in 1966, Professor Kervran gave birth to a new science called ‘biological transmutation’.


He started as a young man, as a young scientist living in Brittany …  he lived in a part of the country that had no limestone, no calcium deposits in the soil there,  and very  high in slate and flint stone and mica …. These are high silica elements ….. and he observed the chickens in the yard and how they pecked incessantly at mica … and he observed how they laid eggs with hard shells … he saw the calcium …. And he observed how his mother cut open the chickens and cut open the gizzard …. But there was just sand left behind from the mica, just the sand from the mica, and the silica aspect was gone ….


He became so obsessed understanding science like ‘how could a chicken lay an egg with solid hard calcium when there was no calcium in it’s diet?”  it just seemed impossible. This spurred life long work for this man and he ended up doing controlled studies later on with chickens …. For it’s entire life since it’s formed never being allowed calcium yet it made [eggs with] hard shells  ….. but when it takes the silica out of it’s diet, the shells are soft, they don’t work, they don’t form solid hard like those with calcium. The inner lining of the shell has a very thin connective tissue film lining, which is made up of a lot of silica ….


The neat thing about Professor Kervran’s work is that he proved that fourteen atoms of silica and six atoms of carbon makes 20 atoms of calcium. He took these chickens and gave them no calcium, and he watched them grow solid hard calcium eggshells. And when he took the silica out of their diet, the eggshells would not even become solid, they were soft: couldn’t form the calcium. So, he’s got the equation down, the science, on how in life the source element silica creates calcium and creates the other nutrients, and creates the most readily useable form of calcium.


most people think of silica as a mineral, like a trace mineral, and up to the 50’s they believed it was just a trace mineral, that we only needed a small amount to support life …. But now, with further research, silica is considered one of the top twelve elements necessary for life.


Silica orchestrates all the other minerals in growth and development. Silica is major for growth and development


silica is an important part of building bone matter. Without it, calcium goes elsewhere to potentially calcify in the soft tissue of inner artery walls and the heart.


silica is the second most abundant element in nature after oxygen. In the human body, we have all this silica when we’re young – all this health, and all this softness and pliability – we have strong bones growing, the bones have strength and flexibility


When we look at the quality of the skin, and the hair, and all the joint connective tissues, it all comes down to the silica.


in new life, we have an abundance of silica. every year that we get older we accumulate more and more calcium and we have less and less silica. Now, as we get older, we start finding, especially with women, if you look at a graph and you see that silica is pretty stable up to ten years of age and then it starts dipping down, and after 40 it’s really starting to go down ….


The older we get, the more we burn out our silica reserves, and now the minerals are not going where they are supposed to go


Now, on a daily basis, we lose ten to forty milligrams of silica a day, just cutting fingernails and hair growing, and just living in general. Silica is in some foods, but it’s somewhat hard to absorb


we have a fair amount of rapid growth and high cell turnover in the teenage years, and then it stabilizes for a certain degree as young adults and by the time we’re forty it’s getting less, and we’re losing elasticity to the skin, it’s getting thinner; the hair quality and the bones are changing; the joints are changing; the way we organize our minerals – especially the main electrolytes like phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, potassium  – usually involved as the underlying element here is silica …..


It’s part of the aging process: we have all this abundance of it when we’re young, and it just goes down and there’s nothing we seem to be able to do about it. It’s just part of nature.  


With time we burn out the reserves of our silica, and then the minerals are not orchestrated, and the calcium [is lost] from the bones and then we gain it everywhere we don’t want it; and we’re aging.


