I could divide my life neatly into two parts: before detox, and after. Before, I was dead. After, I came alive.

Detoxification is, by far, the most important and powerful thing anybody can do to improve their health and their life.

Countless articles and books have been written on “detox” and cleansing. Very few of them can be helpful. Most of them however, are pure garbage, and are pure marketing and hype. Detoxification is a long-term, very demanding and challenging process that requires a lot of patience, time, and hard work. You cannot, truly and thoroughly, detoxify your body, with green juices, a supplement, or a 14-day cleanse.

I completely turned my life around as a result of detoxifying my body, and helped many people transform their lives by teaching them how to have an optimal diet and detox program. I am not exaggerating when I say that all of my problems in life were directly or indirectly caused by toxicity, from heavy metals and other toxins and opportunistic organisms like candida and parasites. Here, I will share with you what worked best for me and for the people I coached, and show you how to properly detoxify your body from heavy metals and other toxins.

According to many readers, this is, by far, the best second-best health article ever written. So, clear-up your calendar, turn off your phone, go to the bathroom if you need to, then go somewhere quiet, and get ready to read one of the most deeply profound and moving articles you’ve ever read.


Toxicity – The Obstacle to Reaching Your Fullest Potential

Think of your brain as a bank account. You can constantly keep adding to it, evolving it and growing it, but you can also have a huge negative balance. What you need to do, is not only to keep adding money to your bank account, but what is most important is to get rid of all the unnecessary expenses that are draining your bank account. Imagine that you are making $1000 a day, but spending $2000 on useless things. If you can get rid of all or most of those unnecessary expenses, then: 1) you wouldn’t have to work as much or as hard anymore, and 2) even if you keep working, you can actually enjoy and be able to reinvest the money that you are already making. So, eliminating those unnecessary expenses can make a huge positive difference.

In this example, your diet (including things like supplements and herbs) and things like exercise, yoga, etc., are the money you are making, and detoxification is the elimination of unnecessary expenses. You can keep improving your diet and do other things to improve your health, and benefit from that, but eventually you’ll hit a plateau. Detoxification is where the real breakthrough can happen and where you can make a big leap and truly transform your health and your brain. It is truly the most profitable long-term investment I have made in myself thus far.

Before I did my first real detox, I spent tens of thousands of dollars on my health, and tried every expensive supplement and herb there is, from TA-65 (which costs over $600 a bottle) to the most expensive and rare Chinese herbs like wild ginseng and deer antler, and the results I experienced from only 3 months of detoxification were literally infinitely more profound than the results I experienced from over 5 years of having a very strict diet, taking supplements and herbs, having boring health rituals, doing yoga, meditation, and exercise, all combined.

What I realized was this: many of the things we do, such as exercise and yoga, merely offer us a temporary relief from all the toxins we have in our bodies. Once these toxins are out, we really won’t feel the need to do these things. We’ll still benefit from them, but they won’t play nearly as much of a role as they do now.

EVERYBODY living in the modern world, is toxic, and can benefit immensely from a detox. Unless you have been living in an island or a jungle for most of your life, you have certainly been exposed to very high levels of toxins and pathogens: heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic, estrogens from plastics, pesticides, chemicals in the environment, parasites, yeast, viruses, mold, microbes, and deadly bacteria. Our immune system and our bodies can handle and detoxify small amounts of these toxins, but in this day and age the load is too high that the body is no longer able to keep up.

Nearly 100,000 chemicals or more, many of which are extremely toxic, have been introduced to the environment in the past 100 years alone. Our bodies have not yet evolved the detoxification mechanisms to handle such an overwhelming amount of toxicity. The speed at which these toxins are being released is higher than the speed at which our bodies can evolve to handle them.

Many people can appear perfectly healthy yet their bodies are host to millions of toxins and pathogens, and their health can infinitely improve by detoxifying and getting some of the garbage out. If you think your health is 10/10 now, your health would be 1000/10 if your body is truly clean and detoxified. The benefits of a detox on your life are immeasurable and cannot be underestimated.

You also need to know that “detox” is another buzz word that is being ignorantly thrown around a lot in reference to very weak and ineffective detoxes such as the master cleanse or a green juice detox. Some of these detoxes can be great for a beginner, but the real life-transforming effects can only be felt from an intensive and structured detox program that targets all of: heavy metals, yeast (candida or fungus), parasites, estrogens, and viruses, which are the underlying root cause behind nearly all health problems.


My Own Experience with Detoxification

These are some of the benefits I experienced from detoxification, mainly from heavy metal detoxification.

1- A very hard to describe feeling of unusual, unexplainable wellness, bliss, peacefulness, contentment, joy and unusual calmness. Years ago, before I started learning about health and diet and detoxification, I used to be extremely depressed, negative, sad, nostalgic, needy, and moody, almost all the time. I was so IN my depression and my self-pity, that I couldn’t even consider the possibility that my health had anything to do with how I felt. I thought that something was inherently and fundamentally wrong with me, as if I was broken and flawed by nature of who I am, and that is who I will ever be forever, and the possibility of change was not remotely conceivable to me.

I took courses and studied books on personal improvement and positive psychology and did therapy, and tried to change my thoughts and my core beliefs, and “wear” the actions and behaviors of a sane, happy, confident, secure, successful person, which all helped a little bit in the short-term, but deep inside, subconsciously, in the long-term, I always felt like the same piece of shit, and always found myself back at the same hole of darkness. Even as I write this I’m feeling pain just from remembering how painful it was to live like that for years and years over and over again.

After about 3 months on a very intensive detoxification program, I started to wake up feeling extremely rested, calm, and just overflowing with positive emotions. It was like a very heavy burden was on my chest, not allowing me to breathe, for so long, that I just learned to live and adapt with it, and once that burden was lifted, I felt like a blind man who started to see for the first time in my life.

My whole outlook on life started to change. I had more motivation to do things, and my appetite to explore and learn new things just exploded. Stupid things did not bother me anymore. I stopped holding grudges against others, or reacting to someone else if they did something I didn’t like or “offended” me, and I had an infinite capacity to just absolutely forget and delete from my memory all the meaningless things that don’t matter, and focus on the 1 or 2 things that really matter. It’s like my memory became much worse at remembering stupid shit and much better at remembering useful things. My whole perception, of everything in life, was changed.

To witness yourself actually truly change for the better, from the inside out, is an infinitely exciting experience. On some days I would wake up feeling so good and euphorically calm that I would literally cry for joy. To go from someone who was living in depression and misery and negativity for most of my life to experiencing something like this and starting to become a positive, grateful, optimistic person, was the most powerful, joyful, rewarding, and pleasurable experience I ever had. It is for these feelings of inner peace and calmness, I believe, that we seek religion, love, drugs, and money. We hope that these things will bring us peace and make up for something that we can’t find within ourselves. But what I found is that, without our health and the right biological foundation, true happiness and joy at the deepest levels, are much harder to attain, if not possible at all. Nothing fucks us up spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, more than toxicity.

2- Stronger, sharper intuition. This is also very hard to describe, but what I started to notice after a few months of detox that my intuition became much stronger. I started to get a very strong feeling about things ahead of time, and I would sense whether something is “right” or not. I didn’t want to trust it at first, because, if you’re super excited about something, and all the “data” tell you that it’s a good move, yet your intuition tells you that you shouldn’t do it, it can be a bummer. It is something bizarre, weird, and unscientific, but as I started to trust it more and more, I would find that is never wrong, and whenever I would ignore it, I would pay the price. It is only then that I truly understood what the godfather, Lao Tzu, meant when he said in the Tao Te Ching:

Open yourself to the Tao
then trust your natural responses
and everything will fall into place

Of course, when I read that years ago, it just sounded like a bunch of gibberish to me. Now, it makes sense more than anything else.

3- Being more “in the flow”, having more creativity, and less writer’s/typer’s block. There was no way that I could write articles of this length before doing a detox. I always wanted to work on my writing, and knew exactly what I wanted to write, but whenever I would sit down and try to write, I would feel completely blocked. All the great ideas that I wanted to write about would evaporate away, and I would either give up and move on to doing something else, or spend an hour only to write a shitty paragraph.

As I started to detox, slowly, over time, I started to notice that I’m able to get in the flow of writing, and slowly I would write a couple of sentences that I considered to be actually good. There was a more smooth flow from thought to keyboard, as if a block has been removed that kept me from writing. It took some willpower at first, but after a couple months of more detoxification, the process started to get much easier and streamlined to the point where I was able to write almost whenever I wanted, and that’s when I started writing on this site. It was like a constant noise was constantly going on inside my head, and was then turned off, finally allowing space for creativity and new ideas, thoughts, and feelings to emerge and flow.

4- A CURE for addictive behaviors.

