“Original Quinton seems to correct the way in which our genes are being expressed at a fundamental level.”


“The famous French scientist, explorer, entrepreneur, inventor, national war hero, René Quinton, proved to the world in 1897 that seawater extracted from certain parts of the ocean may just answer the question about what is evolving life on our planet today. René Quinton saw these hurricane-like swirls of life in the oceans. He theorized that this unique part of the ocean was like the amniotic fluid of the sea. His theory was that all life either began or evolved in this fluid.


To demonstrate his theory, he conducted an experiment in front of hundreds of medical doctors, where he drained the blood out of a stray dog and replaced it with his isotonic marine plasma. Not only did the dog survive, it thrived. This experiment is known to have been independently repeated more than five times throughout the 20th century, each time confirming the same results: marine plasma is a precursor to red and white blood cells.


Before life began, the ocean was filled with a “soup” of elements from the Periodic Table. As time progressed, these elements mixed with organic (non-living) molecules from the undersea vents. This enriched “soup” was then organized and enlivened by an energy (e.g. sunlight, cosmic rays, a meteor, lightning, etc.), which gave rise to life.


Quinton asserted that our blood must be a kind of internal ocean. Indeed, Quinton demonstrated that this special seawater could be used effectively as a blood plasma replacement. He called his special seawater, Plasma de Quinton (“Quinton’s Plasma”), now simply referred to as Original Quinton® by Quinton Laboratories in Spain.


Marine plasma is the viscous fluid produced by zooplankton as they eat phytoplankton produced inside these vortex plankton blooms. René Quinton never fully knew why the fluid he extracted from these zones was so special. He just observed species of marine life traveling from thousands of miles away to reproduce and feed in this special seawater. He knew that these life forms depended on the nutrition somehow uniquely contained in the center of this bloom.


Quinton’s profound discovery forever transformed emergency medicine, pediatrics, and perinatal medicine around the world. In the early 1900s, Original Quinton’s safety and efficacy was documented in hundreds of thousands of cases.


The efficacy of Original Quinton is due to its abundant, biologically accurate information. Dissolved and recorded within the sea, there is a record of everything that has ever lived on our planet. There are genes from all living species that are living now and that have ever lived on our planet in seawater. In Original Quinton you are getting a complete record of living history; it is teaching your cells adaptive biochemistry.



RENE QUINTON (1866–1925) If you pour seawater into a bowl and insert two electrodes randomly anwhere in the water, the seawater will conduct enough electricity to light up a light bulb. Similarly, your “internal sea” (your blood, lymph, and other fluids) has the ability to transmit electrical “information” (messages) between cells.


After all, seawater is the “original blood” of sea life.


Human blood plasma and the fluid that nourishes our cells is nearly identical to Original Quinton Isotonic. The body attempts to maintain this “terrain” at all costs, pulling minerals from the bones and tissues if necessary.


The author of Brighton Baby considers Quinton to be the ideal perinatal and pregnancy supplement. “Supplementation with Original Quinton is one of the best preconception tonics. The ideal perinatal and pregnancy supplement, Original Quinton®, informs our genes “


“The future of nutrition is found in the ocean. The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope.” JACQUES COUSTEAU, OCEAN RESEARCHER/MARINE CONSERVATIONIST


To demonstrate the elegant simplicity of marine plasma, René Quinton built his legacy taking on impossible reproductive challenges. Under the direction of Dr. Jean Jarricot, women would come to the Quinton clinic with a history of multiple failed pregnancies or a history of severe birth defects, including under-developed infants that died in early childhood (called “athrepsia” or “failure to thrive”). Dr. Jarricot would give marine plasma to these women before and during their next pregnancy. In almost every documented case, the next child would be born healthy. He documented hundreds of these pregnancy cases, following the children sometimes into early adulthood. Why is it so effective? Original Quinton seems to correct the way in which our genes are being expressed at a fundamental level.


After all, everything you see in nature – including the complex intelligence stored in your genes – is nothing more than an intelligently organized bundle of elements from the Periodic Table. It is increasingly recognized that genetic transcription depends heavily on the presence of trace elements. Marine plasma contains all of the naturally occurring elements on the Periodic Table.


How marine plasma informs our genes is not something that science fully understands. And yet, the clinical case studies tell us all we need to know – that Quinton’s marine plasma is communicating something powerful to our genes. It seems to be making corrections in our genetic expression – corrections that may shift our biological destiny.


Our cells understand Original Quinton, they learned its “language” when the first cellular blueprint was set. The same cannot be said for many of the processed foods, drugs, and inorganic dietary supplements that we consume today on a regular basis that contain structurally damaged and even synthetic ingredients. Like a key that no longer fits the lock, whatever our receptor sites fail to recognize, our immune system rejects, thereby triggering an inflammatory response – a phenomenon that may contribute to chronic degenerative illnesses and infertility. Conversely, Original Quinton has free and complete access to the human cell, which has all the necessary receptors to receive it completely, as it has since the beginning of life on our delicate planet. Original Quinton is always genetically informing and updating our capacity to adapt to immunogenic challenges. And opportunistic bacteria, viruses, and other infections are not given the opportunity to dominate our internal environment when our internal fluids are balanced and teeming with symbiotic



When we saturate our bodies with the fluids and nutrients our cells were built around, we return to health.


