With my eyes, I saw

the beautiful, and the unfair

With my brain, I envisioned

a new world

With my heart, I felt

the pain of someone else

With my lips, I kissed

those who are truly worthy of love

With my asshole

I experienced, true healing


If I were to place everything I learned about detoxification and real health on one hand, and the use of suppositories on the other, the latter would far outweigh the former.

This article is not only about suppositories; it is about everything. Parts of it are boring, others are funny, and the rest will change your life. This may be just another piece of entertainment for you, or it may be the most profound thing you have ever read. And once you read this, there is no going back, and you will have crossed a line, and stepped into a whole new arena. This is a very long read, and you need to read the whole thing, all in one setting, otherwise, it will not work. So, don’t read this, unless you are ready, have the time, and are in the right state of mind.

The information you’ll find here has never been shared elsewhere. It is the cutting edge of the cutting edge of the cutting edge. While most people are still swimming in a sea of outdated and obsolete information, you’ll be cutting straight to the chase.

And since many of the things I’ll talk about are very controversial, I need to make a quick disclaimer to keep my ass out of trouble (even though I am protected by the higher spirits and no one can do me harm): none of what you’ll read is intended as medical advice. You should always consult with your doctor or your healthcare practitioner. I am not a doctor nor am I qualified to do anything. Please do not read or listen to anything I say. In fact, you should close this page right now, never to return to it. I am not responsible for anything shared here. If you decide to read this, do so at your own risk.

Now that we got all that shit out of the way, I’ll start with a quote from Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching:

The greatest love seems indifferent

the greatest wisdom seems childish


Let’s proceed…

Suppositories – A Source of Power, Freedom, and Relief

We cannot lead a fulfilling life without healing our brain, and our heart. Through our rear-end, we can heal our brain and our heart, transform our health, and reinvent ourselves.

We can have the best medicines, supplements, herbs, and foods, but if we don’t deliver them to where they need to get, we will be wasting our money and time. A powerful way of delivering medicines & nutrients, is through our colon. And the way to do that, is by using suppositories.

Suppositories, and taking things rectally, can be a far more powerful approach, than taking anything, be it food, herbs, or supplements, orally. There is a whole new level of detoxification and health, that can only be reached with suppositories, and the rear-end approach. Therefore, when it comes to detoxification and delivering nutrients, your real mouth, is your butt. And, you can keep feeding yourself through your ass, all day long, without having to go through the hassle and energy loss of digestion, and yet, absorb everything through the colon much better than you would by taking it orally.

Taking things orally is a slower and less effective way of delivering nutrients to the brain and other organs, because it takes a longer time for nutrients to go through the digestive system and then to the bloodstream, and in most cases only a small amount passes the blood-brain barrier and makes it to the brain, especially when the digestive system is not working optimally, which is the case with most of us. I’ve seen many people who don’t feel anything when taking high doses of very powerful supplements, and it’s mostly because of poor absorption.

Some of the faster ways to deliver substances into the blood stream and consequently into the brain are by inhaling or snorting them through the nose, by taking them liposomally, or by applying them to the skin. And, what is more powerful than delivering nutrients and medicines through the skin, is delivering them through the inner skin of our colon. That’s when they can bypass the digestive system and have a much higher chance of getting absorbed directly into the bloodstream and from there on to organs like the brain and the reproductive organs. So, in a way, we are all sitting on a gold mine. And, my experience strongly confirms that.

Here is a quote from the article Giving drugs per rectum for systemic effect: “When a drug is taken orally and absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, it enters the portal vein and is metabolised in the liver. If it is one which is principally broken down in the liver-for example, morphine, hydralazine, or propranolol, it does not achieve its optimal effect when taken orally. If it is given through the rectum however, better absorption and greater systemic effect may be achieved.”

It’s been my experience that about 8 out of 10 people will actually see visible, identifiable worms/parasites and/or candida/yeast coming out in their stool (not necessarily the first time, although most will do,) and that’s when people start to “believe it when they see it.” Since many of us are strongly interested in detoxification, getting rid of some of those parasites living inside us and lowering our pathogen load, is a great way to prepare our body for the detoxification of other toxins like heavy metals, or support our current detox efforts. Parasites and other opportunistic organisms like candida are looming in our system 24/7, feeding on our minerals, B vitamins, and amino acids, all of which we desperately need not only to function optimally but also to be able to detox heavy metals and other toxins. Parasites are also constantly pooping and peeing inside us and releasing their toxic waste into our bloodstream and into our brain, which not only slows down any detoxification we do, but also really messes with us at a deep level and can seriously affect our personality and our behavior. Before we even worry about things like methylation, we need to have a very intensive plan in place against those organisms. The results some people notice with doing something like this just for a few days can be very profound and bring about immense relief.

