Dear reader,

My name is Alexander Bloom. I am intensely, uncontrollably, and ferociously passionate about, obsessed with, and benignly addicted to anything that has to do with diet, detoxification, cleansing, natural healing, and overall health optimization. I created this site to offer guidance and share my personal experiences and stories with others who are on the same journey and may have suffered from similar health challenges to the ones I had.

I am not a doctor nor do I have any credentials or alphabets in front of my name. I am an ivy league drop-out. Everything I learned comes from tens of thousands of hours of tedious research and experimentation and trial and error, from spending all of my time and income in the past decade constantly trying to heal myself and improve my quality of life through improving my health. 

I failed incomprehensibly miserably, countless times, at making any significant progress with improving my health and my life. It wasn’t until I learned about detoxification and other critical diet changes, that I started to see indescribably positive results in a very short period of time. It was the overwhelming gratitude that I felt, from finally being able to transform my health and live a full life, that drove me to creating this site and changing my whole career path. I deeply believe that my current purpose in life is to continue improving and optimizing my health and to keep getting and feeling better and better, and teach as many people as possible how to do the same. Working on this site provides me with spiritually orgasmic fulfillment and adds immense meaning to my life, and it is something I would uncontrollably continue to do regardless of any financial gains.

I have seen people who were struggling with their health since the 80’s, and they are still struggling to this day, in spite of all their efforts and countless attempts to get better, because of their lack of awareness, or denial to accept, certain principles that govern all of health and well-being in our day and age, such as toxicity and nutritional deficiencies. The very last thing I want to see you do is waste countless hours of precious time researching and trying solutions that either don’t work or work only in the short-term, and lose years of your life living in unbearable psychological and emotional pain caused by your poor health, without ever arriving at a permanent, long-term solution.

My goal with this site is to help you learn the most profound and impactful things I learned from all my years of experience and research, as quickly as possible, and help you avoid as many expensive mistakes and as much suffering as possible, and learn as much as possible from your feedback and criticism. 

What you will find here is very unique and different from everything else out there, because I was able to combine all of the fields of diet, detoxification, herbalism, ecology, and holistic living, in a way that has never been done before. I also always try to infuse my writings with relevant, useful lessons that I learned from being immersed in the fields of personal growth, economics, business, social psychology, history, war, relationships, and, sexuality.

This, is not just a career or a passion to me, it’s my identity.

I am a detoxophile.

I hope you enjoy what you learn here, take action on it, and teach it to others, and I wish you a successful journey on the path less traveled.

And please keep in mind: whatever I try to present about myself here is simply an idealized version of myself and what I aspire to become. In spite of the saint that I try to sound like I am, I’m still a fatally flawed and fucked up individual. However, you’ll never, ever, find a writer cooler than me 😉

Finally, and most importantly: I love you.

Eternally yours,


Love is the law, love under will.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Alexander, I just love you’re info and your style of writing. I have anxiously been awaiting more and was wondering where you were on your detox journey. I am similarly a detox lover forever and think you should share more because you are the coolest person ever!

  2. Thanks Alex. I’ve been through your site extensively over the last year and totally relate to where you are coming from , admire your diligence and am looking forward to applying these protocols myself. Peace out bro.

  3. Dear Alex,

    Simply put…I fucking love you.
    Your words are music to my ears. I feel as if I’ve been bumbling around in the dark, blindly & have just walked into the sun. I stumbled across your site, I started reading 5+ hours ago and haven’t stopped. You sir are a breath of fresh air. A true Brahmajnana. Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom so graciously. I wish the world were full of more people like yourself!
    Infinite love & light to you.

  4. I am a fan of profanity and trust people willing to use it. It does seem more passionate, authentic and familiar. Great information here! It is so overwhelming to begin a health and wellness journey. There is so so much information out there and so much of it is contradictory. Thank you for gathering and sharing your experience.

  5. Hi Alex,

    I love all that you have written here, I can relate to it. I diagnosed myself with candida in Jan 2014, after many years of depression, pain, low self esteem, recurring fungal infections all over the body, chronic fatigue, mood swings, poor digestion, repeated flu bouts, brain fog, memory loss etc.
    I had started cleaning out my diet, but I was not cleansing. I am beating candida now, but I am cleansing more than ever. I could possibly do more, after reading this. I cleanse once a week. I don’t know if I can do daily cleanse at the moment, but I will do so 3 times a week using the various cleanses available.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Dude I totally love you’re stuff…. I really like the way you connect health with spirituality, histroy and the way our society funktions…. me myself I have a problem concentrating and am low in remembering and have moody and agressive states ones in a while. Although my states are not tooo difficult and I’ve never been in psychotherapy or anything and can still do my work i wonder how i could make my live better. I read Mr. Hydens the ultramind and also patrick holfords optimum nutrition but no trys have really made a hughe difference until now.

    I appreciate what you do for this society we need it desperatly.
    Best for you Markus

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