When they look at atherosclerosis – they have done studies – and the arterial tissue in the areas where the atherosclerosis forms is 14 times lower in silica than other parts of arterial tissue that does not have atherosclerosis. The silica is way higher [in the healthy tissue]; it doesn’t allow the calcium to build up and create this problem.


the older people get the less silica they get, and now the calcium is not working properly; it is not going into the bones, and it is building up in places where it is not supposed to be, like in the arteries, and kidney stones, and if you look at a lot of the top degenerative diseases – like tuberculosis is the most popular one – with the most science and research has been proven a connection to a silica deficiency. There has to be a silica deficiency in that part of the body for a period of time before the problem arises.
Now, over time, when our minerals go out of balance, we have more stress, we’re throwing our electrolytes out of balance, and our body’s trying to compensate the PH to maintain health by breaking down the bones to get calcium as fast as it can to put it into the bloodstream. Also, at times when the body is trying to heal an injury when there’s inflammation, it will do the same thing: it will put calcium there because it’s trying to get an alkaline electrolyte to bring balance back. But the real healing that we need is the silica.


with women it’s a good considerable amount lower than it is with men and this correlates with the increased risk for osteoporosis for woman, and I think it’s because women have to use so much silica to help create new life …. for the essence, for the substance, for the change of the new life form of the baby …. that they lose much more silica


If you look at diseases like tuberculosis, and whatever lobe in the chest that has the infection growing, that part will have the least amount of silica, always: it’s what invites the infection in.


I have so many notes on so many studies of silica imbalances on just about every degenerative disease. The percentage drop of a lack of silica in certain parts of tissue and what it does on every level: for cellular health, for functioning and growth, and the whole body. It’s just a major element. It’s different. It’s an underlying factor. It’s got an intelligence.


When they take an animal, and they have done X-rays on a weekly basis of rats with broken bones, and they give them an increase of organic silica, that can actually be usable by the body, they can see a very rapid knitting of the bones and growing back, and forming, within two weeks.


The silica is largely responsible for making up the quality of the whole lymphatic tissue; of all the flexibility of the arteries; it’s really important in the brain and in the nervous system tissue. With high silica brought back into an adult, you can have decrease in insomnia, a decrease in [lack of] mental focus and depression. Silica works to help prevent infections and bacteria


Silica is a natural protector. It helps remove the uric acid and the nicotine from the cells. , It’s a detoxer; it helps rejuvenate the lung tissue; it keeps the lung tissue pliable and soft, which is really important for someone who has been a smoker and is trying to rejuvenate their health, or if you live in a city; but the sooner you start with the silica, the better.


biological, organic silica, actually builds up the enamel, it strengthens the teeth, it heals the gums; it strengthens all the connective tissue, all the cartilage, tendons, ligaments; it thickens the skin; it improves the hair; it improves the immune system; it improves the lymphatic system; it improves the cardiovascular system; it keeps orchestrating the balance of all the minerals, so your bones stay strong and where they are supposed to be. [Silica] can literally stop aging or can even reverse aging if you know how to use it, if you use it with the right program. It’s the most amazing element.


Scientists have research now proving how the living silica, from the Orgono Living Silica, stimulates fibroblast activity as it grows into the body, and that stimulates stem cell production, and that’s where it helps rejuvenate. 


Taking living silica into your body on a therapeutic dose, like the 3 ounces a day, the full dose according to Orgono Living Silica, ongoing, it literally is like a form of embryonic cell therapy: you’re putting an element which comes from the youth of the embryo, that is only abundant in your body at the beginning of life, you’re putting it back in in it’s living state, like it works biologically. So it’s activating those other post cursor or pathways of fibroblast growth factor in stem cells. And this is big, this is very deep.


there’s research showing people around the world who drink waters that are high in silica who have a greatly reduced level of dementia: even with 10 milligrams a day I think there’s an 11% reduction in cases of dementia and other mental problems because of silicon and the way it works in the brain and aging, and the nervous system of the brain, the central nervous system. And on the other side of the coin, people that are drinking water that doesn’t have minerals like magnesium, or silica, but it’s really high in calcium, they’re kind of doing the opposite: they’re going more on the aging path with that kind of water.


Research shows that skeletal diseases such as osteomalacia (soft bones) and osteoporosis (porous bones and/or spontaneous fractures, as well as shrinkage) are caused by a calcium deficiency, but do not respond to calcium therapy alone.

