Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum, Ling Zhi) :



Reishi is the most powerful herb on earth. Out of all the foods and herbs in this book, reishi has been the most life-changing herb for me and has the most research supporting it. If you were to stop reading this book right now and leave with only one thing, it would be to take reishi everyday.



Reishi is by far the most precious shen herb on the planet. I regard this herb’s effect upon my life as the single most important thing that has ever happened to me, and I literally evaluate my life as pre– and post–reishi. The most revered herb in all Taoist Chinese medicine, it has a long history of use by Taoist monks and wise men/women throughout the ages for its superior shen opening capabilities.


The herb is thought to open and clear the crown chakra (the energy center located at the very top of the skull), and to clear karmic obstacles and old psychic baggage.
Still, it is reishi’s spirit opening powers that are the herb’s main benefit. Here’s how I believe it works: When we consume the herb it begins quickly to strengthen and fortify our general immunity. When one’s immunity to pathogenic/environmental factors is enhanced, one begins to feel safer. The more we take herbs like reishi, the more we feel we have built a “wall of safety” around ourselves. Reishi has been shown to activate cytokines, agents that aid the body in increasing large white blood cells governed by our immune systems, which represent our first line of defense against microbial and carcinogenic invaders. Those big macrophages (giant white blood cells) are in there chewing up the bad guys, and our subconscious neurotransmitters are aware of this. We feel we can take on more in life and gain confidence that we are less susceptible to being knocked down by limiting and harmful factors. By taking herbs like reishi, we empower ourselves. When this empowerment starts to unfold, we let down some of the guards we’ve built up, easing fear-related stress. This winds up taking a big load of pressure off our adrenals, which sit right on top of the kidneys.

Luckily for us, the adrenals—once relieved of stress– and fear–related burdens—can actually replenish rather quickly. When the adrenals recuperate, the healthy energy resonates right down to the kidneys; our life force begins to get stronger, replenishing jing. Our light gets brighter.

Also, in ways that have not been determined, reishi seems to have a direct effect on the crown chakra, helping clear psychic obstructions. While many mushrooms have psychotropic effects on the brain, reishi does not alter perception. Its effects on neurotransmitters like dopamine, melatonin and DHEA may be enhanced—as any action or substance that promotes calm in the brain. The herb certainly somehow benefits the higher frequencies of mental perception. When our light gets brighter, we may tend to attract more light to us, in the form of people and circumstances. Reishi can be the initiator of benevolent energy that can, and often does, completely change a person’s life for the better.

I have shared reishi with numerous young people who were disaffected from society, lost and imbalanced, and have seen profound changes in them very quickly. I’ve witnessed almost all of them regain their curiosity and sense of wonder about living.


According to Chinese medical documentation, allergies, arthritis, and many inflammatory responses in the body can be improved by the regular use of reishi. Research in Asia also showed it helps prevent leukopenia, or white blood cell death, which is associated with cancer and the use of chemotherapeutic drugs. Reishi is also used successfully in Japan and China as a treatment for cancer and other immune related degenerative diseases.


Recent Western health literature is replete with information on reishi’s broad array of health benefits.72 I would suggest conducting an Internet search on this herb and you’ll find more positive information than you can read.


When searching for reishi, which may be hard to find in your local health food store, make sure that the reishi contained in the bottle is the “fruiting body,” the sexual apparatus of the mushroom, the part we actually associate with mushrooms visually. This part contains over twenty times the concentration of immune potentiators, beta 1–3, 1–6 and 1–9 glucans, than the “mycelium,” which is the unseen part of the mushroom, the white fuzzy fungal part that has grown inside the log or underground and is feeding on the deteriorating wood and oxidizing decaying plant matter in the soil. This mycelium actually comprises the largets bulk of the fungal but has only a fraction of the immune and spirit power of the fruiting body. Many reishi products contain the mycelium. Check the bottle or ask the nutriceutical specialist at your local health food store about mycelium and fruiting body ratios in any reishi product you find. I have seen reishi supplements on store shelved which consisted of nothing but ground up mycelium. Bear in mind that even the mycelium alone has been shown in clinical studies in Japan and China to have positive results in fighting cancer and AIDS, and American mycologist Paul Stamets expresses high regard for the healing and therapeutic benefits of fungal mycelium, but the fruiting body is more concentrated and thus more efficacious.

