• Think of your brain as a bank account that you can constantly keep adding to and growing. You can constantly keep evolving your brain and growing new brain cells, by improving your diet, having foods, herbs and supplements that cause neurogenesis, eliminating inferior foods, and through detoxification. There is no limit to how far you can take it and how much you can evolve your brain, transform your health and increase your odds for a very long and truly healthy life.
  • Food can be a source of pleasure, yet it can also be a source of profound nourishment, growth, fuel, power, and inspiration. Your diet, and your state of health, directly influence your brain, your mental capabilities, your emotions, your thoughts, your decisions, and ultimately, your whole life: your relationships, your sexual health, your finances, etc. You need to eat everyday, so you might as well eat something that actually empowers you and nourishes you, rather than something that drains you and robs you of energy.
  • Real power lies in mastery of your mind and yourself, and a powerful tool for that is your diet. if you deeply understand it and master it, nutrition can be infinitely more powerful than knowledge, and no number of books, life experiences and mentors can make up for a nutritional deficiency or a toxicity. A nutritional deficiency will cause a psychological, spiritual and emotional deficiency that can only be reversed with the proper diet.For example, low vitamin D levels have been repeatedly linked to mental illness and depression. Iodine deficiency is the leading cause of preventable brain damage and mental retardation. Most, or almost all people, are deficient in one or several key nutrients that are crucial for mental health, and yet expect to function normally and navigate through life just by using willpower alone. True fulfillment and a truly full and emotionally rich life can never happen with poor health.


  • Your health affects your capabilities and your abilities to achieve your goals.
    If you inherently want something, yet you don’t have it, it’s either because you don’t know how to get it, or because you don’t have the capabilities to get it. Your health seriously affects your ability to accomplish anything in life. The people who are able to succeed in achieving their goals are the ones who are able to put in enormous amounts of time and effort into achieving their goals, and have the energy to do so. Your diet and your health affect your energy more than anything else, and by optimizing your diet and detoxifying your body and your brain, you will have infinitely more energy to pursue your goals and fulfill your mission in life.
  • Forget about weight loss and about your weight. If you are, or think that you are, overweight or obese, then simply forget about it, and shift your focus to what matters: truly optimizing your health and your brain so that you can reach your fullest potential in life and are more aligned with your goals. If your health is truly optimized, your weight and your beauty will naturally, effortlessly and inevitably take care of themselves.  The people that we’ve been conditioned to believe are beautiful, skinny, and have a great body are actually anemic and have nutritional deficiency written all over them, and try to mask their seeming imperfections with toxic make-up and cosmetics that only further robs them of the essence of their beauty and sexuality in the long-term. I rarely see any true beauty in most people, and I strongly believe it’s mostly due to toxic beauty products, toxic diets, environments and lifestyles.
  • Do not rely on scientific evidence. There is no such thing as “scientific evidence”. Studies can be very helpful and legitimate sometimes, and I try to include as many of those as I can in my articles, but they can also be very misleading, flawed, biased, manipulated, short-sighted, or funded by pharmaceutical companies or governments.Some of the most life-changing things I have ever done to my health have very little or no scientific evidence supporting them, yet they have contributed immensely to my quality of life and that of others I worked with. Most health problems we have nowadays are originally caused by flawed studies about how bad fat is, how bad salt is, how good whole grains are, etc. The result of that is a population that is sick and obese and eats the complete opposite of what it is supposed to be eating. Scientists are not gods, and are prone to errors and incomplete conclusions. The best scientific evidence you will ever have is YOUR own experience. The pinnacle of stupidity and conformity is to dismiss something that may actually work or have already worked for you and can change your life, merely because there are “no human studies” proving its effectiveness. After your own experience, go for anecdotal evidence. We live in a time where anecdotal evidence is so abundant and so easy to come by. A simple search online on sites like amazon or iherb or on discussion forums will give you access to countless legitimate experiences and reviews from other people, and that kind of information trumps over any scientific study. If I am thinking about taking magnesium oil, and I read the overwhelming number of positive and obviously honest reviews, I will have information that is far useful to me and essential to my decision-making process more than any scientific study and more than the the fact that there are no scientific studies on the subject. Ideally, you would combine anecdotal evidence with scientific evidence by also going to sites like PubMed and Google Scholar and seeking research studies on the topic to make the best decision, but if you can’t find any studies, it doesn’t mean anything. It simply means that scientists didn’t yet do a study on that specific topic, and only a fool would jump to conclusions based on that.
  • Divorce the scarcity mindset.
    Focusing on small things and living in scarcity can be detrimental to your journey. Nothing is more pathetic than choosing a lower quality food or supplement over another just to save $5. The $5 will not save you from poverty, make your dreams come true, or fix your existing problems. They will simply reinforce the belief that you have limited and scarce resources and that “you can’t afford it”. The people who have true wealth did not attain it by saving $5 or by seeking discounts, they did it by investing in what matters. If you are after a truly full life you need to focus on what matters and stop worrying about small things. Only small people focus on small things.
  • Value experimentation, discovery, and learning over immediate benefit. I have experienced the most gains from experimenting and trying new things, not from sticking to what is familiar and comfortable to me.

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