• Noni is one of the traditional folk medicinal plants that has been used for over 2000 years in Polynesia[2]. It has been reported to have a broad range of therapeutic and nutritional value
  • Noni is the common name for Morinda citrifolia, a tropical tree native to Polynesia, especially to Tahiti and Hawaii.
  • Studies have suggested an exciting finding: that noni increases the efficacy of the immune system by stimulating white blood cells via the power of long-​chain sugars (polysaccharides). Polysaccharide compounds (such as 6-D-​glucopyranose penta-​acetate) found in the fruit are generally believed to increase the overall killing power of white blood cells.
  • An edible and medicinal tropic plant — Morinda citrifoliaL (Noni) The ancestors of Polynesians are believed to have brought many plants with them, as food and medicine, when they migrated from Southeast Asia 2000 years ago[4]. Of the 12 most common medicinal plants they brought, Noni was the second most popular plant used in herbal remedies to treat various common diseases and to maintain overall good health [5]
  • The roots, stems, bark, leaves, flowers, and fruits of the Noni plant are all involved in various combinations in almost 40 known and recorded herbal remedies[7]
  • Morinda citrifoliafruit has a long history of use as a food in tropical regions throughout the world. Written documentation of the consumption of this fruit as a food source precedes the twentieth century. Captain James Cook of the British Navy noted in the late 1700’s that the fruit was eaten in Tahiti[9]. An 1866 publication in London explained that Morinda citrifoliafruit was consumed as a food in the Fiji Islands[10]. Later publications describe the use of this fruit as a food throughout the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, Australia, and India.
  • The medicinal history and accumulated scientific studies, to date, have revealed and confirmed the Polynesian’s claim of the health benefits of Noni. The medical knowledge and pharmacopoeia of the Polynesians is now believed to have been fairly complex and modern scientific and medical communities are beginning to study the plants compiled from this knowledge base.
  • The mature Noni fruit has a particularly foul and unpleasant taste and odor[15] that is best if masked by mixing it with other superfoods and herbs and a sweetener like stevia.
  • Isabel Abbott, a former botanical chemist at the University of Hawaii, stated that, “People are crazy about this plant. They use it for diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and many other illnesses”[18]
  • Joseph Betz, a research chemist in the FDA’s Division of Natural Products, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, stated that “Morinda citrifolia has been tested for a number of biological activities in animal and anti-microbial studies.” He reports that the dried fruit has smooth muscle stimulatory activity and histaminergic effects[20].
  • is able to enhance the therapeutic effect of anticancer drugs such as Taxol. This finding may be significant for the combination of anticancer drugs with noni. It may allow one to decrease the dose of synthetic anticancer drugs, increase the tolerance of patients to the toxicity of anticancer drugs, and increase immune function. This creates a new method in treating cancer patients.
  • Analgesic activity Joseph Betz reported that the Noni fruit possesses analgesic and tranquilizing activites[20].
  • The analgesic efficacy of the Noni extract has been found to be 75 % as strong as morphine, yet non-addictive and side effect free[55].
  • Noni has a similar effect on the thymus gland to that of colostrum. Wang and coworker in University of Illinois College of Medicine observed that the thymus in animals treated with noni was enlarged. The wet weight of the thymus was 1.7 times that of control animals at the seventh day after drinking 10 % noni in drinking water. The thymus is an important immune organ in the body, which generates T cells, involved in the aging process and cellular immune functions. noni may enhance immune function by stimulating thymus growth, and thus affecting anti-aging and anticancer activities, and protecting people from other degenerative disease.
  • No upper limit for safe consumption has yet been determined from these studies. The data indicates that noni may be safely consumed in large amounts, assuming it’s from a clean quality source
  • Noni has been safely consumed in other parts of the world for several hundred years[6-7,10,66-74]. noni is demonstrated to be safe for human consumption through extensive chemical, microbiological, and toxicological analysis and evaluation.
