Another critical nutrient, a very close second to glutathione, is magnesium. Most people think that magnesium  is mainly for things like relaxation, constipation, and muscle aches, but, it’s actually crucial for everything: from optimal brain function to deeper sleep, proper detoxification and having regular bowel movements. I would say that many of the world’s problems are nothing more than a direct result of a magnesium deficient society.Interestingly, magnesium & glutathione are very closely linked. The research has shown that when glutathione is low, magnesium is also low, and vice versa, when magnesium is low, glutathione is low. The two improve each other. It’s been my experience that increasing one definitely increases the other, and depleting one will definitely deplete the other.

Magnesium, like glutathione, cannot be significantly increased through diet alone. Even supplementation isn’t really enough to make a big difference or get someone to truly appreciate the power of magnesium. The absolute best way, by far, to significantly increase your magnesium levels, is through the skin, by applying magnesium oil. Magnesium oil is a natural solution made from sea water. By applying it to the skin, the body will rapidly absorb the magnesium. With magnesium oil, you can do in days or weeks what a magnesium supplement can do in months or years. Magnesium oil also does not cause diarrhea and so you can use a very high dosage and increase your levels much faster than with a supplement.

Magnesium is what enables you to think deliberately and thoroughly and be more thoughtful and deliberate with your actions and your decisions, rather than acting like an emotional, impulsive, reactive little bitch. When your magnesium is low, you are far more likely to get angry, lose your temper, declare a war on your “enemy”, and act like a complete idiot. We were meant to have times of being slow, deliberate, thoughtful, and contemplative, rather than living as if we’re in a race and feeling like we’re being chased by a bus all the time.Most importantly, I found that magnesium really affects my outlook on life. I noticed that improving my magnesium levels has really made me feel much more optimistic and motivated to get off my ass and work on projects, all while making me more centered/calm/unattached/PRESENT. If you want something to make you present and in the moment, magnesium oil is one of the most powerful things for that.  With magnesium oil, I’m able to get “in the flow” more often. It has helped me tremendously in my work and my writing. In fact, I just used magnesium oil right before writing this.

Sometimes when I’m going out to a social event, a party, or just to meet friends, I’ll apply magnesium oil to my body beforehand. Whenever I do this, I notice that I’m calmer, better able to be truly present in an interaction, look the other person deeply in the eye, and truly “be there” with them, as opposed to thinking about what to say or how do I look or what the other person thinks of me, etc. I become as present as I could ever be, and no yoga, meditation, social skills, dating or personal improvement book or seminar was able to give me a fraction of such power. Sometimes, you need to change things at the biological/cellular level in order for real change to become possible. Which is maybe why some people never/can’t change.

So, if you want to get far in life, or just have a happy/fulfilled life, you need to treat your magensium as an extremely valuable asset to be constantly replenished and built-up.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that, toxicity depletes magnesium. Heavy metals, like mercury, deplete magnesium like nothing else, which is why detoxification and get these toxins out is very important. My experience however has been that with magnesium oil, it is possible to replenish magnesium levels relatively quickly, at least at a rate faster than that of the toxins depleting the magnesium. Magnesium is also crucial for detoxification and carrying out the toxins and heavy metals out of the body. The body loses magnesium as it detoxifies, so it is a mineral that needs to be constantly replenished.

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  1. Thank you very much it’s people like you who care about Humanity enough to bring this information so that good people can have a chance to reorganize their cellular system and bodies and Minds. For those who understand what we’re up against this is truly a blessing

  2. The more you read the more you realize how little you know. I have never come across information speaking about the deeper indications of having enough Magnesium in your life. I like how you brought into realistic terms of how one can benefit in their interactions. And until today, I did not know it could be applied as an oil for better absorption.

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