Astragalus Root:

The root of Astragalus membranaceus, an herb that grows in northern China, has been used to strengthen the body as a whole. Astragalus is believed by the Oriental people to strengthen muscle and improve metabolic functions


In Chinese herbalism, Astragalus is known to have {an important effect of Astragalus is in its ability to fortify the “Upright Qi.”  Upright Qi is the energy allocated by the body to maintain upright posture and to maintain the position of the organs in their healthy position in their battle with gravity.  As one gets older, or if one experiences chronic fatigue or exhaustion, or during illness, this Upright Qi is easily depleted resulting in the sinking, or “prolapse,” of organs.

Studies conducted at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center at the University of Houston, the world’s largest cancer research institute, demonstrated clearly that Astragalus improves the immune response in humans undergoing radiation and chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer. Patients taking Astragalus during such treatment tend to have far fewer side effects and to recover at a higher and faster rate.


An interesting new area of research on Astragalus concerns its potential as a male fertility agent. Astragalus has been proved to stimulate sperm motility.



{Astragalus has many active constituents. By far the most important constituents are a range of saponins known as astragalosides. Astragalus has more than fifty such saponins, known as astragalosides. Astragaloside IV has been acknowledged as the most potent and health promoting of the astragalosides, though many of the others have potent actions as well. Astragaloside IV is a potent immune modulating substance. It has been shown in human and animal studies to promote the normal, healthy functions of the immune system



Astragaloside IV is the main constituent of the new anti-aging supplement, TA-65. TA-65 is claimed to be the only proven telomerase activator that is available right now.


{The TA-65 story begins in 2001. Hunting for a drug to treat chronic degenerative disease, Geron, then a small biopharmaceutical company in Menlo Park, California, began screening natural supplements that might target telomeres. After much trial and error, the Geron scientists discovered a single molecule in the astragalus plant that activates telomerase without any known toxicity. Because the company was more interested in finding ways to suppress telomerase in cancer cells, it licensed the rights to this molecule to a startup in New York City, T. A. Sciences, Inc.

Beginning in 2002, T. A. Sciences spent five years testing and developing a highly concentrated form of astragalus, which it called TA-65. In 2005, the company was able to demonstrate through a double-blind, placebo-controlled study that people who took TA-65 showed marked improvement in measurable anti- aging biomarkers. Specifically, their immune systems were strengthened, some showed vision improvement, many showed increased sexual function, others reported that their energy levels rose, and skin elasticity improved for some (that is, they had younger-looking skin).

Even more exciting is that in 2007, an independent company, Sierra Sciences in Reno, Nevada, was able to prove that TA- 65 does indeed activate telomerase. Later studies conducted in Spain proved that TA-65 caused critically short telomeres to lengthen.


A bottle of TA-65 costs about $220. The price tag is not likely to come down again anytime soon, because the proprietary process of extracting one specific molecule from the astragalus plant is complicated, and the molecule is only one of more than two thousand found in the plant.


As part of The Superman Diet, astragalus can be taken regularly, as well as the supplement TA-65, if it’s within your budget. Another similar, more affordable, herbal supplement to the TA-65 that also contains Astragaloside IV is the Super Pill No. 2 by Dragon Herbs.

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