  • Neil Solomon, formerly Maryland’s first Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene, finished a statistical clinical survey that offers a fairly accurate picture of Noni’s medicinal benefits. He has written books on Noni juice and visited more than 50 doctors and health professionals whose patients previously used or are using Noni to treat different conditions. After reviewing the results of the more than 10 000 Noni juice users, he determined that Noni possesses a variety of efficacious medical properties that modern medicine should not ignore. Sixty-seven percent of 847 people with cancer experienced significant lessening of their symptoms. Ninety-one percent of patients who used Noni juice noticed an increase in energy levels. Seventy-two percent of overweight patient lost weight. Eighty-seven percent of those drinking Noni juice for high blood pressure experienced a significant drop in blood pressure. Nearly ninety percent of those with chronic pain experienced a significant decrease in pain. Eighty percent of arthritis sufferers reported a lessening of arthritic symptoms. Eighty percent of the people with heart disease experienced a decrease of their symptoms. Eighty-three percent of patients with Type 1 and 2 diabetes experienced a noticeable change in their condition. Eighty-nine percent of the people experienced improved digestion. Eight-five percent of people with allergies experienced a decrease in their symptoms. Seventy-seven percent of people with depression experienced lessening of symptoms. Side effects among all participants were minimal or nonexistent. He summarized the data and wrote several phamplets and books explaining his findings[75-79].
  • Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US. According to the American Cancer Society, 1500 people per day die from cancer in the United States. Fighting against cancer is a great task for the scientists engaged in this field. The etiology of most cases of human cancer remains unknown[82]. Environmental carcinogen exposure accounts for more than 90 % of human cancer[83]. Cigarette smoke is the number one high-risk environmental factor[84]. Although some cancers are preventable, a means to prevent most cancers is not yet known. Seeking a natural way to prevent human cancer is an urgent task for cancer prevention investigators.
  • The studies of food, diet, and cancer indicate that lifestyle changes include eating more fruits and vegetables, and quitting smoking will benefit cancer prevention. “A new plate” for America (75 % vegetables, 25 % meat) appeared at the 2001 annual conference of the American Institute for Cancer Research[85].
  • Cigarette smoking has been implicated in the pathogenesis of emphysema, ischemic heart diseases, and cancer[108-110]. A series of authoritative reports by the U.S. Public Health Service and other international scientific organizations has conclusively documented a causal relationship between cigarette smoking and cancer in men and women[111]. There are 48 known chemical carcinogens among the 4000 compounds detected in cigarettes. Most recently, it was reported that 227 possible carcinogens exist in cigarettes. It was estimated that some 1×1017 (that’s a million with eleven additional zeros in front of it, but fuck it, the social acceptance and the coolness of smoking is worth it! Plus it’s hard to quit) oxidant molecules are present in each puff of cigarette smoke[112]. Free radicals are known to cause oxidative damage and consequent lipid peroxidation, which are involved in the pathogenesis of human diseases.
  • In a study done on current smokers, taking two ounces of noni daily was shown to have a protective effect from oxidative damage induced by tobacco smoke.
  • Consuming noni and noni juice is beneficial for the prevention of heart, lung, and brain diseases, as well as delaying the aging processing, and maintaining overall good health.

The Noni plant like many other herbs and foods in The Superman Diet acts as a Yin/Yang regulator from micro-Yin and Yang to macro-Yin and Yang to benefit many different health problems, sometimes benefiting two opposite health conditions such as diarrhea and constipation. Due to the limited scientific data, the Yin/Yang theory may be the best way to explain the beneficial effects of the Noni plant through the regulation of balance between Yin and Yang. That is why one simple plant can do so many things in so many different ways. Based upon TCM, the Noni plant is able to tonify Qi, clear heat and toxins, and invigorate the blood. The properties of this plant are sweet, stinky, and neutral. Noni enters the lung, spleen, liver, and kidney meridians. Therefore Noni is beneficial for many different health conditions.

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