicate or how many issues we tackle. This means that you don’t have to worry about the time. We can both relax, take our time to understand your issues and challenges, and create practical solutions that work for you.

My favorite form of coaching is one-on-one coaching in person where you would come and spend anywhere from a weekend to two weeks with me and I would focus all my attention and energy on you during that time. Otherwise, we could communicate regularly over Skype video calls, email, phone, and/or Google Talk. I’ll teach you the most important lessons personally on a Skype video call and walk you through everything in great detail just as if I am physically there with you. In many cases I’ll spend several hours with a client on one video call to make sure they get the most out of this program and have all their questions answered. 

Most doctors and healthcare practitioners make appointments or take calls for 30-60 minutes and spread them out over weeks or months. I find that’s not nearly enough time to create a transformation. You may pick up some useful insights, but one short discussion like that probably won’t help you get the results you want. I think that’s a waste of your time and money.

My experience is that the most useful insights normally come well after the first day or hour. It depends on the situation, but once I start coaching someone, I enjoy sharing as much value as I can and doing my very best to help them. I feel great when people feel they’ve received more valuable insights and action steps than they thought possible. On many days I would spend up to 8 hours or more working with a client and advising them, and many of my clients say that they feel like they already got what they paid for from the first day of coaching.

The reason I can do this is that coaching isn’t my primary income source. Consequently, my coaching focus is on providing value and making a difference in people’s lives, not on trying to make as much money as possible. This gives me the freedom to use a pricing model that everyone can feel good about.

I don’t have a set formula or a rigid set of processes for my coaching program. I’ve studied and immersed myself in the worlds of health, diet and detoxification for so long and coached so many people, that all the processes and methods I could possibly need have already been internalized and are second nature to me. I get the best results by being present and attentive and by really connecting with and caring about my clients. 

I would learn as much as I need about your health, your history, your current challenges, your goals, your diet and your lifestyle, and then create a comprehensive plan for you to follow based on everything you shared with me.

Here are just a few things that this program entails:

– Teaching you how to do and make everything. How to take supplements, when to take them, how to prepare extremely nutritious and delicious meals, elixirs, teas, etc. Everything you will need to know, I would teach you in a way that is very easy to understand.

– a short-term plan with changes that you can make right away so that you would improve your health as much as possible and start to see improvements as quickly as possible.

– a long-term plan, mostly focused on detoxification. This is where it will take time to see dramatic benefits, anywhere from one month to 6 months. The benefits of this will be far more dramatic than the short-term improvements and will be truly life-changing and lasting.

– A complete diet change, and learning about the most nutritious foods and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle and how to prepare them and make them part of your daily life and make them something fun for you to look forward to.

– Teaching you about the most useful supplements for you, the best brands, dosages, times, etc.

– Lifestyle changes. Things that you can do to have a healthier, cleaner lifestyle and minimize your exposure to toxins. 

Put simply, the program will teach you everything you need to reach a state of peak health and improve your life by improving your health as much as possible, and you will have someone guiding you along the way and answering all your questions so that you are never in doubt or uncertain about what to do next. The only thing you would need to do is to implement what you learn and be fully committed. 

This is the only one-on-one intensive health coaching program of its kind with a strong focus on all of diet, detoxification and lifestyle, where you get such an amount of focused, undivided attention over a substantial period of time. Most doctors and experts specializing in detoxification are not adequately experienced in diet and nutrition, and most experts on diet are not familiar with detoxification and the latest findings on it. What you will receive is a truly unique opportunity to transform your health using the most powerful tools available in the shortest amount of time possible for you.

I prefer working with people who have a flexible schedule or can take some time off to focus purely on their health. Like I said, I am not interested in small improvements, and I’m only interested in transforming your health. In order for that to happen, you can’t afford to have stress in your life or things that you constantly have to do. I believe in dedicating %100 of your energies to transforming your health and well-being rather than dabbling and scattering your efforts. The benefits you will gain from transforming your health will make up for all the time and money you will invest a millionfold.

The highest level of coaching I offer is coaching in person, where you would travel to my current location and spend one to two weeks with me. Depending on your location, I may be willing to travel to your city. The amount of wisdom that I can share via email or phone is incomparable to what I can share one-on-one in real life, and I am extremely selective with this kind of coaching and only offer it to people who have a very intense hunger and passion to learn as much as possible about their health, and are fun and very easy to work with.

My fee varies according to the person I’ll be working with and the period of coaching, however, no amount of money can possibly pay for the improvements you’ll see in your health and well-being as a result of taking this program. This is a long-term, very intensive and serious life transformation program, and is priced accordinglyBut, my main payoff will come from truly making a lasting difference in your life and seeing your health turn around, which is why I only accept to coach people who are committed and have what it takes to transform their health.

As far as refunds go, I usually won’t work with you unless I’m certain that you can benefit immensely from what I have to offer, and that a refund scenario would not even be remotely possible. I will not work with you if I feel like you’ll be a pain in the ass, no matter how much you’re willing to pay, and I have walked away from five- and six-figure deals because of incompatibility. However, in the case where there was a genuine misunderstanding or a mistake on my part, I’m more than happy to offer you a refund, with a kiss/hug on top.

This is the most comprehensive and powerful program available for improving your health, and it is not possible to get this level of education and coaching anywhere else. What you will learn is timeless, and will benefit you and have a strong effect on your life for decades to come. I do not make promises or guarantees, but my goal is to get you to a point where you have overcome all of your health challenges, and you are mentally and physically healthier, more energized, and happier than you have ever been before. I deeply believe this is the closest thing there is to a life transformation, and having a new life. Without sounding like I’m overhyping it, I’ll say that this is not about “getting better,” it’s about being reborn.

You can sign-up for coaching through this page. If you have any questions you can contact my team at