Research conducted by noted biophysicists Louis Kervran (Paris, France) and by Dr. Richard Barmakian (United States) shows that fractured bones did not heal at all when high amounts of calcium were present. They heal fair to poorly when moderate amounts of calcium were present. However, they heal extremely well when relatively low amounts of calcium were present with an abundance of silica. When it comes to bone demineralization, a silica deficiency has been shown to be a precursor to calcium deficiency.


So, any way you can increase bio-available silica that is used internal, in your body, to orchestrate all your minerals for growth, for development, for health and elasticity and youth, for strength and vitality and well being, in prevention of aging and degeneration, any way you can get silica is important.


So, as far as silica goes, I would try to learn this while you’re already young and you still have silica, so you can really preserve what you’ve got. But it’s still going to help someone in advanced years. And, if you get in on a therapeutic rejuvenation silica program, it can make a big difference, a really big difference. But the sooner you start, the better.


Start when you’re as young as possible, but it will even help you if you’re old, to start right away, you’ll get benefits. But to preserve your body in maximum youth the sooner you start keeping the transmutation arc in the silica abundance range with the silica therapy, [it is] on your side.


the highest herb in silica is horsetail. Silica is also high (although not not in therapeutically-high amounts) in gluten free seed-like grains such as millet, the quinoa, the amaranth, the buckwheat.


Professor Kervran found a way to extract the silica and make it available to the body. He took young horsetail plants, grown in the springtime, when the tissue is gentle and soft and the silica is in a different state, and did an aqueous extract, a water extract. When that is done, the bioflavonoids that are naturally present in the silica bind to the organic silica at the youth state of bloom, of growth, of the plant, and they come out in the water.


if you supplement with silica every day, you would experience some beneficial changes quite rapidly. It’s going to be different for everybody, based on your silica needs and how much they’re losing in their age range, essentially, but I think if you’re really interested in utilizing the law of transmutation to your advantage, [silica] is the number one element you want to restore and keep to activate in your system.


I did this for about a week or two and I felt amazing: the skin, elasticity, clogged joints, calmness, energy, immune system. I felt happy. But the main thing [is that] I felt improvements in my central nervous system and in my brain. I noticed an improvement in sleep that was really substantial, and a reduction in stress loads, which was really positive. I felt very upbeat.


Silica & Aluminum


There is no shortage of aluminum toxicity in our environment. It’s in cookware, beverage containers, foil, second hand cigarette smoke, cosmetics, sunscreen, chemtrails, and more. For sure, it is in all vaccines. Injecting aluminum bypasses the normal route of eliminating it.

Aluminum accumulates in tissue that doesn’t have a rapid cellular turnover. The slow turnover tissues are contained in bone matter, the heart and the brain. The brain and its associated nervous system is where diseases such as Parkinson’s, MS, chronic fatigue and other neurological or auto-immune diseases manifest.


aluminum toxicity corresponds to the marked increase of neurological diseases.
There is a relationship between silica and the rate of aluminum concentration in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Much research points to the fact that a deficiency of silica in one’s diet causes an increase of aluminum retained in one’s body—and its ultimate accumulation in areas of the brain. Silica plays an important role in helping the body to eliminate these accumulations of aluminum, which are a causative factor in certain forms of senility, including Alzheimer’s disease.


How to Maximize Silica Absorption


how does the biological transmutation work? What’s making the wheel turn? It’s enzymes. Where do the enzymes come from? They’re coming from the gut.


the ‘abdominal brain’: healing the gut and the gut-brain connection. restoring the missing microflora, the beneficial bacteria that is supposed to live in the abdominal brain, 3-7 lbs. of good bacteria. And once you do that, you could have a calcium deficiency, and it would be corrected because of the bacteria in your gut when you eat just green plant foods that have silica in them.


But in the presence of a healthy gut, when you have a high level of beneficial bacteria in your gut, and you’re eating these silica foods, your uptake of silica is going to happen dramatically: the beneficial bacteria, they produce the ‘teeth’ of digestion, the enzymes, and the enzymes convert the silica in the foods into the most readily usable form of calcium.


So the best calcium you’re ever going to get (and there are so many different forms), the best form is always going to come from an internal, biological transmutation from conversion of silica.