And to really learn more about parasites, I very strongly recommend watching the very powerful and informative documentary series Monsters Inside Me.

I know from my own experience that my health did not go to the next level until I started doing suppositories regularly and consistently, and they’re something that helped me tremendously with my mental clarity and lifting my depression, which seems to be running in my whole family and passed down throughout generations over the past hundred years or more. I strongly feel that many of the negative thought patterns and behaviors I had throughout my life were partially the result of the combination of parasites, candida/yeast, bacteria and other toxic organisms, and what made me believe that is the number of worms and weird creatures I would see in my stool after I started using suppositories. Many times, there was more worms and weird-looking things than poop.

Even though this is something that has been done for literally thousands of years, most of us are still unaware of it, and, for seemingly childish and meaningless reasons, we have many hang-ups when it comes to using suppositories or inserting something into our rear-end. If you think suppositories are disgusting or yucky or you think you “would never do anything like that,” I suggest you grow up. I agree that the idea of suppositories and sticking stuff up your boombang is not the most appealing, but, it’s all about how far you are willing to go to get to the next level of health. To me, I’m willing to go as far as it takes. If moving closer to my purpose in life and being happier requires me to spend an hour a day shoving stuff up my ass, I’m more than happy to do it, and to me, it’s much easier than having a job or doing work I don’t enjoy. I know many of you feel the same way, and in this case, the suppository route, is the path less travelled.

Men especially seem to have a problem with enemas and suppositories, for whatever reason, and act as if they will start lactating shortly after inserting a suppository, or that in a way, they’ll finally be getting in touch with and admitting a deep-seated, suppressed desire to be penetrated. I often have this problem with my male clients. Once I hand them the suppository and ask them to go somewhere safe and private to get it inside, question marks appear all over their face, and their reaction sometimes makes me feel like it was my ass that I asked them to insert the suppository in, not theirs. Fortunately, this is usually not much of a problem with women, and they seem to handle it more like grown-ups would.

We have to accept that, the rectal route is almost unavoidable if we really want to take our health to the next level. Suppositories are truly an irreplaceable way of improving our health. And now especially, with the rise of the New Americana and legal marijuana, we now have the ability to make our own suppositories, from cannabis suppositories to glutathione and garlic suppositories, and we can’t afford to miss out anymore. We’ve been starving our asses for decades, and now it’s time to make up for it.

One cool thing about suppositories is that, you don’t have to be on an empty stomach to do a suppository. With most oral supplements, you need to take them on empty stomach and wait for a while. That’s not the case at all with suppositories. So if you just dove into a loaf, or found yourself at one of my garlic parties or wild rice orgies, you won’t be able to get that expensive liposomal supplement or that vintage wild ginseng in for another few hours, but you can still get a suppository in anytime. The backdoor is always open.

Suppositories can also be very empowering because, once you get them down and get really good with them, you can use them anywhere, even when you’re outside somewhere, or you’re in your car or on a plane. All you need is some privacy and disposable gloves or wet wipes. I can now even do them with people around me (if you’ll do that, you’ll need a jacket or something to cover yourself otherwise you’ll look like your fingering yourself in public, and that’s not something I’m ready to be blamed for.) I’m actually writing this paragraph while I’m on a plane, on a 12-hour flight, and I have already used up an impressive number of suppositories of different kinds. Unfortunately, one of them “leaked” (which will eventually happen to everyone every now and then. You’ll want to talk to people in the hemorrhoid community for more fun stories) and since I don’t wear underwear, I now have turmeric stains all over my ass (you’d be surprised by how few people would notice something like that.) Luckily it wasn’t garlic or onion oil, otherwise I would’ve been thrown off the plane. Definitely not an Instagram moment.

Another very welcomed side benefit of using suppositories is, less gas. For most of my life, I have always been known as The King of Farts, and I had a strong reputation as “the healthy guy who farts…go figure.” I would say I was easily among the top 100 farters who ever lived, and have, countless times, very successfully wiped out entire living rooms and elevators with my farts. I am not exaggerating when I say that I farted so much, some people thought I had a farting machine, and I almost lost many friendships because of that. Some of you reading this may know that the biggest mistake you can make is to fart around me and declare that you’re fart-friendly, because once you cross that line with me, you invite a very strong retaliation, and you’re in for a war that you will never win, eventually finding yourself brutally obliterated. Now, fortunately, after thousands of cleansing and detoxifying suppositories, I can happily say that I genuinely miss my farts. And aside from the innocent, scent-free fart every now and then, farts are no longer a main star in the movie of my life.