Addictive behaviors, such as certain eating disorders like binge eating, overeating and addictions to sugar, alcohol, smoking, chronic masturbation, sexual addictions, etc. all have their root in the brain, not the organ involved. A toxic and nutritionally deficient brain is far more prone to addictive behaviors. Heavy metals like mercury can royally screw up our dopaminergic system and make us more likely to engage in addictive behaviors and never be able to quit them. According to this study here, titled “The effects of environmental neurotoxicants on the dopaminergic system: A possible role in drug addiction“, heavy metals and other toxins like BPA from plastic can make the brain more vulnerable to drug addiction.

Even things like constantly fiddling around, being distracted, constantly checking email, restlessness, restless legs, etc. have an addictive nature to them and are also a result of a messed up dopaminergic system. And even when an addiction is supposedly treated, the person will very often still have the seed of that addiction lying dormant deep within them, simply waiting to be reborn again. That’s why addictions can be extremely hard to be overcome, and why we keep going back to doing the same shit that fucks us up, even though we know it is bad for us. Because the cause of our addiction is still there.

To truly overcome an addiction, you need to start with the brain. Take out the trash that’s most likely contributing to the addiction first, and then do other things to help overcome your addiction.

Before I did a detox, I had a problem with binge eating and a serious addiction to sugar, even though high sugar used to be something that I couldn’t tolerate at all. Fruits like figs, pomegranates, etc., and nuts like cashews, literally had a power over me. I could eat inhumane amounts of that stuff and spend ungodly amounts of money on it. It was uncontrollable. I knew the inventory of the stores around me, how many bags of cashews that store had, etc. So every time I felt bad, I would try to soothe my pain by binging on these foods. And if a store was about to close, I had no problem running traffic lights and racing to catch it before it closes.

I tried everything I could to stop, from having others hold me accountable and declare that I would be a pussy if I went back, to throwing the food away and keeping it out of the house, to trying to go on 100-day challenges, and nothing worked. A dark moment always appeared and triggered me to do it again.

After I started my first heavy metal detox, I just stopped, once and for all, and never went back. From the day I started, ’til this day, I have never binged nor felt a desire or urge to eat anything that I was previously addicted to. It was like these foods were deleted from my memory, and I no longer had any response to them at all.

I also had a very similar experience with detoxification, and sexual addiction and chronic masturbation. Sometimes we’re not genuinely horny, we’re just addicted to getting off.

5- Ninja sexual powers. It turns out, a real erection is hard to find. An erection is easy, but a super erection is something that is at serious risk of extinction. I never really knew what a real erection is like until 3 months into my detox. I started waking up with annoyingly massive erections everyday, something I never experienced even in my teenage years. At some point, I started to have serious problems peeing. Not only that, but my sex drive literally exploded, and I was easily able to last longer before ejaculation, and recover faster after ejaculation. You see, heavy metals like mercury deplete magnesium, and magnesium deficiency has been proven to be a direct cause of premature ejaculation, and is associated with poor sexual health and lower testosterone levels. Once the heavy metals and toxins start to come out, less magnesium is depleted and more is available for the body to perform different functions, including hormonal and sexual ones.

Millions of men all around the world are silently suffering from sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, POIS (post-orgasmic illness syndrome), erectile dysfunction and loss of sex drive, and are being tortured and poisoned by feelings of lack and inadequacy and sexual insecurity, all of which make up the foundation for a mountain of insecurities in many other areas, and can ultimately lead to failures in many other pursuits in life.

I suffered from all of the above problems in the past, and they deliberately damaged my sex life and my sexual confidence. I had premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sex was the very last thing on my mind, and having an orgasm was so depleting and draining to me that it felt as if I just gave birth to elephant triplets. Now, thankfully, I’m walking around with an erection most of the time, and weirdly enough I actually feel better and somewhat more productive after an orgasm, and I sometimes feel sexually turned on just by looking at a mannequin or talking to a female customer service rep on the phone.

The same goes for women. As if it is not enough to feel insecure about weight and breast size and body image, countless women are now having problems like facial hair, complete loss of sex drive, heavy bleeding, body odor, and vaginal odor, itching, and discharge, and are secretly living in hell because of these problems, not knowing what to do about them or who to seek for help. The ob/gyn’s will just make money off of them and give them medications that will only make them worse.

And, at the root of it all, is this.

Here is a screenshot of an interesting post from the Curezone.com forums about this topic:

premature ejaculation cured

Sadly, sex as most of us now know it, is laughable. I also personally deeply believe that there is a higher level to love and romance that can never be accessible to us when we are toxic and unhealthy, where a connection between two people would have an intense spiritual and psychic aspect to it, and where the sex organs become intimately integrated and connected with the heart, the brain and the spirit, and where the act of sex becomes infinitely more pleasurable and joyful, and a true expression of love and self, rather than an act of fleeting pleasure.

I know this sounds like some Gandhi shit, but it’s true.

6- A Redefinition of Sleep.

We’ve all been brainwashed, beyond the point of no return, to believe that we need 7 to 10 hours of sleep every night, or otherwise we will drop dead in the middle of the day, the sky will turn into flames, and pianos will fall on our heads. Well, I am not going to say that that is absolute bullshit, but what I found out for me personally, and for the people who followed a similar path and lifestyle, is that, if we are truly healthy and clean, we need a lot less sleep than 8 hours a day. The fact that most of us sleep 7-10 hours a day is because most of us are tragically unhealthy and toxic, and our bodies are spending the night, trying to repair and protect themselves from the damage caused by toxins.

I used to be someone who would sleep 10 hours a night and still wake up hung over and exhausted as if I haven’t even slept, and on many days I needed to take a nap shortly after I wake up before I could really start my day.

After intensive detoxification and serious diet changes, I started to need less and less sleep, but my sleep was much deeper and more restorative, and I would wake up feeling extremely refreshed, rested and energized. I would only have to sleep for 2 to 5 hours a night without feeling the need to nap in the middle of the day, and I would still wake up with the same feelings of bliss and exemplary erections I mentioned earlier. It feels great to go to sleep after everybody else, yet wake-up before everybody else.

This kept going until I reached a point where on some days all I needed was 30-45 minutes of sleep from 2-3 naps spread-out throughout the day. It is something very similar to the polyphasic sleep but happens naturally without having to discipline myself or exercise any willpower.

It took a lot of time and work to reach this point, but I write about this just to show what can be possible for us and how unimaginably we can enrich our lives by detoxifying and committing to constantly improving our health.

7- A New Brain

The brain can be loaded for life with toxins and pathogens: heavy metals, parasites, fungi (yeast or candida), viruses, etc. Once these toxins reach the brain, it is nearly impossible to get them out without proper detoxification. Toxins in the brain can hinder our intelligence, lower our IQ, make us stupid and dumb, impulsive, reactive, irrationally emotional, needy, unfocused, unable to concentrate, easily distractible, irritable, forgetful, indecisive, and less resourceful. Autism and other mental and psychological problems that are becoming more and more prevalent in our day are all mostly caused by heavy metal toxicity.

Detoxification will remove the toxins that have been irritating the brain and preventing it from functioning at a higher level, and allow it to regenerate and heal itself, which in turn will make us more intelligent, resilient, able to focus and concentrate more deeply and for longer periods of time and able to think deeper and eventually have a better, richer life as a result of having a better, cleaner brain.

Many of us get into detox because we want to “feel better,” we want more energy, we don’t want to feel as tired and sick, and we want to function at a higher level, and that’s what I wanted when I started out. And, a part of me thought I was just wasting my time and money with all this detox stuff. But it really wasn’t until I felt the changes in my brain that I really appreciated the value of detoxification, because, our brain is really everything. It’s what makes happy or miserable, governs our decisions, and what keeps us from being idiots, and the sad truth is that most of us are just living with dysfunctional brains, bumbling our way through life, not knowing where we’re going or what the fuck we’re doing here.

The first time I felt a change in my brain as a result of the detox, it wasn’t just an “improvement,” it was more like I started to transform into a completely different creature, and just had an intense surge of energy in my brain area. The experience was too overwhelming and intense and profound for me, that I just started crying with more intensity than I ever did in my whole life. I was overwhelmingly joyful; I had overshot my target, and the reward was far more than what I was asking for, that it was too much for me to handle emotionally. But I was also sad, because, only then did I know, how much I was missing out on throughout my whole life, and how much of my life was wasted and lived in vein.

On that day, I felt godlike and like a superman (hence the name of this site.) It was the most intense experience of my life, and such experiences are what kept me going until this day and made me really appreciate the value of my health and dedicate my life and my career to this. I had several similar experiences ever since, and continue to do so to this day. I don’t do any of this because I want to live long or I want to avoid diseases, I do it for these profound experiences, the memories of which I look forward to.

I don’t blame anyone who says that detox is crazy or is a scam, because they haven’t tasted the fruits of it, nor do they have the patience (or the desperation) to wait until the fruits are ripe. Many of us may read this article and say “oh it’s cute”, then go back to our shit lives or to seeking out more information, because we don’t know what it’s like, nor do we have the depth of imagination necessary for us to feel what life would be like with a truly superior brain. That’s why, we have to take a leap of faith.