To test the quality of a reishi supplement, try opening a capsule and stirring it into an ounce or two of hot water. With good quality reishi, the color should be thick dark brown, and should taste like string, bitter black coffee. If the color reminds you of orange pekoe tea, and chunks of sediment are lying on the bottom, then the product is mainly mycelium, and is not as potent. Don’t be afrand of taking a lot of reishi; it is very safe and contains more spiritually uplifting potential in larger doses. Twelve to fifteen capsules a day can help clear the fog quick. But one may want to start out by following the recommended daily amount as printed on the bottle, and working up as it feels appropriate. I put the powdered extract into teas and smoothies.


The ruling elite and philosophers of ancient China highly revered Reishi and it is said illuminaries such as Lao Tzu, Confucius, and many other lesser-known Rulers in Ancient China consumed it daily.



There is now a wealth of impressive data that demonstrates Reishi’s life extending properties1,2  but also its significant ability to stimulate brain neurons,3 search and destroy cancer cells4 and prevent the development of new fat cells in obese individuals.5


Reishi has been found to improve the functioning of the immune system whether the immune system is deficient or excessive. It is an immune “modulator”, that is, it helps to modulate, or regulate the immune system.*

The Chinese have traditionally claimed that Reishi promotes calmness, centeredness, balance, inner awareness and inner strength. They have used it to improve meditative practices and to protect the body, mind and spirit.


It was routinely used by mountain hermits, monks, Taoist adepts and spiritual seekers throughout Asia because it was believed to help calm the mind, ease tension, strengthen the nerves, strengthen memory, sharpen concentration, improve focus, build will power and, as a result, help build wisdom. That is why it was called the “Mushroom of Spiritual Potency” by these seekers.
There is now a wealth of impressive data that demonstrates Reishi’s life extending properties1,2  but also its significant ability to stimulate brain neurons,3 search and destroy cancer cells4 and prevent the development of new fat cells in obese individuals.5



Reishi extracts were found to stimulate the production of nerve growth factor, which in turn supports the rapid development of healthy neurons and enhances their mitochondrial function.3


Look for a reishi product that is made of or includes wild red or purple reishi or duanwood reishi. All other reishi products on the market are not nearly as potent. Wild reishi has more of a Shen effect and is therefore more suited for spiritual growth and anti-stress, while duanwood reishi is better for the immune system (more immunological).


Reishi is officially listed as a substance for treating cancer by the Japanese Government; long-term treatment of cancer with Reishi has success.


Ganoderma was first described more than 2400 hundred years ago during the Shu Dynasty. The first detailed description was written in Shen Nong’s Herbal, attributed to the legendary herbalist-emperor Shen Nong (Han Dynasty, 206 B.C.~ 8 AD).


Shen Nong said of Reishi that “if eaten customarily, it makes your body light and young, lengthens your life and turns you into one like the immortal (a Taoist hermetic adept) who never dies.” *


“increases wisdom, improves memory so that you won’t forget, long-term consumption will lighten your body, you will never become old, it lengthens years, it has spiritual power, and it develops Shen so that you become a “spirit-being” like the immortals.””


Skeptics can doubt the previous explanation as Taoist “mumbo jumbo,” but laboratory research proves many of reishi’s medicinal applications. As Dr. Andrew Weil writes, reishi “has been the subject of a surprising amount of scientific research in Asia and the West.” Research shows that the polysaccharide beta-1,3-D-glucan in reishi boosts the immune system by raising the amount of macrophages T-cells, which has major implications for people suffering from AIDS and other immune system disorders.

This immune-boosting action also works wonders in the prevention and treatment of cancer, as the T-cells are then able to fight cancer cells more effectively.  As a result of these amazing anti-cancer abilities, laboratory research and traditional medicinal usage of reishi to fight cancer is so positive that the Japanese government officially recognizes it as a cancer treatment.
It treats immune disorders including AIDS as it raises the T cell levels (an index of AIDS and immune disorders).
The only thing about reishi is that it needs to be taken in large doses sometimes in order for you to feel its effect. If taken at a large enough dose, you will feel the powerful effect of reishi almost instantly.


Water and alcohol extracts of reishi contain different active substances.



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