Many of us have either experienced firsthand what it’s like to be a master of farting, or to be around one. And, at some point, it can become disgusting and outright repulsive and unattractive. Plus, it’s enough that we are already releasing countless brain farts everyday through our mouths by blurting out every stupid thing that comes to our mind. So, as much as I’m trying to be funny here, getting rid of your gas is actually a very significant thing to accomplish. This applies even more to the ladies reading this, since many of you are still living in the “women don’t fart” reality, and now, you can live up to that (I still think farting can be sexy and intimate if done at the right time and in moderation, but, whatever makes you happy.)

This has even stronger implications for women, since the issues of vaginal odor and yeast infection are now on the rise and have reached an all-time high, and yet, like many other critical issues, are not being talked about or given enough attention. I have come across many women who avoid any type of relationship because of these issues. “I can’t get into a relationship because I smell like a dead corpse,” is something I heard many times before. And you may know that, you can douche all day long, and never really get rid of the odor. With the use of vaginal suppositories containing certain potent essential oils and nutrients, this issue can be greatly diminished (you still however need to work on the metals, the estrogens, and other toxins.)


The only problem with suppositories is that some of the most powerful ones you can make are made with garlic and onion oils, and if you choose to do those, which I strongly recommend, you will at some point get sick of farting garlic and onion oils, as the smell can be nauseating and borderline traumatizing at times. Plus almost everybody will sooner or later experience a “leakage” or fart some of the oil out by mistake and make a serious mess (especially if it’s a suppository with turmeric in it, then you got both the smell and the stain) and that is not really pleasant either, especially when you’re staying at a friend’s house and you fuck up their furniture, and now you have to pay them for a new sofa. As you can tell I’ve been in many of those very expensive and terribly embarrassing situations in the past, and so I want you to pre-plan and have some insurance and damage control strategies in place just in case things get nasty. But, you can always switch it up and make your gas sexy with ginger and peppermint oil suppositories, so it goes both ways.

As a fun trick and another secret of the trade, you can also do the same with your urine by taking ylang ylang essential oil internally in tiny amounts, and that will make your urine smell nice. So with beet juice (fermented to cut out the sugar) and some ylang ylang oil, you can make your urine pink and fragrant, and now you got something to set you apart from all the competing “mates” out there — The things we do when we have time on our hands, and allow our creativity to finally flourish.

On a more serious note, suppositories, and the rectal approach, can really take your health to the next level. I don’t want to overhype this, but this has been truly a life transformer for me and many of my friends and clients, and I know it will be for many of you. I strongly feel that there is a level of health that can only be accessible to us with the use of suppositories. What we desperately need, is a suppository revolution.

How to make suppositories, and my favorite suppository recipes

This part of the article has been removed and can be found in my course, The Course of Entheogenesis & Superconsciousness, where I cover the topics of suppositories, detoxification, and healing in greater detail.

You have to understand that, for most of us reading this, we’ve been on this planet for a few decades, and we most likely got parasites very shortly after, if not before, we were born. Parasites are very intelligent, living beings, and they are very good and efficient at reproducing and multiplying very rapidly. Throughout our lives, while we’re busy chasing money and degrees and success and the other stupid shit we’ve been taught to chase, parasites have been overgrowing and multiplying in our system nonstop, and by the time we decide to take charge of our health, we can have as many as millions or billions of them. We’re not going to get rid of them with one capsule a day of anything taken orally.

I have taken pounds and pounds and tens of capsules in a day of anti-parasitic herbs and supplements, and rarely noticed significant improvements. Once I stumbled into SuppositoryLand, I had parasites coming out of me by the hundreds, and it was very disturbing to see. The first time I saw worms come out in my stool after my first garlic oil suppository, it was both a traumatizing and liberating experience: those motherfuckers have probably been living in me for all those years, sucking the life out of me, but, I now at least know that, most likely, much of my misfortune has been due to them, and I can now do something about it.