Of course probiotics, good digestive health [is important]: there’s definitely a correlation in all the studies I’ve found, people with digestive problems, especially with low hydrochloric acid levels, have much higher accounts of osteoporosis and calcium imbalances with people who have low hydrochloric acid levels. if your ecosystem is out of balance in your gut and you don’t have the good bacteria, you’re not going to biologically transmute silica into calcium, you’re not going to convert minerals the way you’re supposed to. 


How to Add Silica to Our Diet


The Orgono Living Silica is the number one best silica product we have. 


In 1957, the scientists invented the first version of Orgono Living Silica: it was called G1, in Europe. And how they did this, they found certain bacteria that can ferment sand, silica sand, like hard rock crystallized silicon. In an element like sand, the bacteria will actually eat the sand down and ferment it and create a by-product called a silicon oxygen molecule by-product. And then, they find a way to stabilize and molecularly and chemically bond to water. So basically, this monomethylsilanetriol is a silicon oxygen molecule with a proprietary process bound to just water.


So this Orgono Living Silica is like a spring water. It does go through a proprietary laboratory process in order to create this bacteria that ferments the sand and then they stabilize the silicon oxygen molecule and then they bond it to water. And then it’s in the bottle, and there’s no preservative in Orgono Living Silica. And it doesn’t go bad and you don’t have to refrigerate it, which is amazing.


Orgono Living Silica is the biggest combination of nature and science in a gift, that we can take, as an anti-aging supplement that we have on the market that is the safest product. This is a super safe substance and these scientists have unlocked a key for us to extract this element, silica, and get it into our bodies, as adults, and get it to work like we did in the spring of youth, of bloom, of health and life, which was almost impossible to do with any other food substance.


Avoid the more processed silicic acids, like the Biosil … this is a compound of processed silica and water …. And these do work to a certain degree. But it’s actually the worst, in my opinion, probably the worst and most synthetic, and possibly dangerous, silica you can start taking. Upon more research I found people who had heart palpitations and insomnia and different reactions. I didn’t feel like I was getting full potential results, even when I was doing the maximum dose. The best form is the Orgono Living Silica: this is a monomethyl silicitrate: basically it’s a potassium salt that converts into a readily usable form of silica in the body.


So you want to avoid the crystallized, hard metallic silicas, or any supplement company that says they’re selling an ionic silica mineral supplement


So if we want to add silica into our diet, the place to start is the Orgono Living Silica, start doing your mouth shots, take it daily. Vegetal silica, which is an aqueous silica extract from horsetail plants, similar to the extract that Professor Kervran originally made, is also a great and effective way to add silica to your diet. Other silica foods and supplements such as the Ormus Super Greens can be added, along with vitamin C and boosting your enzyme production; especially if you’re over 27, it’s a great idea to take systemic enzymes, because they’re catalyzing the conversion of the silica: they’re boosting it.


my recommendation for silica therapy:  a generous amount, a full label dose, but to take a full label dose, 6 tablespoons a day, which would be 3 ounces, and up to 8 ounces in a day. And to get high silica foods in the diet such as The Superman Grains.


So, part of my silica therapy, with the BED system, has come from the use of high quality, gluten free, protein, seed-like grains. The millet, the quinoa, the amaranth, the buckwheat: But all of these grains are high in silica, and you can rotate them around.


it’s great to take an ounce or two, straight in the mouth and hold it. massage it with your tongue inside the mucosa of your upper and lower lip. You can feel it absorbing, and as it’s absorbing, you can start to feel the effects. Now, if you mouth-dose the full legal recommended dose of three ounces a day, 6 tablespoons, if you did that every day, I think you would experience some beneficial changes quite rapidly. It’s going to be different for everybody, based on your silica needs and how much they’re losing in their age range,

I got inspired, for no reason at all, about a year ago, to try a higher dose. I started taking 8 ounces a day.

when you take systemic enzymes; and you keep the sugar down long-term or avoid it completely for a while, and you have probiotics populating the intestines, which are now producing more enzymes out of the gut to get more nutrients out of our food, and to enhance biological transmutation, then you’re really, really working.

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