• Shilajit means “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness.”
  • Shilajit has been used historically for general physical strengthening, anti-aging, blood sugar stabilization, libido, injury healing, enhanced brain functioning potency, support immune system, and obesity


  • The applications historically advocated in the ancient Ayurvedic texts, have all been validated by recent research into the chemistry and biological actions of this ancient panacea.




Reversing Mitochondrial Damage


  • Progressive loss of function in the mitochondria—the cellular generators responsible for nearly all the body’s energy output—speeds aging and death.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunctionhas been linked to an array of degenerative illnesses, ranging from diabetes and neurological disorders to heart failure.1,2
  • In 2007, a group of researchers reported that in its initial stages, mitochondrial dysfunction is reversible,enabling the life and health of cells to be prolonged at the molecular level. The key lies in early interventions to ensure optimal mitochondrial function before irreversible DNA damage occurs.
  • Mitochondria are responsible for converting energy from the food you ingest into usable “currency.” Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are broken down inside your cells into components that enter the cellular powerhouses known as mitochondria. Throughout this cellular journey, these “macronutrients” undergo a complex series of biochemical transformations that generate adenosine triphosphate(ATP), the molecular energy currency behind all biological functions.
  • The mitochondria gradually deteriorate as we age, leading to a decrease in vital ATP production.
  • This eventually contributes to the onset of degenerative disease.
  • mitochondrial decay and dysfunction are reversible.
  • A handful of mitochondrial-energizing nutrients have been shown to offer powerful protection from mitochondrial damage and dysfunction.
  • shilajit acts as a powerful adaptogen,providing defense against stress and illness.
  • In 2009, a series of landmark studies detailed for the first time how shilajit works on energy metabolism.
  • Mice subjected to strenuous exercise underwent expected ATP declines in muscle, blood, and brain tissue. When supplemented with shilajit, ATP loss was sharply reduced.68 Other biochemical markers of energy status also dramatically improved in the supplemented animals—including levels of CoQ10, which fell twice as fast in control mice as in supplemented animals. When given in combination, CoQ10 and shilajit displayed a powerful synergistic effect. Energy parameters such as CoQ10 levels increased significantly more than with either supplement alone.
  • Further analysis brought some of its key mechanisms of action to light. Shilajitcontains two primary components, fulvic acid and DBPs (dibenzo-a-pyrones).
  • Fulvic acidindependently stimulates mitochondrial energy metabolism and protects mitochondrial membranes from oxidative damage.


  • Dramatic improvement in exercise performance.76 In an as-yet unpublished study, people who took shilajit 200 mgonce daily for 15 days registered 14% higher post-exercise ATP levels in the blood—equivalent to levels in people who hadn’t exercised at all. The average number of steps they took on a standardized dynamic exercise test rose significantly, and their mean fitness scores increased by 15%—without any intervening exercise training.
  • Preliminary unpublished studies showed that shilajit (250 mgtwice daily for 90 days) lowered fasting blood sugar and systemic inflammation, while increasing hemoglobin levels and platelet counts.77,78
  • Shilajit augmentedlearning acquisition and memory retrieval in laboratory rats while reducing manifestations of anxiety during maze experiments.70
  • Shilajit reduced levels of the enzyme acetylcholinesterasethat destroys the vital neurotransmitter  This effect may help to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s disease by maintaining levels of the neurotransmitter.70
  • Shilajit increased levels of the neurotransmitter dopaminein rat brains, making it an attractive candidate for treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.70
  • In pre-clinical studies, shilajit produced significant increases in the endogenous antioxidants superoxide dismutase(SOD), catalase, and glutathione peroxidase in brain tissue. Increased levels of these enzymes protect vulnerable brain cells against the oxidative damage that leads to brain aging and cognitive decline.70


  • shilajitacts in synergy with ubiquinol, further enhancing mitochondrial function.


  • Shilajit is extremely rich in plant-source ‘organic’ minerals. Most assays show that Shilajit, depending on its source, contains between 70 and 85 complexed minerals and trace elements.


Powerful Fertility Herb


  • One intervention in men deemed oligospermic (low sperm count) given 200mg Shilajit daily of 54.8% Fulvic Acid (two divided doses with meals) for 90 days noted improved sperm parameters including volume (37.6%), count (61.4%), motility (12.4-17.4%), percent of sperm with normal morphology (18.9%) coupled with a reduction in lipid peroxidation levels (MDA) in the semen (18.7%).[8]


  • Interactions with Hormones
  • 1. Testosterone
  • One human intervention with 200mg Shilajit (54.8% Fulvic Acid) daily for 90 days in infertile men was associated with an increase in testosterone by 23.5% (4.85ng/mL to 5.99ng/mL) in serum.[8]
  • These are considered dramatic and significant improvements experienced as a result of taking just one herb.
  • 2. Pituitary Hormones
  • 200mg Shilajit daily for 90 days in infertile men is associated with an increase in Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) by 9.8%.[8]


  • Shilajit is traditionally considered to be a strong kidney tonic. From a Chinese perspective, it is a superb Jing tonic, since it increases the primal energy responsible for sexual and spiritual power.
  • One of the main unique benefits of Shilajitis that it amplifies the benefits of other herbs and superfoods by enhancing their bioavailability in the body. 16]
  • Shilajit acts as a delivery system for other herbs and superfoods in mixed formulations, a carrier that binds to herbal constituents and minerals, helping in the transportation of nutrients and delivering them into their targets and into deep tissues, and a catalyst that promotes the activity of minerals and organic constituents.
  • I noticed that the effect that I usually notice from taking raw egg yolks was hugely amplified when mixing them with shilajit in an elixir.
  • Fulvic acid is considered to be one of the most powerful natural electrolytes known to man. Fulvic Acids greatly enhance the bioavailability of trace minerals required by the body to function optimally.
  • The fulvic acids available in Shilajit have the ability to restore electrical balance to damaged cells.
  • When these fulvic acids are present in bodily and cellular fluids, minerals become ionized – in fact, they become part of the fulvic acid itself. Thus they become “colloidal.”
  • Fulvic acid removes deep-seated toxins and heavy metals from the body.


  • In light of Shilajit’stremendous medicinal potential, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it can be a panacea for all human ailments
  • There is a considerable amount of fake Shilajit in the Indian market place, and some of this is exported to other countries, including the United States. The fake Shilajit has a strong smell but no effect. Also, Shilajit that is not properly processed and filtered can contain unwanted substances. Unprocessed Shilajit is commonly distributed outside of India. There are very few companies that produce shilajit products of high quality.

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