8- Digestion of steel. The improvements I felt in my digestion alone were more than worth all the energy and money I spent on detoxifying my body. Before doing a detox, my weak digestion was a source of serious suffering for me. Even when I was on an extremely healthy diet, I still had digestive problems and bloating, and could only digest a small amount from a handful of foods without stressing my digestion.

I am not exaggerating when I say that there were times when I had to lay for more than 24 hours in pain, times when I nearly lost consciousness, and times when I peed myself because I couldn’t walk to the bathroom, just because I ate more of something than I could handle. I could barely digest anything, yet I really loved eating, and food was like my girlfriend, so almost everyday I would either lay in pain from digestive stress because I ate too much, or I would have to fight with myself not to eat and keep fantasizing about food. You can try to imagine how amazing it is to live like that. And to finally not have to deal with that anymore and be able to truly overcome it, is a true blessing.

Now, I can eat as much as I want, and benefit from and fully absorb all the food that I eat. I can now easily digest the foods that didn’t really agree with me in the past, like nuts or certain nutritious foods that contain sugar or are high in fat, and actually feel nourished and invigorated by them. I could barely handle the yolk of 2-3 eggs in the past, and recently, I hit a personal record of eating 30 egg yolks in one day (as part of larger meals, along with other foods,) without feeling any digestive pain or discomfort. In most cases I actually feel more energized and hornier the more I eat.

9- More energy.

Energy is produced from the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe by structures within our cells called mitochondria. Toxins, such as mercury and other heavy metals, can severely damage the mitochondria and prevent it from receiving the nutrition it requires to function, in turn causing us to have less and less energy throughout the years as we accumulate more and more toxins.

The reason why people age is that they accumulate more toxins over time causing more damage to the mitochondria and less energy to be produced. Once the blockages are removed, the mitochondria can function at a higher and produce more energy. Detoxification can resuscitate and rejuvenate the mitochondria more than anything else, which can ultimately give us boundless energy. Exercise and certain supplements have been found to improve mitochondrial function, but the real deal is detoxification, and the benefits that one can get from exercise or supplements are only short-lived, and do not compare to the permanent benefits of detoxification.


Such experiences and improvements in my health are what makes me appreciate being truly healthy, and treat my diet and my lifestyle with respect.

Also, I would say that most of these changes wouldn’t have been possible at all had I not also had a clean and powerful diet to support the detox. Everything works together in synergy. You can’t expect to do a detox and see profound results if you’re still on pizzas and beers.

Many people still think this is quackery, but it is not. It is all based on real, legitimate science. If you do the research you’ll find more than enough evidence. But, most people just choose to not look where it’s uncomfortable.

The most comprehensive, intensive and effective natural heavy metal detoxification program

The most deadly toxins of all are heavy metals, especially mercury. The main source of heavy metal toxicity in most cases is dental “silver” fillings, also called mercury amalgams. Most people nowadays have at least one if not several fillings in their mouths that are constantly leeching mercury into their brain and their organs all day long. Just getting rid of these fillings alone can make a tremendous difference in one’s health and literally change their life.

The first step to proper detoxification is to remove the source of toxicity and eliminate exposure to the toxin. The most common source of toxicity is dental fillings. Dental fillings need to be removed by a biological dentist who is trained in safely removing dental fillings. You can find a biological dentist at the website of the International Academy of Medicine & Toxicology.

Having dental fillings removed by a conventional dentist can be very dangerous, as conventional dentists are not trained in safely removing fillings nor do they have the tools required for that. Also, the type of fillings used as a replacement to mercury fillings by conventional dentists are also toxic and are not safe either. The safest way to go about removing your fillings is through a biological dentist. If you can’t find a biological dentist in your country, it is well worth it to travel to the nearest country where you can find a biological dentist.


After fillings are removed, the first step to proper detoxification would be to ensure that the body is ready to start detoxifying and that all detoxification pathways are open and working and that the person is pooping regularly. This would be done through cleansing the liver, the kidneys, and the colon, as these are the main organs responsible for detoxification and getting the heavy metals out. If these organs are clogged, not functioning optimally and not yet ready for detoxification yet, toxins won’t have a way out of the body and will simply recirculate in the body making the person even sicker.

This is one reason some people show that they have low levels of heavy metals in their urine or feces tests when in reality their body is overloaded with heavy metals: the body isn’t able to detoxify any of the heavy metals in the first place and excrete them into the urine or the feces, and so, no heavy metals come out and the test shows that these people have no heavy metals. And that is the reason why most heavy metal tests are ineffective and inaccurate, to a large extent.

The first step to ensure that all detoxification pathways are working and the body is ready to start detoxifying is switching to a clean diet, free of any foods that can cause inflammation, such as conventional dairy, and foods that contain gluten and high sugar. Inflammation can slow down or even completely shut down detoxification, and therefore the elimination of any foods that can cause inflammation is critical. A clean diet will allow the body to start gently detoxifying on its own and restore its own detoxification mechanisms.

Another effective method for preparing the body for detoxification is doing the salt water flush before starting the detox. The salt water flush will cleanse the liver, kidneys and the colon, and from my experience prepares the body for detoxification better than anything else if done right.


The fields of detox and heavy metal detoxification are still relatively new, and most doctors and practitioners don’t have a very extensive experience with detoxifying heavy metals and combining a detox protocol with a supporting diet. Unfortunately, the role of diet in healthy detoxification is something that still remains mostly unappreciated.

I learned a lot of what I know about detoxification from Dr. Chan in Malaysia, who’s been successfully treating patients with heavy metal toxicity for over 30 years, before most people knew anything about toxicity and heavy metals. I also learned a lot from the work of doctors Dietrich Klinghardt, Christopher Shade, Andrew Cutler, and Mark Sircus. Most of what I learned, however, comes from experiencing things myself, constantly testing and experimenting with different things, coaching others, learning from their feedback, and continuing to do that over several years, and from combining an intensive detox program with everything I learned from being immersed in the fields of diet, herbalism, ecology, and holistic living. What I will share is based on the most effective strategies I learned throughout the years from the masters in this field, and from my own experience.

The following are the most powerful and effective supplements for detoxifying heavy metals to which I attribute most of my results. I did my best to rank them by the most important and the most effective, but what I also found is that different supplements have different results for different people at different times of their detoxification journey, and some supplements will affect you more powerfully than others, so I would recommend using all or most of those supplements, starting very slow with very small doses. I will also write more soon about other supplements and foods that I found to be helpful and effective.

1- Liposomal glutathione (GSH). Glutathione is crucial for detoxifying heavy metals and is the most important substance for detoxification of all toxins. Most people have a diminished glutathione system and that’s why many people run into problems when attempting to detoxify heavy metals without enough glutathione in their bodies. It would be helpful before starting a detox to build up your glutathione levels both by taking liposomal glutathione supplements and also taking foods, herbs and supplements that boost glutathione.

I have written an extensive post on liposomal glutathione which you can find here.

The liposomal glutathione supplement by LivOn Labs

2- Microsilica, also called IMD (Intestinal Metal Detox) by QuickSilver Scientific.

IMD by Quicksilver Scientific - heavy metal detox


IMD consists of highly purified silica and simply binds with circulating toxins in the small intestines and ensures that they are excreted from the body. Microsilica is the most powerful binder for heavy metals, especially mercury. There are other weak binders such as chlorella, pectins, zeolite and clay, but they are not nearly as effective as microsilica. According to Dr. Chris Shade, one serving of microsilica has the binding power of 100 chlorella tablets, and 1 gram of it can hold 200 mg of mercury, which is very significant and why it’s a relatively expensive supplement. The figure below shows how IMD can support healthy detoxification.



The microsilica will bind to the heavy metals in the intestines and help transport them out of the body through the stool. Without a binder like the Microsilica, there is a large chance that the toxins will not be excreted, or not be excreted as quickly, and instead just re-circulate throughout the body, causing even more problems.


3- Magnesium

NO detox protocol would be complete without magnesium. Magnesium is absolutely critical for healthy detoxification and moving toxins out of the body. It is also one of the most important things for overall health and a topic very worthy of intensive study and research on its own. Heavy metals and other toxins and opportunistic organisms like parasites and candida can severely deplete the body of magnesium, which in turn leads to problems like chronic constipation, stiffness, muscle pains, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, impulsivity, inability to focus and concentrate, and poor intelligence.

The problem with most heavy metal detox protocols is that they don’t provide the body with enough magnesium. For every chemical we detoxify, we use up and lose forever a proportionate amount of nutrients such as magnesium, glutathione, zinc, etc. Since most of us are tragically deficient in magnesium, attempting to detoxify heavy metals and other toxins without supplementing with the right form of magnesium can be a recipe for disaster. Oral magnesium supplements are very ineffective, because the amount of magnesium the body needs for optimal detoxification can’t be taken orally without side effects, and because most people who are toxic also have leaky gut syndrome, and therefore can’t really absorb most of the magnesium they take orally.