Quinton’s is safe, effective, and backed by 110 years of clinical use.


even the best supplements and drugs out there have safety restrictions on how much you can take. But Original Quinton in its isotonic form is completely safe at almost any dosage. Clinically, Original Quinton has been used safely to promote normal growth and development in children, reduce the likelihood of birth defects, nourish the blood and the immune system, tonify the liver, and increase hydration.


We are dealing here with commonplace facts, facts that have stood the test of time.


According to research conducted by Dr. José Miguel Sempere at Alicante University, Spain, Original Quinton does not raise blood pressure.24 One serving of Original Quinton Hypertonic (10 ml) has the same amount of sodium as an apple.



Trace minerals are radically overlooked in traditional medicine and agriculture. As far back as the 1930s, leading scientists predicted that human disease epidemics would literally be invented from these deficiencies. It turns out they may be right. Fortunately, by takng Original Quinton, you are able to get all of the trace minerals your body needs at a ratio and concentration that your cells


In Barcelona, Spain, Dr. Miguel Pros uses Original Quinton with his patients. He maintains one of the most advanced respiratory clinics in the world. At his clinic, Dr. Pro has successfully been treating sinusitis, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, and bronchitis using Original Quinton for the last 25 years.


The primary “fuel” used by your adrenal glands is sodium


Three of the most basic medicinal substances are found in seawater. Magnesium chloride, iodine and bicarbonate are concentrated medicines used in emergency rooms are all sea-sourced medical miracles. Emergency rooms and intensive care wards would be lost without these medicines. These are non-pharmaceutical, non-toxic, concentrated nutritional medicines.


Seawater contains every mineral and trace mineral known in organic form and in the proper ratios needed by human tissues. The seawater offered by Quinton Plasma is a magnificent example of a perfect medicine because it provides not only every mineral imaginable but also has the unique properties found in the origins of life.


European doctors have used Quinton Plasma during pregnancy and have seen that treated women brought into the world infants better developed than normal, devoid of congenital defects even though their case histories indicated grave hereditary challenges.


During World War II, Navy Doctors would use Quinton Marine Plasma for blood transfusions when blood supplies ran out and many lives were saved.


The United states Navy sustained much of Dr. Quinton’s work when they turned to seawater during the second world war and used it instead of blood plasma to save their sailors’ lives when medical supplies ran out. Life on this planet was born in seawater and we find that we humans still carry around the properties of the sea in our blood, which maintains many of seawater’s inherent properties. In 1904, Quinton published his treatise, Seawater, Organic Matrix. This book demonstrated that human blood plasma and extra-cellular fluids were virtually identical in mineral salt makeup to isotonic marine plasma. Everything in the human body responds to the condition of our extra-cellular fluid – the “sea aquarium” or “marine terrain” as Quinton referred to it.


When we restore the quality of this internal sea aquarium to its original marine inheritance, every cell, organ, and tissue begins to respond and function as it was intended. Quinton is the father of the medical use of seawater with over a hundred years of research and clinical experience standing in testimony to this most basic of all medicines. Quinton used diluted seawater concentrations for treating children and for use in transfusions instead of whole-blood plasma. One hundred years later we find that many doctors in the world are using Quinton Plasma in their clinical practices.


The dynamic equilibrium that takes place with liquid ionic minerals and trace minerals in healthy blood plasma and lymphatic and cellular fluids is the same found in seawater. The molecular mystery of cell life and human blood plasma is mirrored in the mineral composition of seawater.  French scientist Dr. Alexis Carrel kept a chicken heart alive for over 27 years by keeping the pulsating heart in a solution of isotonic seawater. The soluble mierals in seawater:


  • Act as ionized conductors of the body’s electirical current, which is necessary for all bodily functions.
  • Act as catalysts and activators of other nutrients including vitamins
  • Are the building blocks of enzymes, hormones, and other natural body chemicals used by the body to perform specific functions.
  • Have an equalizing and balancing effect; body fluids, fluid pressures, and pH levels are balanced by minerals.
  • Are essential in digestion and absorption of nutrients by our body.


The future of medicine is found in the elements of the sea, which can be broken down and concentrated as in the case of magnesium, bicarbonate, and iodine. These concentrated medicines are fast-acting and that is why we find them in emergency rooms and intensive care wards.  Whole seawater like the Quinton Plasma is slower acting but provides even deeper healing as it renews the fluids both inside and outside the cells. Seawater resets the basic parameters of life allowing rejuvenation and health to occur.


The ideal perinatal and pregnancy supplement, Original Quinton®, informs our genes


Supplementation with Original Quinton is one of the best preconception tonics


Quinton has been a well-kept secret in Europe, where it was used for over a century.


By 1907 Quinton has established 69 Marine Dispensaries and the product was already saving countless lives throughout the deadly pandemics of the early 20th centure (tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera, syphilis, influenza, etc.).


Many doctors and health experts have never heard of this product. No or very few libraries have editions of Rene Quinton’s work, and no learning institutions teach it.


It contains 92 elements of the periodic table (all primary and trace minerals)


It is possible to replace the entire blood volume of an animal with QMP withot any disorders for the organism.


QMP is so cheap and costs around $1.47 a vial.

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