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Niacin is the B vitamin, called vitamin B3. It is the only synthetic supplement that is not completely natural and food-based that is recommended on The Superman Diet. I had to make it part of The Superman Diet due to its powerful effect and for the lack of a natural alternative. In our day and age it is crucial to supplement with vitamin B3 even if just for a short amount of time because of the transformational effects it can have on our health.


Niacin’s main benefit lies in that it dramatically increases bloofdlow to every organ in the body, most importantly to the brain. Whenever there’s a case of depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or just poor cognitive function, there usually is an impingement in bloodflow to the brain, for some reason: genetic, poor diet, lifestyle factors, etc.


When you are able to get vitamin B3 into the brain, the blood flow increases and the symptoms decrease…vitamin b3 alone, can cause the person to behave completely normally. just vitamin b3 alone, that’s it. This has been well figured out.


Other forms of niacin like nicotinamide, niacinamide and non-flushing types (timed-released) do not provide the benefits that “true” niacin does. Niacin is crucial to energy transfer reactions, particularly the metabolism of glucose and fat.


An important characteristic of “true” niacin is that it causes a flush, which means it is opening up (dilating) all blood vessels throughout the body, including the smallest blood vessels, called capillaries, so more blood flows through them.


Other forms of niacin, such as nicotinamide, niacinamide and non-flushing types (timed-released) do not provide the benefits that “true” niacin does and do not cause dilation of the blood vessels like “true” niacin (B3) does. The other forms of niacin are not nearly as effective as the true niacin.


Niacin can be extremely helpful in getting off anti-depressants & quitting smoking and drugs.


It is a type of nicotin…chemically very close…they do a similar role in that they dilate cells and increase bloodflow…


cigarettes become addicting because, due to stress (psychological) and poor nutrition (lack of vitamins and amino acids) vitamin B3 becomes deficient. Vitamin B3 or niacin is very closely related to niacinamide, nicotinamide, and nicotine. Nicotine from tobacco has the ability to “substitute” for Vitamin B3 in our metabolism. When we get Vitamin B3 back into our diet, this helps alleviate the desire for tobacco. The highest natural source of Vitamin B3 is the peanuts.  With the simple addition of one food like the Amazonian Jungle Peanut or with supplementing with Vitamin B3, relief can be felt from cigarette withdrawals.


It’s a really powerful vitamin and a dilator…even a small dose can cause a strong flushing reaction (that may be confused as an allergic reaction).


Vitamin b6, b9 and b12 are also essential but niacin appears to be the most powerful and therapeutic with the most noticeable results.


Niacin plays a role in over 200 enzyme systems that release energy from carbohydrates and fats, metabolize proteins, make certain hormones, and assist in the formation of red blood cells, and perform many other functions.


Niacin is a vitamin, not a drug. It is a nutrient that everyone needs each day. Different people in different circumstances require different amounts of niacin. Says Dr. Hoffer: “A person’s “upper limit is that amount which causes nausea, and, if not reduced, vomiting. The dose should never be allowed to remain at this upper limit.


The usual dose range is 3,000 to 9,000 milligrams daily divided into three doses, but occasionally some people may need more.

In 1952, Abram Hoffer, PhD, MD, had just completed his psychiatry residency. What’s more, he had proven, with the very first double-blind, placebo-controlled studies in the history of psychiatry, that vitamin B-3 could cure schizophrenia.

Dr. Hoffer consistently said otherwise. His central point has been this: Illness, including mental illness, is not caused by drug deficiency. But much illness, especially mental illness, may be seen to be caused by a vitamin dependency. This makes sense, and has stood up to clinical trial again and again.

A story from Dr. Hoffer’s book: “Here is an example of how niacin can really help: One patient, a bona fide, properly-diagnosed, utterly-incurable, State-hospitalized schizophrenic patient, would not see niacin work in the hospital, of course. No, the patient was a fellow whose parents were desperate enough try anything, even nutrition. Perhaps this was because their son was so unmanageably violent that he was kicked out of the asylum and sent to live with them. On a good day, his Mom and Dad somehow got him to take 3,000 milligrams of niacin and 10,000 mg of vitamin C. Formally a hyperactive insomniac, he responded by sleeping for 18 hours the first night and becoming surprisingly normal within days. It was an astounding improvement.  “


Dr. Hoffer treated thousands and thousands of such patients for over half a century. He saw medical fads come and go. What he focused on is what he’s always seen: very sick people get well on vitamin B-3.



Yet another feature of niacin is that it dilates blood vessels and creates a sensation of warmth, called a “niacin flush.”  This is often accompanied with a blushing of the skin. It is this “flush” or sensation of heat that so many people are confused about. With larger initial doses, the flush is more pronounced and lasts longer, but with each additional dose, the intensity of the flush decreases and becomes a minor nuisance rather than an irritant.


Niacin can be, of course, obtained from food. One of the highest foods in niacin is peanuts. However, for most people who have had a lifelong deficiency in niacin along with unhealthy lifestyles and living in toxic environments, supplementing with niacin, even for a short period of time or infrequently, is crucial, and can be truly life-changing.


“Most people flush at the beginning and gradually get adapted to it unless they stop for a few days and then resume it. But the intensity of the flush is very variable.


In his book, Niacin: The Real Story, Dr. Hoffer goes deeper into his research and experience with niacin and how he was able to use it to heal many people and transform their health.


I recommend staying on niacin for at least a month, and then going off of it for a two weeks, and then starting to take it again. Once you do that you’ll appreciate the power of niacin and you’ll also have a better understanding of how it’s effecting you. A month will be enough time for you to get used to it, and two weeks will be enough time for you that once you take it again you notice how much of a difference it can make.


When writing this book, I had a serious “writer’s block” where I couldn’t even sit down to write a single word or do anything that had to do with this book. During that time I was traveling and had been out of niacin for a few days. A couple of days later, a friend of mine gave me two niacin capsules and I immediately blended them with an elixir and drank that right away, and went to sleep. I woke up the next day completely energized and was amazed by how quickly and passionately I went back to work. That’s when I knew how powerful and indispensable niacin is.   (This would tie in well with my story on how I was diagnosed with an underactive/slow brain and how niacin was one thing that dramatically and seriously helped me.)


You start with small doses: 250 mg, work your way up to 350mg, 450mg, eventually to 1000mg and even higher doses than that…there are reports of people with extreme chemical depression and bipolar disorder, taking, with benefit, as much as 30,000 mg of vitamin b3 in a single day…


You can take niacin in the beginning of the day along with your other supplements and herbs. Niacin potentiates the effects of other herbs and supplements and so it is a good idea to take your best herbs and supplements either with niacin or during the flush, shortly after taking the niacin.


You can either take the capsules by swallowing it or opening it straight into your mouth, or opening the capsule and blending it with an elixir. You can take it in divided doses throughout the day or take it once in the beginning of the day. Find what works for you. I personally usually take niacin first thing in the day, wait for a few minutes until the niacin flush starts and all my capillaries are dilated, then take my best herbs like wild ginseng at the peak of the flush and I found that anything I take has a much stronger effect when taken that way, so it maybe something worth experimenting with for you.

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