Here are a few quotes from the book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy by Dr. Mark Sircus:

Magnesium protects cells from aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium, and nickel, which explains why re-mineralization is so essential for heavy metal detoxification and chelation. Magnesium in general is essential for the survival of our cells but takes on further importance in the age of toxicity where our bodies are being bombarded on a daily basis with heavy metals. Magnesium thus protects the brain from toxic effects of chemicals.”

“Magnesium is very important for phase-one detoxification and it, along with other minerals like zinc, displaces toxic heavy metals from the body. Magnesium is a crucial factor in the natural self-cleansing and detoxification responses of the body.”

“There is as much as a 500-fold difference in the ability of individuals to detoxify the same chemical. One of the key markers of this difference is each individual’s magnesium level. Deficiencies in magnesium will wreak havoc with almost any detoxification and chelation program. Human exposure to heavy metals has risen dramatically in the last 50 years as a result of an exponential increase in the use of heavy metals in industrial processes and products. The need for detoxification and chelation is increasing considerably yet the exaggerated healing crises or detox side effects could easily arise and be caused solely by magnesium and other mineral deficiencies.”

“The autism community has been told by Dr. Andrew Cutler Hall many times that it is “mineral transport” defects that are the biggest problem with heavy metal toxicity. Unfortunately the chelation community concentrates on oral supplementation, though some do use Epsom salt baths, which are relatively ineffective and more toxic than magnesium chloride when it comes to magnesium supplementation.”

As a fun fact, according to Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of the book The Magnesium Miracle, due to its relaxing effect, magnesium improves a woman’s “orgasmability,” and some women were able to have their first orgasm after using magnesium. And from my experience, I found that it also easily improves a woman’s and a man’s personality, and in turn, their fuckability.

As with most things, there is a lot of bad ways to take magnesium and a lot of ineffective types and low quality supplements. You may find things like magnesium glycinate, magnesium sulfate, etc. Some of these can have some helpful effects, but they are not the ideal and the most optimal.

The absolute best way to increase your magnesium levels for detoxification is through the skin, by applying magnesium chloride in the form of magnesium oil topically all over your body to as much of the skin as possible. The body absorbs far more magnesium through the skin than it can ever do from food or from taking a magnesium supplement. Magnesium oil will do in days or weeks what magnesium supplements may do in months or years if ever.

I would say that the effects of using magnesium oil to me were at least 20 times more noticeable and stronger than from taking magnesium orally in any form. Plus, you can keep applying magnesium oil on your skin and keep flooding your body with magnesium all day long without ever having diarrhea, a common side effect of taking magnesium supplements. I do recommend using it very abundantly in generous amounts, especially during a period of detox. It wasn’t long before I got addicted to using it and I now apply it on my skin 2-4 times a day.

I also recommend taking magnesium chloride internally, especially if you have problems with constipation or infrequent bowel movements, in very small dosages, starting with a few drops or sprays, and increasing from there. Another excellent way to increase your magnesium levels is by inhaling magnesium oil using a nebulizer, so that now you’re using your lungs, your skin, and your digestion to nourish your body with magnesium.

And again, as with everything, not all magnesium oil products are equal. Most products on the market, even though are still good and effective, are very diluted. After trying several magnesium oil products, the one that I strongly recommend is the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil. I found it to be far more concentrated, around 5-10 times more concentrated than the other products I have used, yet is similarly priced.

You can find it here. They ship internationally as well, but depending on your country you may be able to save on the shipping cost find it locally at one of the suppliers listed here. You can start with the smaller size and see how you feel, but I do recommend the 64 oz (1.9 Liter) “professional size” as that size can last for several months to a year, and using it more frequently in higher doses can be extremely helpful during a detox, so you’ll be saving a lot of money by buying the larger size even if you pay extra for international shipping. I usually pay about $100 for international shipping with UPS and the product arrives within 4-5 days.

4 – Liposomal vitamin C. Vitamin C is important in supporting the overall detoxification process. It serves as an antioxidant that can prevent oxidative damage caused by heavy metals, and helps remove heavy metals from the body.

5- Iodine. Iodine detoxifies, among many toxins, fluoride. Fluoride is a very dangerous neurotoxin that damages the brain, lowers IQ, damages the hormonal glands, and has countless other damaging effects. It is what the nazis used in drinking water to break people’s will and make them more docile, submissive, obedient and less resistant. In 1954, the chemist Charles Perkins wrote a book called The Truth About Water Fluoridation and among his writings are the following:

“In the 1930’s, Hitler and the German Nazi’s envisioned a world to be dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy of pan-Germanism. The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass-control which was submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff. This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies. By this method they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would produce sterility in women, and so on. Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual’s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him.”

“The real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children’s teeth. If this were the real reason there are many ways in which it could be done that are much easier, cheaper, and far more effective. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty.”

“I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great IG Farben chemical industries and was also prominent in the Nazi movement at the time. I say this with all the earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years’ research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine–any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person mentally or physically.”

Perkins said that fluoride was used to also sterilize women. Interestingly, many women with long-standing, unexplained infertility report that they suddenly got pregnant shortly after using iodine, which further confirms what he said. Many women also report positive results with using iodine for breast cancer and ovarian cysts.

After using iodine for years and seeing the deep changes that can happen as a result of using it, I have no doubt about what Charles Perkins said. Using a toxin like fluoride, is the perfect warfare strategy. According to Dr. Arturo Casadevall, author of the article The future of biological warfare found here: “Given the human track record for conflict and the potential power of biological warfare we are led to the sad conclusion that biological warfare has a future, and that society must prepare for the eventuality that it will be used again by either nations or individuals.”

Which begs the question of: how many wars are silently being fought against us right now, passively and actively, without us knowing it, by our own governments, by pharmaceutical companies, and by other “enemy” countries? Fluoride and other toxins are everywhere, in tap water, toothpastes, and countless other places.

Here is an article about the research done at harvard university about the effects of fluoride on neurological development in children. Here is a quote from it:

“The average loss in IQ was reported as a standardized weighted mean difference of 0.45, which would be approximately equivalent to seven IQ points for commonly used IQ scores with a standard deviation of 15.* Some studies suggested that even slightly increased fluoride exposure could be toxic to the brain. Thus, children in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low-fluoride areas. The children studied were up to 14 years of age, but the investigators speculate that any toxic effect on brain development may have happened earlier, and that the brain may not be fully capable of compensating for the toxicity.

“Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain,” Grandjean says. “The effect of each toxicant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale can be serious, especially because the brain power of the next generation is crucial to all of us.

I don’t really give a shit, but this is straight from the research done by harvard university, which, to most people, is the most scientific, legitimate, and credible source of evidence.

There are countless other toxins, just as bad, or worse, than fluoride, that we have in our bodies and are constantly being blasted with everyday from every direction. Yet, we wonder, why we have so many social and psychological and emotional and sexual problems. We keep seeking the secrets to success through empty means, yet most of them lie in our state of health.

If you’re interested in some “anecdotal evidence”, I highly recommend you check the Curezone.com iodine supplementation forum, where you will hear stories of people who after using iodine were able to fly and see jesus and mingle with angels (just kidding, but there are some very impressive stories there.)

The highest quality iodine product I found and the only one I recommend is the Nascent Iodine. It is far superior to most other iodine products on the market. I usually get it from here at MagneticClay.com as they are the main distributor, and they are the only ones I found who ship internationally and quickly with UPS. They’re also the same supplier of the magnesium oil, so I’ll usually order both and pay for shipping once.

6- R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)

Alpha lipoic acid will both boost glutathione levels and also detoxify heavy metals. It is one of very few supplements that has the ability to detoxify heavy metals from the brain. Alpha lipoic acid is an extremely powerful supplement on its own for overall health and increasing energy levels, and is not specific for detoxification. I always have more mental and physical energy when I’m taking alpha lipoic acid in the right dosage.

However, alpha lipoic acid is a very strong detoxifier, and in most cases it is best to take it at an advanced stage in the detox once your glutathione and magnesium levels have significantly improved, and after healing the gut by taking things like probiotics, l-glutamine, slippery elm bark, kelp, etc., and only later on start taking it in very small dosages starting with no more than 5 to 25 mg and very slowly increasing from there, and always take it along with binders like microsilica or IMD. I receive emails all the time from people who used only ALA as a heavy metal detox protocol and actually became much worse. Glutathione and magnesium levels need to be high enough and the person has to be fairly healthy before they can handle ALA, and they also need to take it as part of an overall program and not by itself. The form of ALA that works best for detoxification is the “R” form.

7- MSM

8-NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine)

9- Zeolite. Zeolite binds well with different pesticides, herbicides, and the food mold toxin aflatoxin. There are many low quality zeolite products on the market. The one I found to be of the highest quality is Omica’s Zeolite, both in liquid and powder form.