It can really fuck with our whole reality when we’re taking showers everyday and think that we have our personal hygiene under control, when in reality, we are very filthy and ugly and disgusting from the inside, hosting thousands to trillions of dirty organisms who are constantly peeing and shitting and releasing their waste inside of us. THAT is why we stink, not because we have a tap water deficiency, not because we need to shower everyday, and not because we need to brush our teeth twice a day. That’s all bullshit that we have to do because we’re loaded to the hilt with parasites, yeast/candida, metals, bacteria, viruses, etc. When we’re clean and detoxified, our sweat won’t stink, and our outer hygiene will reflect our internal environment. At the time of writing this, I haven’t brushed since 2013, and I can go for weeks without touching water, and yet, most of my attempts to get a “yes” for the questions “Hey, can you smell any bad breath on me?” or “do I stink?” have failed. Hygiene is one of those things, just like about everything else, that we have so terribly misunderstood, for far too long. It all starts from the inside.

Since we’re on the topic of hygiene…

It’s about time we learn how to properly clean up our asses after shitting. This whole wiping with toilet paper thing needs to STOP. Seriously. It’s disgusting. After you have a bowel movement, you either wash your ass with water and soap, jump in the shower, jump in the ocean, put your money where your mouth is and get an eco-friendly bidet like this one here, or, do what I usually do when I’m not near clean water and want to avoid toxic tap water, which is use organic wet wipes and essential oils to clean up and disinfect my butt (also works well when you’re outside, in cars, planes, etc.) I’m sorry to lay it down on you this way, but, you are not going to be cleaned just with toilet paper alone. All toilet paper is very, very toxic unless it’s organic, but more importantly, You WILL have traces of shit all over your ass no matter how much you wipe, and, we all had the experience of our ass itching because we didn’t clean it properly. The problem with that is, in most cases, your feces will be loaded with microscopic parasites, bacteria, and other opportunistic organisms and their eggs which are waiting to hatch on your ass, and if you don’t clean up and disinfect your hole properly, they will crawl all the way up and make their way to the rest of your body. Now, to hell with you, but the problem is, if you are sharing a bed with someone else, then you’ll be infecting that person too. This really is not a joke, as much as it sounds like one. We cannot be worried about accomplishing anything or changing the world if we are still like babies and don’t know how to clean our asses properly. It’s disgraceful, and it’s about time it stopped.


How many suppositories should or can you do a day? As many as you can and are comfortable with. I sometimes do as many as 20+ suppositories a day, and I still think I’m not doing as many as I should be. I usually like to do one every 30 minutes to 2 hours or so if I can. You don’t do suppositories because you need to or because you’re sick, you take suppositories because, they make you better.

As an ex-smoker, I always used to carry two packs of cigarettes with me: Parliaments, and Marlboro menthols (the menthol kills the germs, in case you didn’t know that,) and I smoked with ferocity and purpose. Now, I try to always carry a jar of suppositories with me. Whenever I get a chance, I insert one in. It’s great, how we can replace our addictions, with truly healthier and more empowering habits. In the past month, I’ve probably done more than 679 suppositories. To me, it’s always Suppository Time, and, it should be for you too. Hopefully one day, I’ll tell you the story of the suppository and the kangaroo. And, you really do not want to get me started on, bee venom suppositories.

And yes, I’m very aware that for some people, sticking up different objects and things like Snickers bars and toothpaste tubes up your rear-end can be very pleasurable, and if that’s your thing, no problem, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. Everything written here is mainly for healing and genuine health-improving purposes.

If you’re the parent of an autistic child, suppositories are something you may want to experiment with, especially since most autistic children have a compromised gut and poorly absorb things (one study on that can be found here.) It’s the inescapable reality that we’re only going to have more and more autistic children, and we need to learn how to heal them and then ensure they have a peaceful time on this planet and live up to their fulfillable potential. I have seen autistic children come to life with the use of some of the suppositories recommended above (they will however, be farting like nobody’s business.) But, you will want to find a way to insert the suppository in them without traumatizing them or pissing them off, and maybe doing it when they’re asleep. Please do not upset those beautiful beings. We have already victimized them enough by bringing them to this planet without being prepared. Let’s not fuck it up any further. And, without the right mindset, suppositories can sometimes be more traumatizing to the parent than the child, especially when you’re a father “fingering your daughter’s asshole,” as one of my clients put it, so, you want to have a healthy mindset towards suppositories, if you’re a parent, and appreciate that they are a very empowering tool for healing, and know how to use them the right way, at the right time, or simply refrain from using them.

