Camu Camu

  • Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a bush native to South American tropical rainforests that produces a fruit containing more vitamin C than any other known botanical source (for comparison: a fresh camu camu berry may contain up to 4 percent vitamin C, whereas a lemon may contain up to 0.5 percent vitamin C). Some estimate that camu camu berries have thirty times as much vitamin C as oranges.  
  • Consider the words of Dr. James Duke, USDA scientist and author of The Green Pharmacy: “I take vitamin C for colds … I prefer to get mine from camu camu, the amazing Amazonian fruit that has the world’s highest vitamin C content.”
  • In a comparative study of hundreds of botanicals, ranked in order of effectiveness for various health conditions, camu camu was placed by Dr. Duke among hundreds of herbs as follows*: Antimutagenic       #4       Antioxidant       #4       Antiviral       #6       Asthma       #1       Atherosclerosis       #1       Cataracts       #1       Colds       #1       Depression       #2       Edema       #1       Gingivitis/Periodontal disease       #1       Glaucoma       #1       Hepatitis       #1       Infertility       #1       Migraine headaches       #1       Osteoarthritis       #1       Painkiller       #1       Parkinson’s disease       #1


  • 1 level tbsp. (3 grams) of camu camu berry powder per person per day is the recommended intake. One can increase dosage with time. Diarrhea symptoms indicate excessive intake.
  • Camu camu is the 2nd highest food source, after the New Zealand Kakadu plum. I found the camu camu however to be much more potent than the kakadu plum with much more noticeable improvements in mental energy and alertness.

High vitamin C foods such as camu camu work synergistically with medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, high phycocyanin foods such as spirulina or blue-green algae, and aged garlic extract, and the effect on the immune system is greatly potentiated when mixing two or more of these types of foods.

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