10- EDTA. More specific for detoxifying lead.

11- Liposomal B-Complex: B vitamins such as b1, b2, b3, and b12 play a huge role in healthy detoxification. The best B-Complex formula I found and the only liposomal delivery one that works for people who have the MTHFR mutation or have problems with processing folic acid (vitamin B9), is the PuRxpressions Methyl B-Complex which you can order here.

Other supplements that I also used and will write more about are:

12- Molybdenum: For many people, it is critical to take molybdenum during a detox. Most toxic people can’t really handle sulfur compounds or any foods and supplements that contain them, which can cause problems when taking things like glutathione, MSM, NAC, garlic, onions, and egg yolks, all of which are extremely helpful for detoxification.

As the glutathione binds to mercury to detoxify it, sulfites are generated and need to be detoxified as well, yet many people can’t detoxify them, and that causes many of the symptoms associated with sulfite toxicity. Supplementing with molybdenum helps detoxify the sulfites and eliminate sensitivities to sulfur compounds, and thus enables you to take things like glutathione and garlic and detox faster and more smoothly without negative symptoms. The molybdenum product I like to use is the liquid molybdenum by Nutricology, which I found to be far easier to take and more absorbable than the capsule form.


Here is a quick pic of some of the most effective detox supplements I recommend:



I cover the topics of detoxification and healing in greater detail in my course, The Course of Entheogenesis, which you can learn more about here.


For everyone living outside of the US, you can still get everything I suggested in the article, shipped straight to your door, within a few days. All you need to do is create an account with the package forwarding service USGlobalMail and they will reship all your stuff to you for a low shipping cost and using the fastest shipping service UPS. So for anything that is not available on iHerb.com, you can use USGlobalMail.

You can also get many of the most important supplements I mentioned above by getting the 30-day heavy metal detoxification package by QuickSilver Scientific which is a program I would recommend along with the magnesium oil if you’re on a budget or if you’re still a newbie and would like to start simple. Otherwise, I would strongly recommend getting most or all of the supplements I mentioned above.

Once the heavy metal load in the body goes down, the immune system will become much stronger, and it will then be much easier to work on overcoming other problems such as candida, parasites and lyme.

The most important thing with detoxification and these supplements is to start slow and with very small doses, and carefully work your way up from there. It is a matter of balance and constantly consulting your body’s feedback and your own intuition and judgement to assess what to do next and determine when to increase the dosages and the frequency. It is natural to feel tired and exhausted and unlike yourself during a detox, but you also want to avoid taking too much of one thing and releasing more toxins than your body can handle. With that being said, the biggest improvements will come once you reach and are able to take higher dosages and do so more frequently.

Many people, if they are careful and do the detox right with a supporting diet, will start to notice small improvements in the first few days. The real dramatic changes however usually take anywhere from around a month to 3-4 months and will continue for 1-2 years or more, depending on many factors, such as how sick and toxic the person is, their age, toxic load, diet, lifestyle, toxic exposure, etc. One of my most intense and overwhelmingly positive detox experiences happened only 2 weeks after I started my first detox, and it was what made me appreciate the power of detoxification and realize the level of deep change possible.

At some point, your immune system, your mood, your energy levels, your detoxification system, and your overall health will significantly improve, and that’s when you will hit the cycle of accelerated returns: your body is now able to detoxify more efficiently and get more toxins out faster and better absorb the detox supplements, leading to you feeling better and healthier at a faster rate, and able to detox more and more, to the point where, if you do everything right, the changes may become very quick and scary, and that is when the core self-esteem issues will come up, and you will subconsciously wonder whether you “deserve” to have so much energy and life and happiness all at the same time. And that is when you will start to question things like religion, authorities, governments, medicine, hospitals, education, and everything else you thought was true. You will realize then that the whole world has, truly, fallen from grace.

It may overwhelm you, and make you extremely uncomfortable to feel so healthy and powerful, and your subconscious will cleverly start to find ways for you to fuck it all up and sabotage everything you did. It’s like when we come across a potential lover who genuinely desires us, but because they are far above what we believe we deserve for ourselves, we will find very clever ways to subconsciously push them away from us and go back to our comfortable existence. The same may happen with your health, and it is something you need to be aware of. It happened to me soon after I first started. I started to feel very happy and excited and overflowing with energy and gratitude and positivity, and it happened in a very short period of time, that I think it strongly challenged my core beliefs about myself, and so I found a way to fuck it all up, by taking a 3-month supply of supplements all in one day, which released so much toxins at once and sent me back to hell, worse than I was when I first started, and it took me a whole year to recover.

However if you manage to make it all the way to the end, be it after 3 months or a year or two or more, the feeling is truly indescribable, and the rewards are immeasurably infinite, and it is something that you can have for the rest of your life.

Now, for many of us, the idea of having to take “man-made” supplements can make us very uncomfortable. And, my response to that is: Grow Up. Unfortunately, in an age when we’re unwillingly absorbing tens of thousands of lethally toxic chemicals, we have to willingly fortify ourselves with intelligently engineered, even if synthetic, supplements that will counter the effect of such toxins. Unfortunately, we debilitated most of our natural resources, and can no longer do everything “naturally.” I have gone through a period of in my life when I lived like I hippie (I still do for the most part) and tried to do everything naturally, eat “from the earth,” harvest fresh spring water, and live only on “greens” and fresh “local” food. It was the worst period of my life, and was the time when I almost committed suicide.


Detox as an Investment

The biggest problem with a lot of this and much of the guidance I offer is that it’s relatively expensive to apply for many people, at least if you really want to do it right and at the highest, most optimal levels. There were many times during my detox journey when I spent more than I had on detox supplements, foods, herbs, and other health-related expenses. But it was all more than worth it, and unbelievably so, but in the long-term. Please do not expect to wake-up tomorrow and have your health fixed and be back to working and making millions. You will have to be patient and not have any expectations, but rather, let the results surprise you. It takes time for your body to bring itself back to balance and for you to be able to utilize your health and start to see a return on your investment. I found that this is by far the most profitable investment anyone can make, but it’s also a long-term one where you will appreciate the gains almost immediately, but the deepest levels of appreciation and profit will come months or years later, once you deeply realize how your life has been transformed and deeply changed as a result of this, and how much dullness and pain you have avoided by taking this path. I still wake up on most days almost in disbelief about how much freedom, relief and liberation I have in my life as a result of doing of all of this, and I can’t imagine where I would have been by now if I haven’t taken this path.

Therefore, you will have to look at this as an investment and be willing to very generously invest in yourself. If you decide to take this path, you really can’t afford to be cheap and cut corners where it counts. You want to be wise but, if you are going to act like the person who wears their underwear inside-out just to save money on laundry powder, you probably won’t go so far. The most experienced business people know that the best marketing budget is an unlimited one, where your goal is to actually spend as much money as possible to get as many customers as possible, as long as your customers are rationally and economically profitable for you. The very same applies to your health. Your goal should be to invest as much as you can in your health, as long as it’s something that brings back a worthy return on your investment and makes a significant difference in your life, and always prioritize your investments so that you are giving more priority to and investing first in the most impactful things. And you will want to do it all while avoiding any serious financial stress that may affect your health, because, I know from experience that, financial stress is a bitch, and it’s one thing that can definitely hinder your progress. This is one thing that we can realistically repair once we regain our health: our self-esteem and beliefs about money and what we deserve and are capable of manifesting and achieving. Money does grow on trees, we just need to know how to grow the trees first.

DMSA, DMPS & Other Pharmaceutical Chelators

I do not recommend most pharmaceutical chelators of heavy metals such as DMSA & DMPS. Just like most pharmaceutical drugs, pharmaceutical chelators can be toxic and have serious side effects. I strongly recommend watching the following short video by Chris Shade as it goes into this in greater detail:



The Optimal Diet for Heavy Metal Detoxification:

Sugar & Detoxification

Most people with high levels of heavy metals also have a high load of candida (which is also called fungus or yeast), parasites, viruses and bad bacteria. The heavy metals will severely weaken the immune system, making it easy for infections and opportunistic organisms like candida and parasites to multiply and overgrow. These organisms will ferociously feed on sugars, specifically glucose, fructose, and sucrose, and it is extremely more challenging to get rid of them without quitting sugar.

Unfortunately, most of us have an orgy of fungi, parasites, and other opportunistic organisms in our brain and our body waiting to be fed by the tiniest bit of sugar. Quitting sugar, in this case, is almost as important as the detox, and it is something you can do for free. That includes all “natural” sugar, from fruits, honey, agave, and otherwise.

I understand this will make many people queasy and uncomfortable, since we’ve also been brainwashed to believe that sugar is more essential than water and air, but in this day and age, with bodies so overloaded with heavy metals and other toxins and opportunistic organisms, I found it best to break-up with sugar for a while, and start seeing other foods.