I posted below some pictures of poop and the nasty stuff that can come out of people once they start doing suppositories. Some of these are from clients and friends, and some are mine. You’re more than welcome to send me any pictures you take. And since we all like to take credit for our work, I’d be more than happy to give you credit and add a link to your website or facebook profile next to your poop picture. You’re in safe hands. So go ahead and, take a dirty picture for me.








As you can see, it is ugly. And, trust me, I left the worst ones out. Now, it’s fine if us mere mortals had these things coming out of us, but, think about how many of our leaders and presidents will have these worms coming out of them, if only they were to insert a superman suppository. We are all, in a way, being driven, lead, and governed, by parasites, and not by a higher consciousness. And, what is even uglier is, if you think about the people you may have idealized or looked up to, that person you have a crush on, that guy or girl who left you 12 years ago and you still can’t get over it; all of them are most likely loaded with parasites and other nasties and will probably have much uglier things coming out of them. I, have seen, the worms, come out of the most beautiful people I know. I’m genuinely not trying to only be funny here; this is serious. Once you deeply understand all of this, you start to see people for who they truly are, and only then, can you have and cultivate compassion for them.

We really need to get over our squeamishness and tension over discussing such topics openly. This is our health, our everything, and there is no shame or taboo in it. I’ve had many exciting and meaningful conversations about topics like suppositories, pooping, anal and vaginal hygiene, and the like, and I’d much rather have them be the topic of my conversation than what’s going on with politics or sports or gossip or whatever other shit that probably has no effect on my life or my happiness. Whether we like it or not, at the end of the day, we’re all going to do things like poop, pee, fart, menstruate, have sex, masturbate, insert a suppository, or all of the above. So, we might as well talk about them openly, and relish in the freedom that comes from doing that. It’s not disgusting anymore, if we’re all already doing it.

Remember: we’re all human, and we’re all fucked up, no matter how pure and perfect and innocent and cute we try to make ourselves appear. And once you see the worms coming out of you, you’ll know how true that is, and how deluded we’ve all been, for far too long. We all have hidden and suppressed secrets and insecurities that are eating at us everyday, and are making it easier for toxins and pathogens to accumulate and flourish inside our bodies and suck up our energies and further eat at us, and we have to deal with the toxic fear of being chastised, if only those secrets and insecurities were uncovered, not realizing that, everybody around us has the very same secrets and insecurities, and that, especially in this day and age, in one way or another, we, are, all, truly, fucked up.

And to the women reading this: no matter how much make-up you paint your face with, how much you “work-out”, how sexy you dress, or, how many dolphins you can lift with your vagina (some of you know what I’m talking about,) you’re still doing what every other woman on this planet is doing, and you’re doing almost nothing to stand out or set yourself apart. It’s my very own opinion that women are becoming more and more similar and generic, all the same, just like iPhones; a counterfeit of the genuine feminine. It’s about time we try something different, and vaginal suppositories will give you access to, and deliver nutrients and medicines, to your ovaries, which govern and influence your femininity, your youth, and your beauty, far more than make-up, shoes, clothes, implants, etc., all of which you’ve been brainwashed to think is a prerequisite for being beautiful and being a woman, when all it does, in the long-term, is make you more and more sexually neutral, toxic (beauty products are loaded with toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and all the other goodies that make you less of a woman,) fuck up your hormones, make you uglier, older, fatter, less attractive, and in turn, will only contribute to the epidemic of unbearable loneliness that we’re now slowly drowning in.

More women than ever are aging prematurely (as early as in their twenties) and becoming overweight and insecure, and more men are having social anxieties, shyness, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of sexual confidence, and insecurity, and as a result, we’re not coupling as much anymore. We now have apps like Tinder that can almost fuck someone for us, and yet many of us are still lonely, bored, and unfulfilled. The number of single and divorced people has hit a record high, and even though we live in an age of complete freedom and liberty, we are becoming more and more disconnected and introverted. Surely, certainly, definitely, our toxic brains, organs and glands have something to do with it. And, we need not to forget to be immensely grateful for the porn industry for emptying up whatever teeny bit of semen and sexual urge that’s left in our men, diminishing their sexual desire and making the urge to pursue women almost extinct.

If you have hormonal issues, have ovarian cysts or fibroids, were ever on birth control, “the pill,” or the infamous Mirena IUD birth control device which, oh, so royally, fucked up so many of our women all around the world (look-up “Mirena lawsuits” to learn more,) you need to be loading up on vaginal suppositories. And for the badass ladies who like to get high, you can now try the cannabis vaginal suppositories (also called “weed lube” or “pussy pot,”) and attempt to make your own at home. They are epic, especially in an age when, unfortunately, a man’s penis is not always the best therapy. Men: I’m serious; get her on the vaginal cannabis first. Thank me later.

