With every day that goes by, my email inbox is looking more and more like this:



I always do my best to answer all the emails I get and do so in the order they are received. However, every now and then someone will write me a genuine and beautiful email (or a video) that will bring a smile to my face or give me a good laugh, and for that person I’m more than happy to put what I’m doing on hold and respond right away. Unfortunately, that happens very rarely.

So if you’ll email me, try to make it pleasant, really put yourself into it, and, stand out. Don’t just bitch and moan like everybody else. If you can’t do that, that’s more than fine. I understand how much pain and desperation we can be in sometimes, and that writing an email sometimes can be like a serious work-out. I’ll reply when I get the chance, in the order it was received, and I’m more than grateful for being able to help whenever I can. Luckily, I’m currently working on cloning myself, so this shouldn’t be much of a problem in the future.

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