There are issues and challenges that I am too embarrassed to write about, and I was only able to overcome them after I quit sugar for over a year. I now eat sugar from extremely nutritious foods like bee pollen and goji berries, and it doesn’t have any negative effect on me. But, I still treat it with respect and never go above a certain amount.

It is normal to go through a withdrawal-like period where you will start to go crazy and feel like your health is in serious danger and you may catch AIDS if you didn’t eat something sweet, but if you go through it, you will be shocked by improvements you will see and the deep mental, emotional and spiritual changes that will happen.

William Dufty describes this best in his classic book Sugar Blues, which is easily one of the most deeply profound and powerful health books ever written, and trumps over most health books being written today. Here are a few magnificent quotes from it:

“Through the centuries, troubled souls have been barbecued for bewitchment, exorcised for possession, locked up for insanity, tortured for masturbatory madness, psychiatrised for psychosis, lobotomised for schizophrenia. How many patients would have listened if the local healer had told them that the only thing ailing them was sugar blues?”

Nobody, but nobody, should ever be allowed to begin what is called “psychiatric treatment”, anyplace, anywhere, unless and until they have had a glucose tolerance test to discover if they can handle sugar. So-called preventive medicine goes further and suggests that since we only think we can handle sugar because we initially have strong adrenals, why wait until they give us signs and signals that they’re worn out? Take the load off now by eliminating sugar in all forms and guises, starting with that soda pop you have in your hand.”

“Initially, when the General Hospital was established in Paris by royal decree, one per cent of the city’s population was locked up. From that time until the 20 century, as the consumption of sugar went up and up-especially in the cities-so did the number of people who were put away in the General Hospital.”

“Today, pioneers of orthomolecular psychiatry, such as Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. Allan Cott, Dr. A. Cherkin as well as Dr. Linus Pauling, have confirmed that mental illness is a myth and that emotional disturbance can be merely the first symptom of the obvious inability of the human system to handle the stress of sugar dependency.

If I keep going I’ll probably end up quoting the whole book. I seriously recommend you get the whole book from here or you can find more quotes here.

Most health problems that we are paying absurd amounts of money trying to treat with different “therapies” and drugs can be completely reversed and avoided just by minimizing or quitting sugar.

For sweetness, as a sugar replacement, you can use a sugar-free sweetener like stevia. The use of stevia as a sweetener is one of the most useful discoveries in the world of health, because it is just as sweet as sugar yet doesn’t contain any sugar. Its taste will take some time to get used to, but it will quickly “grow on you,” especially if you get creative and use it with other spices like vanilla and cinnamon. Another sugar-free sweetener is lakanto.

What do you replace sugar with for energy? Fats and complex carbs.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbs are important in the diet for providing the body with energy, and are an ideal replacement for sugar, because they will break down slowly and release glucose and energy to the system without a high amount coming in very fast and without feeding candida or parasites, which is far better than eating fruit or sweeteners that are high in sugar and rush the sugar to the bloodstream very quickly. The gluten-free grains like wild rice, wild (black) quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth are the best sources of complex carbs.


Ghee, coconut oil, egg yolks, olive oil and red palm oil are some of the healthiest, most optimal sources of fat.

Another food that I found to be great during a detox is colostrum. From all the foods and superfoods I have tried, colostrum is my favorite, and I find it to be one of the most nutritionally-dense foods available. It is very easy on the digestion and doesn’t take much energy at all to be digested, yet is extremely nutritious and energizing. It contains all of: protein, fat, and carbohydrates in a balanced ratio, and is especially high in protein. It is an ideal food for body-building, and I am not exaggerating when I say that I noticed a serious increase in muscle growth when I first added colostrum to my diet, with very little exercise. It is the only dairy food I recommend along with ghee and high quality (ideally raw) butter. The only true colostrum product available, backed by studies from Cornell University, is the Surthrival colostrum.

A heavy metal detox diet also needs to be dominated by foods that are high in minerals. Healthy detoxification requires certain minerals, like magnesium, in order for the toxins to be effectively and efficiently detoxified and eliminated from the body. Since heavy metal detoxification can rapidly deplete the body of many key minerals, it is important to constantly replenish and rebuild those minerals so that the body doesn’t become severely deficient in key minerals. The most important minerals for detoxification, and the ones that usually get depleted the most during detoxification, are magnesium, selenium, zinc, and calcium. Therefore, we need foods that are very high in minerals and especially those four minerals.

As for magnesium, the best way to get high amounts of magnesium into the body is through the skin by the use of magnesium oil. The best source of selenium is brazil nuts. You can get enough selenium just from a few brazil nuts a day, ideally soaked and/or fermented.

Foods that contain enough zinc to support healthy detoxification are very rare. The best way I found to get enough zinc during a detox is to either take a very high quality zinc supplement, or get it from insects, or do both. Eating insects is now becoming a cool and more acceptable thing, especially after the launch of the first cricket-based protein bars. However the best zinc supplement I found was the Super Ant by Dragon Herbs. This product has been around for years and it is the real deal. It contains %100 ants and it works very well. You can take it along with a zinc supplement. The best zinc supplement I found so far was this one by Eidon Minerals.

Some other foods that are very high in minerals are shilajit, marine phytoplankton and other algae such as spirulina and chlorella, wild foods, such as wild rice, wild berries, and the AFA klamath lake blue-green algae.

Below is a quick picture of some of my favorite foods to have during a detox. Those foods are loaded with fiber, minerals, antioxidants, protein and the right kinds of fat, all of which are needed during a detox. They also all are gluten-free, sugar-free, affordable by anyone, and can be shipped anywhere in the world for a shipping fee of about $20 if ordered from iHerb.com



The Detox SCAM

The fact that we have toxins and organisms living inside our bodies that we are trying to “detoxify”, to most people, will sound absolutely insane, and you can’t really fault or blame them for thinking that you are “weird” or crazy, because, let’s be honest, this is not the most easily believable thing in the world. You have to see things from others’ point of view to spare yourself a great deal of pain and heartache. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood. And so, expect to be thought of as crazy and stupid by most people around you, even actively embrace and welcome it, and keep marching forward. Always be reminded by the timeless quote from the Tao Te Ching:

When a superior man hears of the Tao,
he immediately begins to embody it.
When an average man hears of the Tao,
he half believes it, half doubts it.
When a foolish man hears of the Tao,
he laughs out loud.
If he didn’t laugh,
it wouldn’t be the Tao.

Understand: from now until the end of time, there will always be arguments and debates about things like detox and diet, and labels like “myth”, “scam,” “fad,” and other shit like that. No matter how much research is done and how many books are written, you will always find a counter-argument for everything about everything in life. The incessant need and urge to waste our time constantly arguing against everything that challenges our opinion, “debunking” myths and criticizing and judging others on places like forum discussions and blog and YouTube comments, rather than use our time doing something more meaningful, pleasurable, profitable or useful, is a huge sign of a toxic, deficient brain.

You can listen to these arguments and mere opinions all day long, from now until Doomsday, and you will never find a right answer that satisfies you. You cannot intellectualize your way into health and into certainty about these matters. You will have to experience things yourself, directly, firsthand, for a long enough period of time, with an open mind and a willingness to admit that you may not have been right all along. Only then will you have the clarity and certainty about what to do and the ability to really transform your life, otherwise you’ll just be a slave to what the next doctor/expert/blogger/guru has to say, and you’ll never achieve any real success. Let your experience be the judge. Everything that I am grateful for and have deeply changed my life, is constantly being called a scam by someone else, and if I was to listen to everyone who had an opinion, I would’ve been so far gone by now.

And understand: “They” would much rather see “experts” who will advocate natural healing, eating fruits and vegetables, fruit smoothies, cutting-edge blenders, and new kinds of organic coffee, and see us occupy ourselves with politics and gossip and religion and going to church, than see someone who will question the toxins like aluminum that are falling down on us from the sky in the forms of chemtrails, the heavy metals like mercury we’re now being almost forced to get from vaccines, and the other toxins that are causing our children to become autistic and causing most of our unbearable mental health problems that didn’t exist a few decades ago, the presence of which is not only being actively allowed but actually almost enforced by “them.”

Sadly, living in this world has become like being forced to eat food that will make our shit stink, only to later on be punished because our shit stinks.

Cultivating Compassion

Now that you know that you have truly been afflicted by this, the first thing to do is to cultivate compassion, for yourself and others.

As you start to detoxify and observe the changes that will start happen to your mental health and your outlook on life, you will start to realize how disturbed your life was, and how all of your actions and behaviors were mostly driven and governed by a toxic and unhealthy brain. Once you truly understand that, you will realize this: everybody, your previous self included, is fucked up. And to be able to internalize this belief will liberate you from so much heartache and emotional baggage. You will no longer get angry or mad at people or hold grudges, and you will have compassion for them and truly understand why they do all the seemingly inexplicable shit they do. It will be much easier for you to forgive anybody who you think has wronged or hurt you or caused damage to your life, in any way. Because, in truth, most people are indeed messed up and are controlled by emotions and thoughts that are created by a toxic brain and body; most people are not truly and fully in control of their actions and emotions, and are simply reacting to the state of turmoil that is going on inside their bodies.