If used for long enough, the right vaginal suppositories can transform your sexual health and your sex life, and deeply intensify your orgasms. Nutrients and medicines absorbed through the vaginal membranes can enter the same pelvic plexus of veins emptied into by the ovaries, and can then be transported to different organs and distributed to the tissues just as if the ovary had actually produced them. There’s a lot of healing and growth that can be done through your rosy aperture of love, so, don’t miss out.

Yoga girls are out, suppository girls are IN.

To the men reading this (or the males, since true manhood is largely extinct at this point): most of what we know about manhood and masculinity is wrong. All the body building and protein loading and money making bullshit that we think makes a man is just that: bullshit. It is not possible, to become a true masculine man, if we’re unhealthy, if our sex hormone levels are below zero, and if we got parasites and metals and toxins all over our testicles and perineum. There are men now who teach masculinity, spirituality, and self-improvement for a living even though their tested testosterone levels are devastatingly low, and I know that because some of those men are my friends. We can try to act like men and be tough and dominant and assertive and aggressive and muscular and “buff”, and do what we think is “manly” from now until doomsday, but we’ll always be lacking the real biochemical foundation. And, becoming perfectly healthy isn’t enough on its own, either. To me personally, I have detoxed my ass off, and oversaturated myself with every nutrient I know of, and I still have a lot of work to do and emotional trauma to heal before I can reach my fullest potential as a man.

I personally want to see you taking action on this information and turning suppositories into a daily habit, otherwise, I will send my detox angels over to your house and have them erase all this priceless information from your brain in your sleep. That is not a joke. It is very easy to put suppositories off because it can be very uncomfortable and daunting to be putting something up our butt. However I cannot stress enough how easy, painless, and safe they are, especially after the first few times once you have learned your own anatomy and know how to do them the right way. Remember, if you wanna get to the next level, you gotta pay to play.

To all of you living outside the US, please stop turning your location into an excuse for not doing any of this. Those of you in Australia, UK, Norway, Czech Republic, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Romania, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Ukraine. You all know who you are, and I know you all. Just because you are not in the US does not give you a free pass to not do this. I have done EVERYTHING I write about on this site while living in a fourth-world country where saying something like “I’m doing a detox” can sound crazier than saying what the kid in the movie The Sixth Sense said, “I can see dead people…” When you’re not using iHerb.com, simply use a package forwarding service like USGlobalMail. You can live this lifestyle anywhere and have all your stuff shipped and delivered to places like Mozambique in no more than 3 days if you want to (yes, they have UPS there, and an epic nightclub called Coconuts….The things we missed.)

And, I don’t need to tell you about this but, you may want to think about ways of using suppositories to introduce something new to your relationship. Healthy sex play is encouraged, and is healthy. To me personally, inserting a suppository into a partner’s bum or having a suppository inserted is deeply intimate and very sexy. Much healthier than beads and all that lame stuff. One thing that builds comfort and creates love is teaching, and if you can teach your partner how to get worms out of their butt or to feel good or improve their health through their butt, they will never forget you.

“I’m gonna insert a suppository in your ass tonight.” Send that text message to your partner right now. If you can’t, then you need to re-look at the whole relationship. It could also be a way for you to screen for future partners. Use your creativity, and your imagination. But, make sure you detox and clean yourself up first. It’s far easier than we think, to get infected or infect someone else with whatever garbage we’re carrying (and, we’re all loaded to the hilt.)


So, make sure you turn your friends and loved ones on to this, and, always be willing to do that which may feel uncomfortable, in the pursuit of becoming a healthier, more congruent version of yourself, and moving closer to who you’re truly meant to be.

With suppositories, detoxification, a clean diet, and everything else I write about on this site, you can, naturally, all the time, feel like you took a pill in Ibiza. That, I can promise you.

To me, I’ll keep sticking medicines up my keister until the end of time. And, my hope is to inspire as many people as possible, to use their ass as a source of power and nutritional empowerment, rather than as a victim of rape by toxic toilet paper.

And, you just got, for free, what others will charge you tens of thousands for, if only they were crazy and dedicated enough to know about it.

Now, forget about all the second-class bullshit you just read above, and pay close attention.

Come closer…

Even closer.

