Deer Antler:

“There is nothing better than deer antler to cause a man to be robust and unaffected by age, not to tire in the bedroom, and not to deteriorate either in energy or in facial coloration.”  Tamba Yasuyori, The Essence of Medical Prescriptions

  • Deer antler is known to be the most jing substance in chinese medicine.
  • deer antler causes the regrowth of bone, joint material, nerves, skin, cartillage and connective tissues.
  • It’s the only organ on any mammal that completely regenerates. Deer drop a complete organ every year and regenerate it in only 3 months. This regenerative power is what makes deer antler a truly powerful herb.
  • What the chinese realized years ago was that if that antler is regenerating it must then contain something that causes regenration. The idea was that if you could get that and turn into a medicine then you can use that property to regenerate yourself
  • Studies conducted in Europe indicate that the ability to regenerate is due to the rich supply of substances known as ectosaponins.
  • Numerous studies done in China, Japan and Korea have shown that ectosaponins increase work capacity, decrease muscular and mental fatigue, and improve sleep.
  • The ectosaponins extracted from deer antler, as well as from Gecko and star fish, all have shown remarkable regenerative effects on all types of tissue, including nerve tissue, which generally does not regenerate significantly.  For example, experiments have been done by administering these ectosaponins (as pantocrin) to frogs and mice whose limbs have been amputated, resulting in imperfect, but impressive, re-growth of the limb including the paws and toes.
  • In order to regenerate a complete organ like the antler, with hair, skin, bone, marrow, blood vessels, lymph and nerve tissue, a huge amount of growth factors is needed to be present in that organ for that to happen.


  • Most studies concluded that deer antler causes regeneration in the body
  • Humans can absorb these growth factors
  • Has a long history of use in china, japan and korea and russia.
  • There have been several studies done all over the world, in china, korea, japan, new zealand, Australia.


  • It turns the metabolism up and gets the body burning the fats faster and building of lean muscle mass


  • The deer antler comes from the tips of the deer’s antlers/horns. The deer antler is powerful because it has the ability to grow again whenever it’s cut down, due to the presence of what is called growth factors in them, which are what promotes the regrowth of the antlers. These growth factors have a multitude of positive effects on the human body, and are transferrable to humans, meaning that they have a similar effect on promoting the growth of different new tissues and cells in the human body.


  • Deer Antler is used by athletes around the world to improve muscular strength, and to help increase muscle mass. Deer Antler extract is rich in  IgF-1, a vital substance closely related to human growth hormone that regulates metabolism, hormone functions and plays a role in retaining youthful bodily functions.
  • Clinical trials have shown IGF-1 to:
    • Increase muscular strength and endurance
    • Possess growth-stimulating properties
    • Promote sounder, more refreshing sleep.
  • IGF-1 is causing a great deal of excitement among bodybuilders. According to researchers, IGF-1 increases lean body mass, reduces fat, builds bone, builds muscle, and builds nerves.
  • “One of the most exciting uses for IGF-1 is that it can repair nerve damage that occurs in injury or illness. These nerves can regenerate to some extent. Severe damage of more than one-half inch may result in permanent injury. However, IGF-1 has repaired and reconnected severed nerve endings up to a distance of six millimeters. This has never, heretofore, been done.” This may explain part of Deer Antler’s ability to regenerate nerve tissue in deer.
  • * One reason why such herbs as ginseng and the deer antler are not very well-known is that the highest quality products are very rare, and the real profound benefits can only be felt from using high quality, high potency herbs.
  • * There’s no such thing as cheap deer antler


  • Deer antler is tonic to the marrow, which produces blood.  Marrow tends to degenerate as we age and deer antler is believed to slow down or reverse this process.  This is a major aspect of deer antler’s youth preserving ability.


  • As we age, the production of growth factors slowly begins to decline and the muscles begin to atrophy and body fat begins to be deposited especially for inactive individuals. The growth factors found in deer antler are Insulin-like Growth Factor 1(IGF-1) and Factor 2 (IGF-2), Epidermal Growth Factor(EGF), and Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF).
  • antler removal does not harm the animal, and is in fact a humane and necessary safety precaution that helps prevent the elk from attacking each other.