As I went through my own detox, and started to help other people with detoxifying their bodies, I realized how much damage heavy metals and other toxins can do to people and their spirits, and how most people are just living in the hell of their own toxic minds. If there’s one emotion that should be felt towards them, it would be absolute compassion, not anger, resentment, contempt, hate, disgust, frustration or bitterness.


The Hitlers and Elliot Rodgers of the world, and other seemingly evil people, are the ones who deserve our compassion the most. I couldn’t begin to imagine how damaged, disturbed, toxic, and fucked up someone can be, for them to do such things. And for us to keep judging them and looking down on them, makes us just as “bad” as them. We do not know for certain, that, if we lived in their heads and went through the same circumstances they did, we wouldn’t have done what they did. We probably would’ve turned out far worse. Many, if not most, if not all, of the people who are suffering in prisons, did not commit any crimes at all. The crimes were committed through them, by the demons of toxicity and mental illness. And the same goes for people who committed suicide and who are locked in mental institutions. Most of them are just victims of a toxic world and a mentally disturbing diet.

And the same goes for you: all the stupid and fucked up shit that you have done in your past that you still can’t get over or forgive yourself for, realize that it truly isn’t your fault; you were doing the best you could with your capabilities, your energy, and your health, and if you could’ve done better, you would’ve. This is not to give you an excuse to keep doing the same things you aren’t proud of, but I’ve seen how much damage self-hate can do to us and the people around us, and the first step to change, is to give yourself a break.

I personally believe that nobody wants to fail or put themselves in a position of chronic guilt or shame, but bad health and toxicity can, truly, emotionally & spiritually imprison us, and block us from being who we truly are and want to be, from reaching our fullest potential in life.

Some of what I write may sound amusing, but it’s all been forged by a truly indescribable and immeasurable amount of pain, hurt, and agony. Most of us don’t even have the fucking time to pause and look inside and closely see, how much pain we are in, let alone start to feel someone else’s pain. And I wouldn’t be here saying this with my rough language if I haven’t before fallen into the trap of judging someone or even trying to help them without truly appreciating how much pain they’re soaking in. If you want to possess a quality that will bring you real success and/or happiness in life, it is the unconditional compassion for those who are suffering through the same pain, everyday of their life, trying to barely cope with it all and act as if everything is cool. Only once you start to grasp how much pain someone may be in or have been through, will you have the context through which you can judge them, and only then, will you know that, if there’s anyone to judge, it’s yourself. And once your compassion allows you to finally truly love and fully accept someone (including, in many cases, your parents, ex-partners, perceived enemies, competitors, etc.,) in spite of all the very seemingly perfectly valid reasons you have for resenting them or watching them burn to the ground, you will have arrived, and achieved a level of enlightenment and “success” that millions of humans live and die everyday without ever dreaming of reaching.

But, it all starts with cleaning your fucking brain out.

So, consciously forgive yourself, cultivate compassion for yourself and others, and move forward. Work on detoxifying your body and constantly learning and educating yourself and others about detoxification and real health. Understand that your health is your most valuable asset, and detoxification, in our day and age, is the most profound thing you can do for your health.

And understand: this isn’t really about detox; it’s about everything: detox, your diet, lifestyle, environment, purpose in life, etc. and living a life of integrity and alignment, where your purpose is aligned with your beliefs, your health, your diet, your work, your relationships, where you live, etc. The reason I feel strongly about this is because I genuinely and seriously think this is the most relevant and important matter for everyone to be aware of, and it is why the whole human race is in tatters. It is a major reason, if not the main reason, why us humans are killing each other everyday, fighting pointless, childish wars, having so much aggression, constantly being tormented by emotions like jealousy, hate, anger, and anxiety, having problems like poverty, racism, addictions, getting sick and dying far before our time, and wasting our lives seeking the approval of others and chasing money, degrees, credentials, jobs, and other stupid shit that doesn’t mean anything and offers no true lasting value to others.

Things like detox, diet, and health may not sound cool, sexy, or fun. Instead of learning and writing about health, I’d rather spend my time having threesomes, and learning and writing about sexual ecstasy and giving and receiving multiple orgasms, and spend the rest of my life doing that. But, everything seemed to always tie back to my health, and, whenever I deviated from this path, I was always pulled back to it. And what I ultimately found out is this: no matter how much money we make, how religious we are, how much love we have in our relationships, how much sex we have, how many sexual partners we have, how much we travel the world, how successful we think our career is, how many degrees we have and what school we went to, how much we exercise, how much yoga and meditation we do, and how spiritual we like to think we are…true happiness, fulfillment and meaning, at the deepest levels, are not possible, unless we are truly and deeply healthy.

And I’ll end by saying this: once I healed, I became completely numb and indifferent to all stimulation and everything that excited me before, and was more than happy just being in a healthy environment. I no longer give a damn about mountains, travel, money, “success,” cars, business opportunities, parties, recognition, fame, or any of that. The only things that still hold somewhat of a genuine interest to me are meaningful friendships, and women (the pursuit of whom originally lead me on this journey.) The relief and freedom that come from no longer being in pain, from getting out of my head, from turning off the noise, from no longer being myself, from leaving me behind, from not taking me with me, and from finally, finally, experiencing and living real change and becoming someone else, are a lifelong ongoing celebratory orgasm that trumps over all of life’s pleasureful experiences. I hope that you, someday, experience true relief and change.


Disclaimer: none of the information above was intended as medical advice. You should always consult with your wife, your husband, your mom, or your local healer before making any health decisions.

And, I would like to apologize (not really) for my excessive use of profanity in this and other articles. I know some of you secretly enjoy it while others find it very hard to swallow. But, it’s not really me who wrote any of this. I am possessed by a higher spirit that writes through me, and, whatever shit she wants to say, is the shit you will hear. So, deal with it.

Finally, be sure to check out my video course, The Course of Entheogenesis, here, and subscribe to receive an update from me whenever I publish anything new. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and, if you’re interested in working with me, check out my coaching program.


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29 thoughts on “How to Detoxify Heavy Metals & Rid Your Bid of All Toxins & Pathogens”

    I’m not kidding, this gave me life again. I have a mysterious illness with neurological involvement, severe pain, crippling fatigue, brain fog, muscle twitching, headaches, blurry vision, palpitations, tremors in hands & tongue. I have been to countless doctors, thyroid is fine, no autoimmune disease, mri is fine, no vitamin deficiency, b12 is perfect, no lyme disease (tested with a 10 week culture) I was absolutely desperate. I bought most of the things on this list, glutathione makes me feel like I’m dying so I swapped it out for NAC. Also I do not use the clay, chitosan, or chlorella. Because the clay has a bad study done with heavy metals, chitosan can promote blood clotting which I have high LDL so I avoided that, and chlorella can be toxic if the manufacturer doesnt make it right because it still is a blue/green algae. Honestly not saying they’re really bad but I did not like the risks. I also included a really good quality turmeric curcumin with black pepper extract. This helps so mich when I feel like my brain is pushing against my skull. This protocol gave me life again. It was worth every damn penny!!!! It worked 100x better that any of the crap my integrated doctor told me to take, and I made sure I researched everything before purchase, seriously cant thank you enough

    I still have neurological problems but my mind is so clear, i have so mich energy when before I could barely walk around my house. The neurological symptoms are more of an annoyance now when before they were crippling

  2. The best article I have ever read. Thank You for sharing your experience. It’s a very big thing. To be honest as much as your long note, You are a big Man.
    Kind regards.
    Peter from Poland.

  3. Mate, this is one of the best sites on the internet. Period. Everything you need.
    Thanks for all this. I would like to know what you think about taking the IMD/Microsilica continuously? They say to take it 5 days on/2 days off, or in advanced stage 10 days on/4 days off. I recently had an immense bout of depression, maybe from toxins being released after homeopathy, and the only thing that helped a lot, was the Microsilica. I am giving it currently a good go and want to take it over the next months, and, if it does more, I might even take it for life (since we are constantly poisoned). Are the off days necessary? I couldn’t find anything about it. Does the Microsilica bind to other essential minerals too?
    Thanks again!

  4. I have been reading up lately on detoxification protocols and I noticed none of the reading from difference sources/ protocols would mention as comprehensive as this site. I have recommended quite many of my friends to read content in this site.

    Would you shed some light on your research and your opinion (would below methods be too much since detoxification channels are working with suppositories)
    1. Ion Cleanse foot baths (like AMD) there is contradictory information online but Dr. Klinghardt recommends AMD Ion Cleanse over other detoxification protocols.
    2. Infrared Sauna

    Its been just over 4 weeks – No gluten, No sugar (except water kefir), No soy, No starch (except brown rice & wild rice) and No dairy. I am feeling so so so much better that I have never felt before. Thanks a lot!