Part 2, of Part 2

People often email me and say things like they have never seen writing as beautiful as mine. In reality, I have always been an idiot, and the only thing I wanted to think or write about was how badly I wanted to kill myself and watch myself burn, if only I had the courage to do it. It wasn’t until I fixed my health with things like detoxifying heavy metals and using suppositories that I started to gain access to two main prerequisites for timeless & unforgettable writing: inspiration, and, an indifference to the addictive approval of others. And, it is my opinion that, it is the blockage to inspiration, caused by poor health from toxins and pathogens like heavy metals, parasites, etc., sugar, and a shit diet, that eventually brings many truly and deeply gifted artists and writers to their downfall, and disconnects them from the core of who they truly are, and it’s why many aspiring artists and leaders never reach their fullest potential and end up at menial $50k/year jobs.

There are two paths we can take in life, one is short and sexy, and brings us some of what we call “success,” but its returns are short-lived. The other is excruciatingly, almost suicidally, long, counterintuitive, boring, tedious and slow, but comes with infinite, immense joy and meaning. Decide for yourself, which path you want to take. I found very few sayings to be truer than this: “if you do what most people will never do, for the next few years, you will do what most people can’t do, for the rest of your life.”

As Lao Tzu says:

The path into the light seems dark,

the path forward seems to go back,

the direct path seems long.


To see an example of that, you can watch the following short but powerful video, by the 90-yr old master David Attenborough, and decide for yourself, which tree you’d rather be: a pioneer, or a tortoise.

At the risk of sounding like a naive fruit-loop, I’ll tell you a secret: I pulled back the curtain, and looked behind the scenes, and saw that which I was not supposed to see. I saw it all. And what I saw was that, it is not about me, or you. I can write and keep receiving praise, and you can detox and keep getting healthier, from now until doomsday. It’s not, and will never be, about that. It is about all of us making it to a new world, together. A world of forgiveness, love, compassion, bliss, peace, and just not giving a fuck, where there is no such thing as a good or bad person, no Us vs. Them, no early or late, no success or failure, and no such thing as punishments, prisons, enemies, or competition. A world where we are exploding with life, yet more than ready to face our death, because, we can see through. A world where we are very serious, about not being serious, where reality beats fantasy, where we are busy cleaning up the mess that we made so far, dancing to, and only to, the beat of our own drum sets, rejoicing in our salvation. A party that never ends. A perfectly realistic reality, where there is no such thing as hell or heaven; there is only home, and a road back home.

We have been so far away from home for far too long, lost, sick and confused, and now, it’s time to start our journey, on the road back home.

And understand: All the monsantos and other seemingly evil entities and corporations on which we are blaming our downfall, are with us on the same team; they just don’t know any better, and, it’s our job to inform and educate them, rather than waste precious time fighting and opposing them. By doing that, we’re simply missing the big picture and planting the seeds for bigger catastrophes and more tragic wars down the road. We can fight and sign petitions all day long; we might as well shove them up our ass. We are missing the point. Fighting is not the way.

Which brings us to the greater secret, in Lao Tzu’s words:

What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher?

What is a bad man but a good man’s job?

If you don’t understand this, you will get lost,

however intelligent you are.

It is the great secret.

For now, we really need to not even bother with things like “doing good,” “changing the world,” or philanthropy, and instead, simply get busy with changing and healing ourselves and transforming our core first. It is far easier to embark on a purposeful journey when we have a powerful vehicle, than spend our whole lives meandering, on foot, directionless and purposeless.

A true revolution starts from within.

It is hilariously tragic that we’re trying to change the world when, it is our inner world that has been begging for change, for far too long. We claim to want to change the world and want to help others and contribute and give back, but in reality, we’re all just being nothing more than attention and approval whores, seeking the approval of mommy and daddy and others, because we’re so mentally restless, spiritually defiled, dopaminergically bankrupt, and serotonergically disturbed that we desperately seek something to clog up the emptiness in our lives with and make us feel worthy of love and acceptance and like a “good person doing the right thing.” A mentally healthy, un-toxic, internally validated, and fulfilled person can live on an island all by themselves and be overflowing with contentment. Accomplished or not, they are completely fulfilled and devoid of any feelings of lack or need. That is the foundation for true change.

Detoxification, is the way.

And, it really does not matter whether the next president will be trump, hilary, justin bieber or michael jackson resurrected. Unless we change from the inside out, we are and will always be, fucked in the ass, and no future president or leader will lead us anywhere but to our downfall. We are very quickly heading towards a true downfall, and it won’t be more than a few decades before we all perish and cease to exist.

