It is necessary that we are maintaining constant bowel movements so that we are constantly getting all the toxins out of our bodies through our feces.

Therefore, one of the most effective and efficient strategies I found to cleanse the intestines is to use sea salt and water. This is a very counterintuitive strategy yet is extremely powerful and will cleanse your intestines faster than anything else. This technique is the closest thing I found to a “magic pill” and its results have been nothing less than dramatic. The effect of this is similar to doing a colonic or an enema, but are much more profound.

Here’s an email I received from someone I worked with who did the salt water flush:



Here is how to do it: mix one to two full tablespoon of sea salt with one to two liters of pure spring water, and drink all of that (or as much as you can) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This will be very difficult the first time you do it, and many people don’t get it right the first time. Different people will need different amounts of salt, which is why I am not very specific with the amounts. Some people will feel an urge to go to the bathroom after the first sip and will only need half a tablespoon of salt, and others will need up to 2 full tablespoons and will take a lot longer until they feel the urge to go to the bathroom.

Most people, within two to three hours max, should have an urge to go to the bathroom and have an abnormally large bowel movement. If you don’t at all, it most likely means that you did not add enough salt. You can try adding more salt to the water until you find the right amount that induces a bowel movement. You can also drink a lot of water by itself after drinking the salt water to assist the process. You can gradually work your way up to 2-2.5 tablespoons of sea salt, and to 2 liters to a gallon of spring water.

The way I do it is I’ll have two bottles, one that contains a mixture of water and salt (you can use a funnel to put the salt in,) and another one that contains only water. I’ll drink a few sips from the salt water, then I’ll drink water by itself to chase down the salty water. I’ll keep doing that, slowly over a period of 5 to 15 minutes, until I feel like things really started moving and I don’t need to drink any more.

Unless you have done serious cleansing in the past, it is most likely that the stuff that will come out of you will frighten you. Many of my coaching clients report to me seeing hardened, black, green, and yellow stool with an unpleasantly nauseating smell. This is usually old fecal matter that has been stuck in your colon for a very long time, and once you get all of that out of you, everything else will be easier, and detoxification will be much easier.

DO NOT attempt to do this with conventional table salt. And please don’t do it with tap water. It is best to do this cleanse with pure unrefined sea salt, and preferably with spring water from a glass bottle.

If you do this, you will probably mess the bathroom up, and the smell will fill-up your whole house (I’m not exaggerating.) So, you want to make sure you do it on your day off, when nobody’s around, and definitely do not do it in someone else’s bathroom, especially if it’s someone you’re attracted to or you’re in a relationship with. I’ve managed to put myself in so many embarrassing situations in the past, and I don’t want you to do the same.


I’ve been asked about what kind of sea salt I like to use. You can use any sea salt, as long as it is pure, unrefined, and not table salt/iodized, and it will work well. However, if you’re really curious, the absolute best, most badass salt in the world, is Icelandic Sea Salt, which I consider to be the Playboy of Sea Salt. You can learn more about it here and here and you can order it from here.

Icelandic salt


Other sea salts I like to use are the black Hawaiian sea salt, the Makai sea salt, and the flower of the ocean. Or you can just go for the more “normal” $5 sea salt found here. All of them are great.

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  1. I read your entire blog and I must say thank you genuinely from the bottom of my heart I’m extremely excited it makes so much sense and I will keep you updated to what happens thank you!

  2. I’m really glad to find this. I used Lower Bowel Balance this summer. Glad that there is a similar solution with such simple ingredients. Thank you so much. Not sure how you know this one. I bought Real Salt recently, thinking that it is the best salt. Now I see that sea salt is good too. Will be trying this method often. Thanks.

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