  5. His advice works. I took all the supplements suggested heavily and now just once and a while and my life has totally changed. You may not believe that this is all it takes to feel better, but it really is this simple: we live in a toxic world, and we are all pretty damn toxic!

  6. And those who are new to RAW GARLIC AND ONION.
    I throw up food within minutes when I took raw garlic and I found it helpful when I blend 2-3 garlic with raw juices (no fruits except avocado) or with avocado with coconut milk and I am taking Frontier brand organic minced garlic in the diet (May be helpful for newbies to start on Garlic this way 😉 )
    RAW onion is tolerable to consume with wild rice/ quinoa initially.
    If no fresh Organic Cilantro is available consider Frontier brand dried version. (All available in Iherb)

  7. So I thought from the title of the post that this was going to be bogus. Instead it is brilliant. This brings all of my research together neatly. Thank you so much! I’ve read hundreds of scientific papers, telling about the biochemistry of my symptoms, and it’s all here. So many things are missing from other people’s information about this topic, especially sequencing of interventions, stages of detox, why they are so important. .. and the psychological aspects of this issue. I have felt so alone. Finding this will save me years of trial and error, pain and suffering. Thank you sooooooon much for this post.

  8. been loving this site…it validates much of what I’ve learned and helps me move forward with additional insights and suggestions too.

    I wanted to tell you about magnesium threonate…it’s been far more helpful than the magnesium oil ever has been, though it played a critical part in my process too…I used the oil for several years but it was the mag threonate that truly took me to the next level, so to speak. That in conjuction with boron…seemed to cleanse and detoxify the brain. I had a pharmaceutical/chemical brain injury…very severe.

    so just sharing that bit of info and thank you so so much. your site is a resource I come back to again and again.

  9. Thank you for this absolutely brilliant post. I am a very keen reader of anything and everything meaningful, sensible and scientific; this is truly the best of the best. It is a rare masterpiece, the only writing which so profoundly explains the connection between our internal/physical health and our psychological/spiritual health. You are an amazingly gifted writer and I feel truly blessed to have discovered your website.

  10. Hi Alexander! I have say that is one of if not the best article I have ever read! So informative and it really made me think and take a step back to look at my life and what’s really important I’m 19 years old and I’m so grateful I found this I have Mercury amalgam’s and wanted to find out as much as I can on how to remove the mercury in my body once they’re gone but in this article I have found and gained SO much I wanted to cry after reading it made me so happy. I’m so into holistic health and natural healing etc I always tell people about this particular article because I feel like this could really truly help everyone that comes across it thank you so much for writing this, really amazing read. I read this atleast once a day. Thank you so much for writing this masterpiece I love you!

  11. Thank you for such a great article. I m on the third month of the superman diet. A holistic doctor found that I had extremely high levels of lead and high levels of mercury, cadmium and arsenic. I was having a lot of health problems since 2005. I visit many doctors in the US and outside the US. Now with the superman diet, symptoms seem to be going away.

  12. Alexander, I can so relate to most all that you’ve so eloquently written about on your site. Yes for even the carefully or not so carefully chosen profanity. I have forwarded this on to my health care provider (holistically oriented). With great expectation I plan to update this post of mine with some good, no, great news of my healing. Thank you for your frankness, honesty and forthrightness in putting this together. You’ve given me hope that was greatly needed. The timing of this information that I was led to and impending action is suspiciously coincidental. Yes I’m aware there are no coincidences. Later dude

  13. I found this website a month ago and it has helped me so much already. I have started a pre-detox program I made up based on Alexander’s suggestions (kelp, garlic, chlorella, and some generic supplements I found locally) and I’m saving up and researching for the actual detox. One thing I have to say is that the cost is vast, especially for us in Europe. Shipping costs and possible custom charges make this detox hard to follow for many of us. Lets hope for better distribution of such products around here… Also: I can’t seem to find Microsilica anywhere!!! Any ideas?

    • I will be updating the article with this information soon, but for everyone living outside of the US, you can still get everything I suggested in the article, shipped straight to your door, within a few days. All you need to do is create an account with UsGlobalMail.com and they will ship everything to you for a low shipping cost and using your shipping service of choice (UPS, DHL, etc.) After wasting a lot of money with unreliable package forwarding services, I found this one to be by far the fastest and most reliable. You would have to create an account with them, they will then give you an address to use. You would use that address when ordering from US stores, and USGlobalMail will let you know whenever any of your packages arrive and will store it for you for free for up to 30 days. Whenever you like, you can request your items to be shipped to your country. I have been having a lot of stuff shipped through them to Europe using UPS with great results, and I usually receive my package in less than 48 hours from the time of shipping. I never use any shipping services other than UPS as they have customs brokers and are unusually fast, faster than DHL and other services. Usually a package that contains stuff from 5 to 10 different stores will cost me about $50 to $100 for shipping, which is very good considering how much you are saving, rather than having everything shipped individually.

  14. Thanks a ton! Salute your generosity.
    You seem to have shared all your knowledge gathered by your experience and intense research without thinking twice. All with the good intention to help the humankind. Not many people do that. Many just share partial information.
    This post clearly captures most of the symptoms that i have and for overcoming those i have tried numerous things since decades like Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Personality development, etc… all had superficial impact.
    After reading this article, i see light ahead.

    Many thanks again and may god bless you.

  15. Yes, this guy is spot on. I have spent 30 years discovering all this. Great to see it written in a way I would tell it, myself. The Silica is totally missing from most foods, thats why everyone would bennefit from some DE.
    When I take Molybdenum within a few days my body will use up alot of vitamins, so the balance between minerals and vitamins shows importance. Try not to over use synthetic vitamins, your health will go backwards as the parasites eat up the ones your body don’t use (which can be all the contents of the tablet!). I believe that Silica forms the microscopic channels/fillerments that goes through our tissues to transport photonic energy. One can live off the light without eating, but it can send you a bit doolally if your minerals inbalance, if in doubt…..leave it out.

  16. Congratulations Superman, you nailed it! Your article encompasses everything I have come to understand along my own bumpy path back to good health. I could not have said it better myself -Well, at least not until fully detoxed. I often resist the commitment to a disciplined detox but you have inspired me to follow through completely. I am on my own journey to help others, especially drug addicts, to get healthy and live happier fuller lives and what you have shared is the key to rapid improvement. Right on! Right on!

  17. To others: Before you have your amalgams removed, know everything about what the dentist should do and make sure he does it. I went to a doctor listed on the IAOMT website. I kept telling him that I couldn’t breathe through the oxygen mask and had to make it looser (not ‘thinking’ that I was breathing room air). He kept refusing to fix it until I could barely walk, hair falling out, etc. After I finally threatened not to come back, he tried to breathe through it himself – and he couldn’t either. Turns out he didn’t have it set right and all the drilling had been done. So I breathed the methyl mercury as he drilled and wore his respirator. I already had a very high mercury level (Great Smokies Test) which spurred me to do this and I had worked up to better health befoe starting. This was almost 8 years ago. Despite chelation (doc promised to use Cutler’s protocol, but did not) my health has continued to decline and I just don’t have the strength to take care of myself anymore. I’ll try to follow this detox, but even cooking food means I have to leave something out, like laundry. I live alone, no relatives to help, no brain and a failing body. I’m afraid I’m close to needing someone to take care of me and I’m not that old. Just remember, KNOW exactly what the dentist is supposed to do and if he/she does not do it – LEAVE immediately (even if your brain is telling you otherwise).

    • Thank you for your input Cheryl. Yes, that is something everyone should be aware of. Many of the biological dentists have no idea what they’re doing. Make sure you work with someone who is almost a fanatic about non-toxicity and will not allow something like that to happen.

  18. Dear Alexander,
    I’m new to all this and really impressed with all that I’ve learned in one stop here. Thanks for being so generous with your information and the links, etc. I’ve just gone to a neurologist, following tingling in my calves and symptoms that look like they’ll trace back to Mercury. Anyway, I’m going to go the HMO route with this referral and work that includes next stop: nerve conduction and muscle testing with needles, blood and urine tests. I am going to go with your suggestions on the budget plan (thanks for that link) and add magnesium oil and iodine from that site your recommended. Is there an online community I should know about? I’m not a big joiner and tend to avoid groups, but if you’re a part of a group that is moving up and onward with this, please let me know.
    Thanks so much again.
    All the best,

  19. Hi Alexander, Thank you for this website I have been suffering badly from the effects of mercury and god knows what else I have found that the Mercury has stopped me from living life and missing events witch are very important to me because I couldn’t bring my self to go I have blocked out almost every thing and secluded myself the emotional pain I have gone through has been terrible. I feel that my life was taken from me. How ever I have realized the problems and am currently having all my silver fillings taken out and starting to detox my body to be who I was born to be. God bless you for the effort you have put in to this website.

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