Reishi Spore Oil:


Reishi Spore Oil is the pure essence of Reishi spores, the most bioactive Reishi material. The essential nutrients of Reishi are contained in its spore.


Reishi Spore Oil is extracted directly from cracked-shell Reishispores. Reishi Spore Oil is the concentrated essence of some water-soluble constituents and the all the lipid-soluble substances, contained in Reishi spores, including all triterpenes and nucleosides. It is easily absorbed by our body. Reishi Spore Oil is VERY concentrated. 1000 kg dried Reishi fruiting bodies (mushrooms) produces approximately just 1 kg of spores; and it takes over 1000 kg of spores to produce only a few kilograms of spore oil. Cracked-shell Reishi spores can be up to 70 times more therapeutic than the whole original Reishi of the same weight.


Spores are what the reishi releases when it becomes a mature mushroom.  In essence, they’re its essence.  They come in powder form.  Reishi spore oil is the oil that is extracted from the spore powder and is a transparent amber color.


it is extremely concentrated.  It is basically the essential oil, not even of the mushroom itself, but of the spores, where essential nutrients of reishi mushroom can be found.

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