• Placenta is an embryonic tissue formed during pregnancy from the cells of the fetus. The unique biological compounds in placenta ensure that the fetus is supplied with the necessary nutrients and oxygen needed for successful growth.
  • Chinese anti-aging and restorative formulations have often relied upon deer and goat placenta as a primary ingredient in formulations designed to rejuvenate the body.
  • Because of its original role of nurturing new life, placenta is considered to be one of the most profound substances for replenishing Jing.
  • IGF-1 is a natural constituent of deer placenta, where it is found in high levels
  • In Chinese Medicine, It is the dominant ingredient in many of the greatest “restorative” formulations, where quick and powerful replenishment is required.
  • Deer and goat placenta are believed to be the closest placentas to that of human placenta
  • Because of its role in nurturing new life, Placenta is considered to be the most profound substance for replenishing Jing. It restores and helps maintain Yin and Yang Jing and blood on an ongoing basis. Placenta is also considered to be a major Qi tonic. It is the dominant ingredient in some of the greatest classical “restorative” formulations, where quick and powerful replenishment is required. Dragon Herbs is currently using Deer Placenta that is prepared by a high-technology nutraceutical factory in New Zealand from certified clean healthy Deer.


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