Since I know that making your own suppositories, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before, can be somewhat of a challenge, and since there aren’t any good suppositories available commercially, I decided to make powerful suppositories that meet my own standards, available for purchase through this website.

This is not something that I’ll personally be involved in nor am I doing it for profit, but more to help as many people as possible get introduced to the idea of suppositories while providing an opportunity for some friends to make an extra income doing something worthwhile, and, because I’m very passionate about suppositories.

You can specify which suppositories you want, or what purpose you want them for. For example, you can request something like: garlic oil suppositories, suppositories for candida or parasites, suppositories to help with constipation, or suppositories to support heavy metal detoxification. Also specify the amount you would like; for example, 30 suppositories, or a one month supply. You can also specify how strong you’d like them to be; for example, a gentle newbie suppository, or an advanced super-strength transformational nuclear bomb.

Your order can be shipped anywhere inside or outside the US, via UPS or USPS.

Of course, there are all kinds of legal issues that can arise when selling something like this. I will be updating this page with disclaimers soon, and you are assumed to take full responsibility for any possible negative health effects that you may experience as a result.

All the suppositories will be made in a perfectly sterile environment, with the highest quality ingredients, made to my highest standards, and by people personally trained by myself. There will be a $75 minimum per order, plus whatever the cost of shipping will be, and a higher priority will be given to bigger orders.

Unfortunately however, I won’t be able to insert the suppositories for you. I can have them made and shipped over to you, but the rest is on you, bubba.

So, if you’re interested in ordering and trying any of the suppositories discussed in the Detox – Part 2 article, or if you have any questions, send an email to