The hole you give through is the hole you receive through

Some of us have more money than we know how to burn, while others are drowning in debt. Some of us are sitting in Range Rovers thinking about how to spend our money on airplanes, while others are overloaded with the toxins of public transportation. Some of us live in the healthiest environments and have the cleanest food and supplements, while others are living in moldy homes and have several fillings leaching toxic metals into their brain and soul all day long.

Some of the prerequisites to optimal health are accurate, contemporarily relevant information (which is now becoming more and more scarce,) commitment, compliance, and financial resources. Many of us have all prerequisites needed, except for the financial resources, which our poor health prevents us from manifesting.

This page is created for those of us who want to share some of their wealth with and support others on the same path, and for those of us who can benefit immensely from some financial support and use it to improve their health.

Read the following quote by the master Dan Kennedy from the book NO B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy:

Now here comes the completely illogical one: giving. This is important because all wealthy people give. Giving has an incredible effect on your psyche. So, immediately open another separate bank account and call it your Giving Account. Also predetermine a fixed percentage of every dollar that you receive to divert to your Giving Account. There, you will build up amounts to give to your charities, people in need, even over-tip hard-working people. If you take money out, which I encourage, it must be to give away with no direct quid pro quo or expectation of return or gain, and it should not replace giving you already do, such as whatever you now drop into the church collection plate every Sunday. Obviously, it’s hard to imagine how SUBTRACTING 10% from your income and giving it away can increase your income or wealth. 100% minus 10% = 90%. $10,000.00 minus $1,000.00 $9,000.00. But, somehow, this math works more like this: 100%-10% = 100% x 4 = 400%.

The first time I heard this from Foster Hibbard, I thought he was nutty as my grandmother’s fruitcake. I don’t blame you for thinking I’m smoking crack. But I assure you, try it for 90 Days, and you’ll be a convert.

I created this foundation to make giving away my own %10 easier for me personally, and because there is no other cause I’d rather give to. If you’d like to join in on the fun, you’re welcome to.

I strongly feel we should all give away %5 to %10 of what we have regularly, no matter how insignificant it is. If you would like to share some of your wealth and donate to this foundation, you can do so through this link. Also, I think we all need to learn how to be generous, give abundantly, and stop being so damn cheap. Unless all you have is $1000 or less, if you’re unwilling to give away at least $50, then please don’t.

If you would like to receive some of the financial support offered by others, contact me and tell me more about yourself. The highest priority will be given to people who need their amalgam fillings removed, only by an accredited biological/holistic dentist, especially younger people in their teens or early twenties, and to critical detoxification expenses, as I see fit. Funds will be sent directly to your biological dentist, or used by a member of my team to order necessary detox supplements and have them shipped to your address.

None of the funds will go to me or to the work and research I do. If that’s something you would like to support, you can do so through this link.


Stay tuned for the upcoming Money article.