  • In 1989, fitness expert John Abdo, who hosts a nationwide TV fitness show, visited the Institute of Physical Culture in Moscow for an intensive two week investigation of the training programs of Russian athletes. At that time, John met with former Soviet weight-lifting champion Victor Sheynkin and training expert Yuri Verhoshansky. Sheynkin, who weighed only 132 pounds, could snatch over 286 pounds and clean & jerk over 360 pounds (both overhead lifts) and had became a Soviet Olympic coach, while Professor Verhoshansky had master minded numerous strength and conditioning routines for Soviet athletes since the early 1950s.
  • Later, in the United states, John met with Dr. Alex Duarte, who has been a pioneer in the movement to persuade athletes to replace the use of steroids with natural, safer products capable of promoting strength, endurance, and improved recuperation from injury. John told Alex that the Russian experts had revealed that their athletes had experienced considerable improvement in performance with a natural, non-toxic substance called velvet deer antler.
  • John said that the Russians had given him two boxes ofvelvet deer antler end that, when he returned home, he had given these boxes to a friend who was 12 weeks away from a major world power lifting championship, and who then used them to help in breaking several world records. Further research led both John and Alex to make this extraordinary product available to Americans. What follows is their report on velvet deer antler.
  • In scientific studies analyzing the medical properties of velvet doer antler, Dr. Peter Fennessy, General Manager of the Invermay Research Center in pncOtago, New Zealand found that antler extracts improved cell growth and also produced anti-tumor and anti-viral effects. During an investigation into the factors that make antlers grow, the fInvermay group measured a natural hormone factor called “Insulin-like Growth Factor-1” or “IGF-1” High levels of IGF-1 were found in deer blood during the antler growth period as well as IGF-1 receptors in the antlers. Dr. Fennessey’s team also discovered that the IGF-1 and IGF-2 (a related hormone) promoted growth in laboratory cell lines from mice.’
  • When we are young, we have a relatively healthy concentration of human growth hormone. In our teenage years, most of us are slim and lean, with low body fat and good musculature. The reason human growth hormone generates lean body mass is its influence on IGF-1. As we age, our growth hormone levels decrease along with IGF-1, which causes muscular atrophy. Velvet deer antler is a natural source of growth factors, which can improve muscular development.
  • In 1974, two Russian doctors found that Pantocrine (the Soviet version of velvet deer antler) improved the performance of average, healthy sportsmen (athletes). Unadministered athletes on the exercise cycle performed 15 kg/m of dynamic work, whereas those given Pantocrine increased dramatically to 74 kg/m of dynamic work. This is truly a remarkable increase in performance. Another Russian scientist, Dr. Taney, showed in 1964 that the mental capacity of young men (as indicated by a mathematical test) improved significantly following the administration of velvet deer antler.10
  • Another ingredient found in velvet deer antler cartilage is Chondroitin Sulfate A, an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory agent shown by Dr. Lester Morrison (over 10 years ago) to reverse atherosclerosis and dramatically improve circulation. Dr. Morrison conducted a six year study demonstrating that Chondroitin Sulfate A reduces the incidence of fatal heart attacks and strokes by more than 400%!
  • For twelve years, Dr. Arkady Koltun, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman of the Medical Committee for the Russian Bodybuilding Federation, conducted research into anabolic agents that can improve performance, strength, and musculature in Russian athletes. In studies with Russian kayakers, weigh/lifters, bodybuilders, and power lifters, Dr. Koltun found that velvet deer antle is myotropic (increases muscular strength). He also found that it has powerful neurotropic (nerve strengthening) properties and is beneficial in treating infectious diseases, fatigue, and hypertension.
  • Koltun revealed that Pantocrine has induced significant increases in endurance in his athletes. After using Pantocrlne in the pre-Olympic festival in Russia, two of Dr. Koltuns’ top kayakers and a world-recordholder in canoeing achieved remarkably improved results. These sportsmen not only stabilized their racing time one week before competition, but dramatically increased their speed in rowing. All received gold medals and established new world records. Dr. Koltun went on to describe an interesting phenomenon that occurs in athletes that are overtrained, even in young athletes. He explained that when athletes train too hard they develop an electrolyte imbalance in the heart muscle, in which there is a loss of recovery and endurance
  • He calls this condition “Myocardial Dystrophy”and explained that electrocardiograms show dysphasic and extreme negative T-wave readings, which is an image of ventricular repolarization of the cardiac ventricles.
  • Koltun contends that sportsmen (and women) with myocardial dystrophy have a problem with myocardial repolarization and that this, in turn, significantly limits their performance. But there is a good prognosis for them if they lay off their training activity for two weeks. When Pantocrine was given along with inosine and vitamin B-6, he was able to decrease the time of recovery to ten days. In other words, the athletes’ recovery time was dramatically reduced. This allowed the athletes to participate in many competitions, with short recuperation periods in between.


  • it’s best to be taken in alcohol, because the growth factors can only be absorbed transdermally or with a solvent, otherwise they would be broken down in the stomach and not absorbed. You need to be able to absorb them through the mucous membrane in your mouth to get the maximum effectiveness from them
  • it’s immediately absorbed into the blood stream, and these growth factors go to work on your biology and your physiology, causing regeneration in many different tissues in the body, including the skin, muscles, bones, nerves,
  • It’s been used for hundreds of years in asia and has a long history of use by men, women and women who are pregnant and lactating and is being used wildly by children in korea for promoting healthy growth of children who displayed slow development
  • In this regard, it is fairly ironic that a Korean doctor (Yoon 1989) observes that about 10% of velvet antler users are children. In Korea,
  • not stimulating even though it increases energy and metabolism in the body. it’s not like coffee or caffeine which stimulates you but then wears you down.


  • take one dropperful, under the tongue, let it sit for 90 seconds, swish around then swallow. do that for a while and see how that feels in your body, and then decide whether you feel it’s better to increase the dose you can, or decrease the dose. for some people it’s too powerful and strong that they have to decrease the dose, and for others they can get more of it by taking a bigger dose.
  • it depends on your body and health history
  • for the most part, you need not worry about overdosing unless you take extremely high amounts
  • start with a small dose and determine your dose safely by yourself, and that’s one of the main things int he superman diet which is coming to trust yourself and your intuition on how much you should take of something, and knowing your own limits.

great for athletes because it aids tremendously in recovery time


For people who are too yang or have excessive heat, i.e. people who tend to have lots of energy, high metabolisms, are aggressive, tend toward higher blood pressure, have ruddy complexions, etc. don’t need to take a larger dose of deer antler.

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