There is a very ugly and scary reality waiting for us just around the corner, where all our children will be born retarded, autistic, and without sex organs, where we’ll be busy killing each other and fighting wars mainly caused by anger and poor judgement resulting from our toxic brains, where our sex drives are lost, our penises have shrunk to inexistence, and our vaginas have closed off and dried up like a desert. We are already heading in that direction, and it won’t be long until the earth rebels and burns us the fuck out of existence. Unless, we look inside, and dedicate ourselves to our own healing.

The whole world of health has turned into a dark, profit-based place built on email lists, ebooks, celebrities, gurus, conferences, summits, exotic overhyped products, and very clever advertising and packaging, where it’s only becoming more impossible to distinguish between the critical, the optional and the expensively useless, where charismatic, toxic gurus and celebrities are, with the absolute very best intentions, trying to fix and inform other toxic people, not knowing that they are only repeating the same cycle of toxicity, confusion, and misinformation. We are, and we will keep, missing the point, and suffering, until we look at that which is staring us right in the face.

Everything we think of as true or right or wrong or the way things should be, is nothing more than a simulation of bullshit. We really have no idea what the fuck we are doing here.

I have a lifetime behind me of nothing but eating shit, and it wasn’t until I started doing all this weird stuff that I finally saw the light. I had it. And I don’t want anyone to go through it anymore. But once I made it to the other side, it was all worth it, and all the years of pain and misery suddenly made perfect sense: real beauty, and ecstasy, truly cannot be had, without going through vast ugliness first. It is the contrast, which gives birth to appreciation. And, my real journey has only just started. The very best, is yet to come. I promise. You can have everything you desire and far more, once your health is aligned with your desires.

Countless times, I asked myself questions. Why am I so messed up? When is this all going to end? How much more of this do I have to endure? Why do others have it better than me? When am I going to kill myself and finally, finally, go to hell? Why am I here? When will I be happy? How many more years of this shit do I have to go through?

Now, I finally have the answers. And they have shut me the fuck up.

We have no fucking idea what the future holds.

“Remember all ye that existence is pure joy; that all the sorrows are but as shadows; they pass & are done; but there is that which remains.”

Most of what we do is, in one way or another, to survive, and avoid our own death. However, what we’ve been blind to all along is that, death is, when the real party starts. Oh, how little do we know, about that beautiful unknown. We’ve spent our whole lives running away, from exactly that which we should embrace, not knowing what’s in store for us. The more we truly embrace our death, the more alive, ecstatic, and powerful we will become, and the more pain we go through, the deeper our capacity to feel joy and ecstasy, and have patience, will become. Without a cleansed vision, spirit, brain and heart, I would’ve never realized that.

Many of us have thought about or even seriously considered suicide, many times before. I can write a book about all the different scenarios I imagined of taking myself out, and some are indescribably ugly. What I now know is that, death is indeed the real salvation, and not something to run away from, but, only, and only when, we have fulfilled our mission here on this planet, or this simulation of reality that we found ourselves to be in. There is immense power that comes from realizing that we are all here by choice. We can take ourselves out anytime we like if we want to. We truly are, not forced to be here, nor are we forced to hold any jobs or meet anybody’s expectations or do anything. And with that realization, comes a lot of freedom, because now you know that you can leave anytime you like if you wanted to. And once you know that, you can let loose, and realize that you have a way out, and you can start to see the deeper challenge and the bigger puzzle that’s been laid out for you. And now, you can take immense joy in solving the puzzle and rising above it, and finally, arriving at a place where you can appreciate the wonder of it all. Suicide is leaving before you truly realize that, it truly is worth it all, and, more importantly, that whether you leave or not, it does not fucking matter. We are all nothing more than specks amidst an infinity of time and space, free spirits temporarily imprisoned in a physical body, for a purpose. It’s all good, regardless. We are our own gods.

If you realize that you have enough

you are truly rich

If you stay in the center

and embrace death with your whole heart

you will endure forever


It took one hell of a detox journey, for me to arrive at all the above realizations, firsthand. You will have to arrive at your own. And remember: whether you do or you don’t, it doesn’t really matter.

I don’t have a fucking dream; I’m a blindingly explosive, infinitely unstoppable force that far transcends my physical body, and with me or without me, my visions will come true, with complete ease, grace, humor, effortlessness, tranquility, peace, and…patience. It may take us a few decades to get there, but our emancipation is inevitable, and we can take the first step now. I am moving in that direction at a million miles per second, and, I’d love for you to join me.

I believe in you.

Immortally yours,

Love is the law, love under will.